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What Accent Chairs Go With A Brown Sofa?

Putting only a sofa in the middle of your living room can make the space look empty. Aside from a table and curtains, we recommend placing an accent chair to match your sofa. If you are curious about what colors of accent chairs are good to pair for your brown sofa, we’ve searched reliable sources and found them for you!

Brown is one of the neutral colors you can easily pair with any color. If you have a brown sofa, here are the best colors for your accent chair:

  1. Brown
  2. White
  3. Yellow
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. Gray
  7. Orange
  8. Purple

Accentuating your living room is essential since it is where you welcome your guests. Make your home more inviting with accent chairs! Keep reading to get more color ideas that go best with your brown sofa!

Coffee table with vase and mug in the middle of elegant living room interior with comfortable leather sofa - What Accent Chairs Go With A Brown Sofa?

Learn To Accentuate!

Create a more sophisticated look in your living room by adding accents, like an accent chair! However, you can’t just pick any color without considering the color you would like to match it. If you have a brown sofa, it’s best to choose a color that complements it. Learn more about these colors below!

1. Brown

Modern living room decorate with brown leather furniture

You read that right: you can match your brown sofa with a brown accent chair! This combination helps create a balanced look in your home. If you choose this color, paint your walls a lighter shade of brown, such as tan or beige.

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2. White

Loft house interior

If you find it difficult to choose a bold color to go with your brown sofa, a white accent chair is the safest choice. When choosing this color, be mindful of the material and the chair’s texture to ensure an attractive outcome.

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3. Yellow

A stylish living room interior with brown and yellow coloured furniture and wooden elements with dark green coloured wall.

Boost the mood of your home with a yellow-colored chair! Yellow is a bright color that can make your brown sofa stand out. It is a warm color that can create an inviting aura. When you have a dark brown sofa, it is better to choose a lighter shade of yellow to complement it.

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4. Blue

3d rendering of a contemporary luxury living room with leather sofa

Give your home a serene atmosphere by matching your brown sofa with a blue accent chair. This color is the calmest tone in the color wheel, no matter what shade you choose. Make sure that you go with a more muted shade so it won’t look too overwhelming.

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5. Green

Elegant Living Room Interior With Green Velvet Armchairs, Brown Leather Sofa, Floor Lamp, Coffee Table And Empty Wall

Create a nature-like look in your living room by choosing green as your accent chair color. Green is associated with the elements of nature, such as plants and trees. It has a cool and relaxing tone that perfectly fits your brown sofa.

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6. Gray

Bohemian living room interior with brown furnitures and beige walls.

Get a modern and elegant look with this color! Gray is a neutral color that can match every color in your room. It also adds sophistication to your brown sofa. Choose a lighter shade of gray for a more balanced visual.

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7. Orange

modern interior room with nice furniture inside

Don’t limit yourself to pastel and muted shades. Bright colors can also complement your brown sofa, like orange! This color is a warm color that can work well with brown. Don’t forget to add pillows to give your room a friendly vibe!

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8. Purple

Coffee table with vase and mug in the middle of elegant living room interior with comfortable leather sofa

If you are a stylish person who wants to have a chic home, this color is the right one for you! Purple has different shades, and you have to find the ideal tone that will go best with your brown sofa. For a light brown sofa, pick a darker shade of purple for an excellent match!

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How Do You Choose An Accent Chair?

An accent chair is functional that’s also used as d├ęcor to give life to a room. Here are some tips on how to choose your accent chair:

  • Determine the placement of your accent chair to know what size to get
  • Make sure that you have enough space for an accent chair
  • Select a design that will match your sofas, such as the patterns, color, height, and material

Benefits Of An Accent Chair

Most people stick to putting only a couch in their living room. Even though this is perfectly fine, you must admit that it is a bit bland-looking. Adding an accent chair will definitely help spruce up your space! Here are a few of the benefits of using an accent chair:

  • Functional and stylish at the same time
  • Accommodate more guests with accent chairs
  • Easy to carry for your indoor and outdoor use
  • It can fit in smaller spaces
  • It comes in various shapes and colors
  • Wide variety of designs to choose from

Know Your Accent Chair

You can’t just quickly buy an accent chair without checking if it suits your living room. Below are four types of chairs that you might consider.

1. Armchairs

Two cozy grey armchairs standing on white carpet in empty room

The most common type of accent chair is an armchair. It is a classic type of chair that often matches the style of your couch. This type of accent chair has side supports for the comfort of your arms.

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2. Armless Chairs

Green bedroom nook with an armless chair with blue pillow and a small glass table.

It’s just like an armchair minus the arms! It is a chair with no restrictions as you can move it freely when using it. It has short legs and is often called a “slipper chair.”

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3. Sculptural Chair

White seamless texture of wavy background.

If you are into designs that look artistic, go for a sculptural chair! This chair will look good if you have a contemporary-style home. It’s nice to enter a room with a dramatic look!

4. Modern Chair

New chairs in white, yellow and black standing in white room with brick wall

Just like its name, this chair is best for a modern style living room. Due to its stylish appearance, it makes the interior of your home look sophisticated. Most modern chairs are lightweight, making them easy to move around!

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What Should You Put Above Your Couch?

It would be best to place your couch in front of your accent wall. As such, you have to make sure that your wall is well-designed. Take a look at these ideas that you might like!

  • Make a gallery wall
  • Display a large painting
  • Install some floating shelves
  • Attach a mirror
  • Hang a tapestry
  • Display maps

The Essence Of Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are more than just decoration. These soft pillows can improve your comfort and make your visitors feel at home. Throw pillows are available in many colors, shapes, and textures, making them a great accent.

Aside from their aesthetic purpose, another good thing about having throw pillows is that they can also help you sit properly and direct your spine towards the most optimal position.

What Style Of Sofa Is The Most Popular?

The most popular style at the moment is the traditional three-seater sofa. Almost all homeowners use this type of sofa as they feature various options, like different colors, designs, and types of fabric. A three-seat sofa also provides a broader space to sit and relax.

Plus, it is not painful for your wallet since it’s budget-friendly and available in most furniture stores. This traditional sofa comes in many styles, and you can even customize it based on your style preference.

See this three-seater leather sofa on Amazon.

Fabric vs. Leather Sofa

When it’s time to go shopping for a sofa, it’s important to decide on the best type of fabric for it since you will be using it for a long time.

Now, there are two choices that people usually find hard to choose between. Fabric or leather? To help you along, here are the pros and cons of each material!

Fabric Sofa


  • Available in different colors, sizes, and styles
  • Comfortable because of its softness
  • Cost-effective because of its popularity


  • Prone to stains, so it needs a thorough cleaning
  • Might wrinkle overtime
  • Can gather pollutants

Leather Sofa


  • Free from stains
  • It makes a room look more elegant
  • Best for people with allergies or asthma as it does not collect allergens


  • Expensive
  • Not as comfortable as fabric
  • Pet scratches can be obvious

Final Say

Remember that accentuating is important when designing the interior of your home, especially when it comes to placing an accent chair in your room. Pick something that beautifully contrasts your couch and other furniture. Take time in decorating to ensure you get the best out of your space!

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