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8 Types Of Pillowcases Every Homeowner Should Know

Pillowcases, which can also be called pillow covers, are the final touch of your pillows. It gives an aesthetic look to your bed or couch and adds more comfort when using a pillow. Most homeowners use the same kind of pillowcase but if you are wondering if there are other types of pillowcase, the answer is here for you.

It does not only have one design but three! These are the three major styles of a pillowcase:

  • Oxford Pillowcase
  • Bag Pillowcase
  • Housewife Pillowcase

Wait, there’s more! Aside from the three main designs, a pillowcase can also vary through its fabric. Here are the five types of pillowcase fabrics:

  • Satin Pillowcase
  • Silk Pillowcase
  • Polyester Pillowcase
  • Cotton Pillowcase
  • Flannel Pillowcase

Everybody has their tastes. While the housewife pillowcase is commonly used, each material has its own different and unique features. It is up to you and what you need have to make your home beautiful. Read further to learn more about these designs!

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Choosing A Pillowcase and Its Benefits

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It is nice to match your couch or bed with the best pillowcase. The comfort that it brings as you hug it and the power it holds for you to fall asleep the moment you lay your head on it are unmatched.

1. Oxford Pillowcase

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An Oxford pillowcase has an open portion at the back where the pillow must be inserted. It is known for having a thick flap on the edges, that comes with different styles. Decorating your bedroom pillows with Oxford pillowcases makes your bed look elegant. 

Benefits of Oxford Pillowcase:

  • Usually high in quality
  • Fits all sizes of pillow
  • Creates an illusion of a larger pillow

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2. Bag Pillowcase

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Most of the hotels use a bag-style pillowcase. This is because, for the hospitality industry, time is vitally important. A bag-style pillowcase is completely open with ends that can be folded and tucked in for a clean look. This kind of pillowcase gives the housekeeping team the advantage of changing the covers easily.

Benefits of Bag Pillowcase:

  • Relaxed and organic quality
  • Drape-like effect due to the extension of fabric on one end of the pillowcase
  • Best for the mass market hospitality sector

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3. Housewife Pillowcase

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A housewife pillowcase can be found in every household. It is the most popular type of pillowcase because aside from being affordable, it’s one end has an open-wide end that perfectly fits your pillows. This pillowcase allows easy access if you are putting your pillows in it.

Benefits of Housewife Pillowcase:

  • Can go with any design in your home
  • Always available on the market
  • Cost-effective

Check out this Housewife pillowcase on Amazon. 

4. Satin Pillowcase

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A satin pillowcase has a glossy texture and feels like satin but it is not! Before satin was made from silk but through the years, different kinds of synthetic fiber can now make satins such as polyester, cotton, or acetate. 

Benefits of Satin Pillowcase:

  • Fewer tangles 
  • Can help with acne problems since it has a smooth texture
  • Lower chance of hair breakage

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5. Silk Pillowcase

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It is not easy to identify which is silk or satin. As mentioned above, satin is now made from synthetic fiber while silk is a natural fiber. However, silk pillowcases can cost more than a satin pillowcase. 

Benefits of Silk Pillowcase:

  • Minimizes the dryness of your skin
  • Improves hydration of the hair
  • Prevents wrinkles

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6. Polyester Pillowcase

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Polyester pillowcases are made from synthetic polyester fiber. Although polyester is not a natural fiber, it still feels and looks like real cotton. These are being sold for low prices and are always available on the market.

Benefits of Polyester Pillowcase:

  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly

Check out this Polyester pillowcase on Amazon. 

7. Cotton Pillowcase

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A cotton pillowcase is produced from organic cotton fiber. This type of pillowcase can last long and can sustain its softness. It serves as a great support when you are sleeping.

Benefits of Cotton Pillowcase:

  • Breathable cloth
  • Stays cool even on summer days
  • Easy to take care of

Check out this Cotton pillowcase on Amazon.

8. Flannel Pillowcase

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Looking for a pillowcase that is suitable for chilly nights? A flannel pillowcase is a right choice! It is made from wool which is why it makes you feel cozy when you use it. 

Benefits of Flannel Pillowcase:

  • Extraordinarily warm
  • Durable
  • Allows air circulation

Check out this Flannel pillowcase on Amazon. 

How Do You Choose The Right Pillowcase?

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It takes a lot of brainstorming to choose what pillowcase should pair with your couch or bed. These are the things you should consider before getting a pillowcase!

It’s The Fabric

Choose a fabric just like how you choose your sheets. Pillowcases go with various fabrics, may it be natural or synthetic. Fabric is the greatest factor you should consider because this speaks about the level of comfort it can offer, the longevity of the material, and the effect it will give once you use it.

Check The Size

If you are done choosing your desired fabric, determine the right size for your pillow. For instance, the pillows in your living room are smaller in size compared to the ones in your bedroom. Double-check the size of your pillows and make sure you buy the pillowcase that perfectly fits them.


Now to the details! You do not want to constantly pick up your pillow when falls from its pillowcase. It is recommended to choose a pillowcase with shams!

Shams are closed on all sides but have an opening in the back. This will secure your pillow from not falling. Its closure can either be a zipper, a tie, or fabric overlap.

What Pillowcase Is Best For Oily Skin?

Many pillows on the bed and the bed head lamps with warm light.

Silk and satin are the best answers. When you have oily skin, you are prone to acne. Rough materials can cause friction and can irritate your skin. This is why you should try silk or satin fabric for a pillowcase. It is because these fabrics are smooth, soft, and non-absorbent.

Why Can A Pillow Be Lumpy?

Woman asleep.

You came home from work and you are tired. You then got uncomfortable when you felt that your pillow is lumpy. Why is it lumpy? Here are your three reasons why.


When the weather is too hot, sweat comes out. Of course, your pillow absorbs this. You will not see the effect of moisture immediately on your pillow but over time, this will have an impact on the materials of your pillow causing it to be lumpy.

Too Much Use

Your pillow can be lumpy when you use it too much. This is because the pillow supports your weight as you lay down each day and night, You can try interchanging pillows from time to time to reduce the chance of having lumpy pillows.

Dust Mites

When your pillow attracts dust mites, this can be a bit concerning. Even though it’s not hazardous, dust mites can put extra weight and make your pillows lumpy! In addition to that, it can also cause allergic reactions and might disturb you while sleeping.

How To Maintain Your Pillow

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Even though pillows are durable, you sure do want to extend their life, especially if it is your favorite pillow. What can you do to get the same quality when you bought it the first time?

Clean Your Pillow

This is basic hygiene. It is necessary to clean your pillows at least once every four months. This is to retain the fluffiness of your pillow. Although you have to make sure that your pillow is washable.

Dry Your Pillow

While you cannot wash your pillows yet, always spare some time to dry them. It is suggested to use a dryer. Some pillows are not allowed to be on the dryer so you should always have an alternative. Dry it out on the sun! Let it dry there for three hours or more to remove the moisture.

The Final Say

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Pillowcases are your protection for your pillows. Each type of it has its benefits and you should make the decision! Choose the perfect one by considering the tips above. Remember to match it well with your furniture to give your home that aesthetic effect.

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