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6 Best Wall Color Shades For A Living Room With Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is a classic when it comes to home design. They come in several hues, each giving a different vibe once mixed with specific colors. And so the colors surrounding wood features in a room should complement them rather than clash, starting with the walls.

A few steps to take to find the best wall colors include considering wood tones, identifying what theme to go with, and choosing complementary shades. Finding the right wall color helps tie together the design and energy you’re aspiring for in the living room, be it from cozy to modern.

Although wood furniture will go well with most colors, we have a few helpful recommendations for you.

White kitchen with island, table and chair, 6 Best Wall Color Shades For A Living Room With Wood Furniture

Shades of White

Beige couch, vintage armchairs and wooden cupboard with old-fashioned tv in bright living room interior

Whether it’s a creamy or milky shade, white is a popular choice to use with wood furniture. It can create an elegant, cozy, or even fun atmosphere while keeping a clean look.

To emphasize wooden details more, match the wall color with brighter or richer stains rather than lighter ones. Adding a pop of color is also another way to increase character in the room.

Note that white walls get easily dirty and require regular maintenance and reapplication.

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Basic Neutrals

Interior design of cozy living room with stylish sofa, coffee table, dired flowers in vase, mock up poster, carpet, decoration, pillows, plaid and personal accessories in modern home decor.

If you want to go for a monochromatic style, match wooden living room accents with neutral-colored walls. Shades of tan, ivory, or beige are common choices for this. Depending on the color of the stain, it can make wood furniture stand out in contrast or blend in naturally.

With colors that match closely, it’s vital to consider the color of the wood stain. This way, you can determine which neutral tones provide the best balance.

Make sure to add d├ęcor and other pieces that stand out to keep the room from appearing dull. A change as simple as using different shades is enough to give it a striking appearance.

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Green Tones

Stylish living room in house with modern retro interior design, brown wooden furniture, plants, decoration and perosnal accessories in home decor

Shades of green are subtle enough to complement wood furniture despite being a bold color choice. You can use pale greens for dark wood stains and brighter, richer green paint for lighter finishes.

Mixing green with woody colors is often used to create traditional-feeling rooms. In living rooms, it adds to the cozy ambiance, thus, allowing visitors to feel more comfortable.

However, green living room walls may appear too bold for some and may limit the additional color choices you can add into the mix.

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Light Blues

Bohemian living room interior 3d render with beige colored furniture and wooden elements and light blue colored wall

Light blue may seem like an unexpected choice to go with wood furniture. It is usually blended with a dark or medium finish with white accents to create a comfortable contrast. When used with lighter wood tones, it appears neat.

Much like white, light blue walls may require additional maintenance since the color is likely to be stained. However, this can vary with the lightness of the shade.

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Real photo of a spacious living room interior with gray sofa standing between a wooden table and white cupboards

Gray walls add personality to wood furniture, ranging from a modern touch to an antique feel. Different shades of gray are good to use in contrast with different finishes.

Unlike lighter colors, gray is less likely to appear dirty, meaning it won’t require much maintenance. However, excessively layering them leads to a darker-looking color.

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Earth Tones

modern japanese style decorated living-room

Popular earth tones include browns, yellows or reds, and other cool colors. The key to finding the best earthy shade starts with identifying if your furniture comes in a warm or cool undertone.

Using earth tones with wood creates a mix of modern and homey styles. You can choose to use lighter tones to create a warm and bright look, darker shades for traditional, antique approaches, or you can mix it up for modern designs.

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The Verdict

Wall colors can change the ambiance and style of a living room. In picking a paint color to use with wooden furniture, the wood finish and room theme determine which shades will complement or clash with them.

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