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What Are The Best Lighting Options For A Sloped Ceiling?

Sloped ceilings are great architectural design features that can awaken your artistic flair for interesting lighting ideas. With many designs available in the market, you might be wondering what is best for your home. We’ve done thorough research on lighting and sloped ceilings to deliver you the important information you need.

There are several lighting choices that can work well with sloped ceilings. The best options include:

  • Recessed lighting
  • Flush lights 
  • Semi-flush lights
  • Track lighting
  • Cable lighting
  • Chandelier
  • Pendant lights
  • Ceiling fans

Choosing lighting fixtures for your sloped ceiling isn’t a daunting task. Knowing the basic elements of the different lightings, you will be confident to have an informed decision. Stay on this page as we dig into the details of each lighting option, its unique features, its benefits and drawbacks, and other factors to consider.

Chic attic living room with sloped ceiling, What Are The Best Lighting Options For A Sloped Ceiling?

Best Lightings for Sloped Ceilings

Each type of lighting has its unique characteristics. Whatever the type, there are a lot of choices of designs, colors, and shapes available in the market. A wide range of choices come with a wide range of costs too. The cost would also include installation, which greatly varies between each type.

Let’s discuss each option in detail to help you better understand what best suits your home’s sloped ceiling.

Can or Recessed Lighting

Illuminated ceiling with recessed halogen lamps

This is a minimalistic approach to designing your sloped ceiling. As the name suggests, the design is completely recessed. Only the trim of the canister could be seen at the surface and the light bulb is set just inside the ceiling. You would choose this type if you do not want any lighting fixture to be visible.

With its design, recessed lighting provides limited illumination. You may need multiple can lights strategically positioned to get your space fully lighted. You can also inject an artistic layout of recessed lighting throughout your sloped ceiling.

The major drawback of can lighting is that its installation is limited to the location of the ceiling joists and trusses. Also, the lights should be positioned at an angle that would match the slopes of the ceiling.

Due to the complex installation process, can lights are the most expensive in terms of installation costs. In most instances, a lighting contractor is needed to ensure proper installation.

Flush Lights

Ceiling glass white lamp on a wooden ceiling

True to its name, this type of lighting sits directly at the same angle against the sloped ceiling. Relatively simple in design, it is also easy to install. You don’t even need an adapter, making it a practical design option for sloped ceilings.

The major downside of this fixture is its height. Since sloped ceilings tend to be high, the lighting of flush lights may not be capable to cover the whole space.

Semi-Flush Lights

This is in close resemblance to flush lights only that they sit rather near to the ceiling. This is a perfect median choice between chandeliers or pendants and flush lights. They can be hung deeper, hence, they are capable of better illumination to your space.

Semi-flush lights are typically fixed, hence, a ceiling adapter is needed to properly mount them.

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Track Lighting

A group of hanging black metal lights

Track lighting can be easily installed on sloped ceilings. One great advantage is that you can install multiple lights on a track. It affords you to highlight areas of the room while keeping other areas dimmed.

Track lighting serves more on functionality rather than aesthetics. They are generally installed close to the ceiling.

Cable Lighting

Cable lighting is similar to track lighting in system design. The difference is that the lights are attached to cables that are connected to wall mounts at either end. The cables run parallel to the slope of the ceiling. Alternatively, they can also be installed wall to wall.

This fixture adds a unique look to your space. Its flexibility in installation and appearance brings a distinctive style to your sloped ceiling.

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Hotel room interior

Chandeliers give a classic touch to any type of ceiling. These are the perfect choice for spaces where central lighting is the focal point. They hang freely—that’s why the angle isn’t much of a concern. They suit best for high ceilings since they can be hung lower, thus highlighting the height of your sloped ceiling.

Chandeliers can make a bold statement to your interior decors with their intricate design of multiple light bulbs. They can be used to highlight specific areas or fixtures of your home such as the dining table, the foyer, or the living room. Chandeliers that are well placed in foyers create an open design that reflects an airy feel of glass doors and large windows.

Typically, the ornate and intricate designs of chandeliers make it the most expensive lighting fixture. The greater size and complexity of the light bulbs, the more expensive the fixture.

Pendant Lights

Illuminated pendant lamps and brick wall

Pendant lights are similar to chandeliers in terms of functionality. The difference is that the former has only one light bulb installed which can limit its lighting capability. But you can have multiple pendant bulbs in a room for better illumination.

Pendant lights project a minimalist design to your space. The subdued styles of pendant lights exude a perfect balance of function and aesthetics.

You can create impressive bedside lighting that can replace the traditional lampshades. In the dining and receiving areas, you can install multiple pendants at varying heights and proportions to add warmth and interest to the space.

Some models of pendant light can hang freely while other models are on a fixed pole. In the latter case, a ceiling adapter may be needed.

Ceiling Fans

Master bedroom with great outdoor view

Ceiling fans can bring style and a statement piece to your space but are rather discreet in design. They can also be multifunctional since they are useful for poorly ventilated rooms.

Ceiling fans are adaptable for sloped ceilings since they can be slightly adjusted to conform to the angle of the ceiling. With the aid of sloped ceiling adapters, they can be installed even for steeply angled ceilings.

How To Choose Lights for Low Sloped Ceilings

Whether you have a low or high sloped ceiling or a large or narrow space, choosing the best lights that provide the best lighting is a primary concern. Below are some helpful pointers before you buy lighting fixtures for your low-sloped ceiling:

  • Figure out how big is the space where the lights will be installed in order to approximate the size of the lamp you’ll need. Bulky lamps create a feeling of narrowness to the space. A lamp that is too small to hang in a large room doesn’t look becoming. And if there are no lighting fixtures at all, the room feels empty and unwelcoming.
  • Choose the right type of lamp. Ceiling and wall-mounted lights are the best picks since they create a spacious and airy ambiance. The popular choices are chandeliers, recessed LED lights, ceiling fans, wall lights, and pendant lights.
  • Choose lights with bright tones. Bright lights increase space. On the contrary, dark-colored lights give the space a crampy look and are not conducive for indoor activities.
  • Choose lights with simple details. Modern sleek designs emphasize simplicity. Sophisticated details are not suitable for low-sloped ceilings since they project a crowded ambiance to the space.

How To Light A High Sloped Ceiling

Bedroom in loft of wooden cabin

For your interior spaces with high-sloped ceilings, here are some tips to guide you through your lighting project:

  • Determine how much lighting is required for your space. This would depend on the room’s setting, the volume of natural light, the color of the walls, and the activities that are done in the room. Also, the lighting color theme should complement the design and mood of the home decor.
  • Consider both ambient and task lighting. Lighting can dictate the mood and ambiance of the space when you use different amounts of light. Installing dimmer switches are perfect since you can adjust the brightness when necessary.
  • Observe coherence and a unified approach to complement your interior decors. You should consider to incorporate the woodwork and beams in your lighting plan. You may take advantage of the high walls by attaching picture lighting.
  • For aesthetic reasons, choose hanging lights to be hung upright. Cluster lights are inappropriate since they tend to obstruct the view upwards.
  • Establish your lighting plan based on the existing electrical connections to avoid tearing up walls and ceiling sections. You would need to locate specific areas on the walls and ceiling that are suitable for light mounting. Also, you can forego canned recessed lights if they will intrude with the insulaion sheets already in place.

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The Takeaway

Choose lighting fixtures that would enhance the best features of your sloped ceilings such as the ceiling details, beams, and woodwork. With their additional heights, angled and sloped ceilings afford homeowners better flexibility and more choices in terms of design and the placement of lighting fixtures.

Consider how the overall feel of your space and lighting fixtures accentuate the ambiance. You could opt for chandeliers and pendant lights that reflect your artistic flair. Then install recessed lights for additional illumination and task lighting on occasions you need to.

Lighting fixtures also vary between high-sloped and low-sloped ceilings. Firstly, determine how much lighting you would require for your space. Each type requires different lighting and type of lights to install. Equallly important, you need to integrate your lighting fixtures to your home’s overall interior decor to achieve a more coherent look.

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