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What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops [11 Ideas!]

Kitchens are oftentimes considered as the heart of one’s home. It is a place where conversation and presence are of absolute importance, making design and functionality one of its top priorities. Whether you are using it for your kitchen island, peninsula, or as your main countertop, black granite looks absolutely spectacular and very functional for your kitchen.

These dark countertops are perfect pairings for multiple cabinetry colors. Because of its sleek, neutral look, black granite countertops also work well with different styles for your home. You can go for the classic natural looks that neutral tones like whites or beige colors can offer. On the other hand, you can also go for the bold and dramatic with black or fiery red cabinets, perfect for those who want to make a statement.

Here, we’ve collected a few design ideas for your cabinets to match perfectly with your black granite countertops. Keep reading to learn more about them.

A white kitchen with chairs sitting at the black granite countertop and stainless steel appliances looking out towards a living room, What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops [11 Ideas!]

1. White

One of the more classic choices, white is a great contrasting color to dark granite. It’s great for any style of home and in this example, we can see that it works really great to showcase that timeless, elegant design.

A modern kitchen with white cabinets and black granite countertops

For a white kitchen like this, a black granite countertop turns into the room’s highlight. It looks very luxurious against the stark white color, and it makes the kitchen look sleek and clean. The white cabinets also make the room look bigger, while the black counters balance off the space.

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2. Black

Modern kitchen home interior

Black cabinets paired with absolute black granite countertops simply make the room look crisp and modern. It looks perfect with stainless steel appliances as they stand out from the muted black shades of the room.

It’s also important to note that the granite pattern is important, in order to keep the counters from visually disappearing along with the cabinets.

While the black-on-black color scheme may not be a popular choice for everyone, it does have its appeal. For this example, the design leans more towards a modern intimate look, perfect for bachelors or families who enjoy an intimate vibe in their space.

3. Black and White

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These contrasting colors can be an excellent choice for those who feel like the black-on-black color scheme is too heavy for the eyes. For color schemes such as these, the black base cabinetry and black countertop works well as the focal point of the room.

The white storage cabinets on the perimeter of the space make the kitchen look bigger and more streamlined.

This black and white kitchen design is great for homeowners who would like to have a bold color scheme, but with a neutral tone to mute the heaviness a bit.

A great choice would be to pick a matte black color for your cabinets to prevent it from being too dark. Adding a few stainless steel appliances will surely enhance your kitchen’s look.

4. Yellow

Modern kitchen island in yellow kitchen with pendant lamp over

This color scheme is bold, sunny, and bright—and a perfect contrast to that absolute black granite countertop you’ve chosen for your kitchen. Yellow makes your kitchen give off that warm, happy vibe and it makes for a perfect place for the family to hang out.

The sunshine yellow color offsets the heaviness of a black granite countertop. Bright white walls can give your kitchen a happy vibe, and the yellow cabinets give the space a bit of brightness and positive vibes to the space—perfect for most modern kitchen designs.

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5. Teal Green

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A bold color choice, but leaning more towards the softer, muted look, teal green looks wonderful paired against a black granite countertop. If you are looking for a coastal color scheme to pair with black granite, then this color is a perfect choice.

This particular shade of teal may be a bit too drab and gloomy at first, so it would be best to consider the lighting of your space. It is great for kitchens that offer big, open windows for natural light. The kitchen should also have good ambient lighting to empasize the bold color contrasting against black.

6. Dark Wood

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These absolute black granite countertops pair beautifully with these dark wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The dark wood looks opulent and elegant without looking too boring. It’s a classic pairing but it works wonderfully even with a modern kitchen design.

Choose dark wood cabinets that provide a little contrast to your dark countertops, in order to prevent them from being too flat. Add light fixtures that accentuate your space to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.

7. Light Wood

Kitchen with golf course view

Known to be more of a classic style, light wooden cabinetry works well with dark granite countertops. It’s a traditional scheme as you’ll probably see more of this style amongst many different homes, but it can still evoke uniqueness each time.

For a big modern kitchen such as this, the light wood lends a warm, bright vibe to the kitchen space. The dark granite is emphasized with this pairing, making the kitchen look minimalist and elegant.

8. Blue

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This cobalt blue base cabinets provide a perfect complement to the dark tone of your black granite countertops. It’s a bold color choice, but it also evokes a bit of calm and muted tone to your kitchen. If you’re working this together with some bright white walls, it makes for a relaxing kitchen design.

This color choice is wonderful for homes that have a lot of natural light coming in. Pick a shade of blue that works well with the darkness of the kitchen counters. A good shade should complement the granite pattern, and this often works well if there is a little white on your countertops. 

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9. Red

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It’s bold, it’s fiery and they look perfect with black. This red color pairs beautifully with dark granite, as it showcases off the fiery redness of the cabinets. The color scheme may be a little bit of an unpopular choice, but it is perfect for those who are looking for a bit of boldness in their kitchen design.

While most black granite counters would work well with red cabinets such as these, an excellent choice would be to use absolute black granite for the counters. Its sleek, dark tone pulls out the brightness of your red, and gives off a sleek look for your space.

10. Grey

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These stunning dove grey cabinets look fabulous with black granite countertops as it mutes down the harshness of the stone’s color. Partnered with clean white walls, the grey cabinet and black counter pairing look stunning in bright light.

Although the color scheme may tend to be a bit drab, the addition of accent focal points like the black and white checkered flooring rounds out the tonal values of the space.

If you would like to have this pairing for your kitchen, make sure to pick a black granite countertop that complements the gray shade you have chosen. It shouldn’t have too much of a granite pattern as it might meld together with your greys.

Pick black granite that has less sheen, similar to what this kitchen has, as it can make your room flow well with a monochromatic feel.

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11. Beige or Cream

Dine-In kitchen with granite counter tops

If you are looking for a color scheme that is not too stark white but will look great with your granite countertops, this is the perfect color for your kitchen. Creams or beige cabinets look perfect with homes that have warm light coming in as it invokes warmth and intimacy in the space.

It is also a very classic color scheme to work with. For farmhouse or rustic style kitchens, the beige and dark granite pairing is always a go-to classic. The black granite counters break up the extreme neutrality of the creams and beige colors, therefore rounding out the design seamlessly.

The cream-colored cabinets also make the space look bright and airy, and this is perfect for kitchens where big families often convene.

In Summary

Black granite is very flexible to work with, especially for various kitchen designs. These countertops pair well with many color schemes, and they can all evoke a different vibe or style that works well with the homeowner’s personality. Most color schemes will work perfectly well with your cabinets and it’s a great way to show off those sleek, elegant dark granite countertops.