What Color Bedding Goes With A Gray Headboard?

Gray is one of the best neutral colors to use for a headboard; it goes well with any color palette and it’s easy to style up or down.

Gray is also a great match for a cool-toned bedroom with blues and greens and at the same time works well with warm hues like butter yellow and burnt orange.

The best thing about gray, though, is it plays well with other neutrals as well. For example, black and white would give your room that minimalist industrial vibe.

If you’re at a standstill on how to match your bedding with your gray headboard, we have the perfect list of color combos for you!

Elegant bedroom with gray headboard and modern bedside table with decorations, What Color Bedding Goes With A Gray Headboard?

1. Gray Dusk

An elegant appartment real photo for woman

The cool gray hues perfectly complement the dusky pink sheets. Keeping it free from prints, and using minimalistic room decors adds elegance and sophistication to the space.

2. Gray and White

Interior of modern master bedroom with King size bed and built in closet

The gray headboard adds a bit more “oomph” to an otherwise plain white room. The cozy look of the white bedding perfectly matches the otherwise bare look of the room.

3. Blue and Gray

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You’d think the room should be overwhelmingly cool with dark gray and navy tones but it turns out surprisingly inviting. The light blue accent of the cashmere throw just adds a perfect touch.

4. 50 Shades of Gray

Modern interior design of spacious bedroom with large windows and garden and forest

The varying shades might seemingly be dark and gloomy but the wooden accents in the room help to lighten up the space. The large window also helps natural light to seep through the room.

5. Gray and Burnt Orange

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The inviting burnt orange shade of the bedding gives off a laid-back vibe for a gray-dominated room. The room accents together with the knit throw give the room look homier.

6. Country Gray

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The country aesthetic of blue and white looks delightful against the gray. Aside from the cozy vibe it gives off, silver and glass accents elevate the room.

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7. Gray and Butter Yellow

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The chevron print on the yellow duvet gives a fun eclectic vibe to the mix. The dark gray wall and headboard are complimented beautifully by the cheery shades of yellow and stark white.

8. Gray and Mint

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The cool light gray shade of the headboard mixes well with the mint green pillows and comforter. White side tables and plants finish this fresh aesthetic.

9. Playful Prints

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All the top neutrals are here, gray, black and white. To break off the monotony don’t forget to add prints! Hints of baby blues complete the look.

10. Cosmo Chic

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The loud hot-pink hue is well-matched with the gray headboard. The black and white accents on the throw pillows and side table make a cohesive final ambiance.

11. Get Your Print On

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Who’d have thought an all gray room will have this much style? An eclectic mix of prints and statement decor gives the room a glamorous vibe without being over the top.

12. Hampton Vibe

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The turquoise, white and royal blue colors with playful prints pulled off this beach home effect. The rug incorporating all the colors against the wooden floors wraps up everything in style.

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13. All About the Feels

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This gray room styling is a feast for the senses. The textured comforter and faux fur throw will be hard to resist. The hint of jeweled green and golden accents adds to the luxurious feel.

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14. Orange You Glad

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A very unusual color combination but one you’ll be glad you tried. The bright pop of tangerine and white perfectly accentuates the gray tones.

15. Royal Treatment

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Purple is the color of royalty for a reason. The color together with tasteful prints and grays gives an understated elegance to the room.

16. Drunk Daze

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The burgundy tone keeps the room warm and cozy giving the effect of a warm hearth. This color set-up is perfect for those autumn-winter months.

17. Silver Lining

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If the cold never bothered you anyway, try to change up the look of your room to this grey and silver combination. The interesting duvet design and the crystal accents will make any ice princess jealous.

18. A Sage Advice

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Sage green is a very big color right now, and we clearly see why. The color is very versatile and can take you through any season. 

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19. Fine Line

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Blacks and whites are never boring. The clean lines in the sheets and pillows carry this crisp, put-together look.

20. Keep It Neutral

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Neutral can never be boring with gray and beige. Easy on the eyes and cozy for sure. 

21. Three is Definitely Not A Crowd

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You would think colors would clash in this navy, yellow and gray combo but nope. Tasteful colors on the blue and yellow duvet keep the balancing act on point.

22. Marble Marvel

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The marble print bedding elevates the otherwise predictable color combo of gray and pink. The bronze hanging lamps add a classy touch and keep the room from being boring. 

23. Gray Takes On Bohemian

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The sandy color of beige with light gray perfectly fits a bohemian-themed room. The crochet throw and fairy lights complete this laid-back look.

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24. Try Terracotta

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Gray, dusky blue, and terracotta are a match made in styling heaven. So much goodness in one picture, the wooden bed frame, the framed flower photo which is echoed in the bed. These three colors sure come together beautifully.

25. Blushing Pretty

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This blush pink and gray color gives off a distinctly feminine vibe. Classy, sophisticated but laid-back at the same time, most probably brought on by the wooden side table.

26. Gray and Indigo

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Since you can never go wrong in pairing shades of blue with gray, we added another one of this gem. This time the color is indigo with a white paisley pattern, the room should have come across as intimidating because of the dark color, but the spots of white that pop up keep that from happening.

27. Mono

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The exposed concrete walls, the cottony look of the basic gray and white sheets pull off this monochrome aesthetic. The interesting pieces like the coat stand and side table keep the room from looking dull. 

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28. Amp It Up

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Elevate your room’s attitude by infusing bright red against gray. Just accessorize with black and white to strike a balance.

29. Minimalist

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Check out this lovely yet minimalist look with gray, white, and wooden accents. This minimalist look is nothing but dull, making sure to add interesting wall decor will complete the look.

30. English Cottagecore

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Gray on gray is still on another level. The floral pattern, and the subdued colors of the bedding are emphasized by the gray headboard. The stripes and quilted pillow add flair to the mix. 

In Conclusion

Gray is a great color, a true neutral that knows no boundaries in style and aesthetics. You can incorporate any color scheme you might have at the top of your head with gray. Just remember to add accents and furniture that will help pull a cohesive look.

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