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What Color of Carpet Goes With Gray Walls?

Gray walls provide an excellent opportunity for multiple color combinations due to their neutrality. The color might be dull or subtle, but an advantage is that you can pair it with other brighter colors to create the perfect room ambiance. If you happen to have a grey wall and you’re wondering what carpet colors would go with it, stick around as we have asked interior decor experts for their tips and tricks on the subject. 

Gray is a neutral color with a vast spectrum of shades, meaning most colors can easily blend in. In the realm of interior decor, carpet colors like gold, yellow, pink, orange, white, green, and brown match the best with gray walls. 

It may still be unclear what color you should choose from the options. This is why we have taken the time to carefully elaborate on how these colors coordinate well with different shades of gray. In addition, we will also provide you with tips on choosing the right carpet color.

Posters on grey wall above white cupboard in bright living room interior with sofa and carpet. - What Color of Carpet Goes With Gray

Different Colors of Carpet That Match Your Gray Wall

Whether you just moved into a new house or revamping your current home, adding the right carpet color is one way to brush up your home’s aesthetic. Carpets come in all sorts of designs and can act as a visual divider, creating an opportunity for you to play around with color additions.

If you’ll soon be shopping for a new carpet, here are some colors that can match your gray walls.

Iron Gray + Gold

Interior living room.

If your gray wall has metallic iron shading, your best bet is a gold-colored carpet. This would blend even better with your room if you have gold-painted upholstery such as a coffee table, picture frame, side stools, etc.

It all comes together to give your room a somewhat classic look. Gold carpets give gray color the extra polish and blend it needs.

Steel Gray + Yellow

Luxury carpet on laminate wood floor

When used for home decor, yellow represents illumination and calmness. If you have a steel shade of gray, a yellow-colored carpet is one of your best options.

A yellow carpet would perfectly contrast with the steel gray as it delicately combines the two distinct colors. Yellow is sunny and bright looking, but you should opt for a duller shade of yellow for carpets.

Charcoal Gray + Pink

Contemporary decor, bold colour palette, luxurious textiles

Pink is a color considered feminine by many. But interior decorators have suggested pink-colored carpet as a good option if there’s a shade of neutral colors like gray or black in the mix.

This is particularly true as a pink-colored carpet would give more boldness to the reclusive charcoal gray walls. Therefore making a perfect symphony of colors, especially with velvet upholstery.

Natures Gray + Orange

Digitally generated modern and cozy apartment living room with sofa and armchair.

Nature’s gray, which has a brownish shade, would go best with an orange-colored carpet. You can add decorative materials with a touch of orange to further accentuate the color combination.

This choice of color for your carpet can add the right amount of pop and fun your room needs. By adding an orange-colored carpet, you can make your carpet the focal point of the room.

Gray + White

Sunny modern living room interior design with big light sofa on white carpet and stylish kitchen area with marble tabletop

When two neutral colors come together, the results may not be as bright. However, a mixture of gray and white makes your space stylish and classy.

It is difficult to go wrong with white since it seamlessly matches most colors. A drawback you might encounter in using a white carpet is constant cleaning because dirt or spilled drinks are easily noticeable.

Gray + Mint Green

Interior of the living room.

Green is considered the color of nature since it is the color of most plants. When it comes to home decor, green can match neutral colors like gray. Mint green, in particular, isn’t a popular choice for carpet color, but when in combination with gray walls can give your room a vibrant ambiance.

Gray + Black

Modern classic black interior with capitone brown leather chester sofa, floor lamp, coffee table, carpet, wood floor, mouldings.

Black is often overlooked when choosing carpet colors. But you can use this color to make a bold statement, especially in contemporary homes. If you’re adopting a moody theme for your room, adding a black carpet would look great.

There are varying shades of black, from lighter to darker tones. If you have a busy home with regular visitors or a lot of occupants, a black carpet can perfectly hide spots and stains. This can save you hours of cleaning and vacuuming.

Gray + Brown/Beige

Posters on grey wall above white cupboard in bright living room interior with sofa and carpet.

Gray and brown are naturally occurring colors, so it is no surprise that they go well together. Floors made of hardwood are brown, so you might want to skip adding an extra carpet if this is the case.

Similarly, beige can be considered a lighter version of brown, and the same rules apply to both colors when mixed with gray. Read this insightful article about earthy tone color schemes for living rooms.

How To Match Your Carpet Color With Walls

When it comes to making carpet choices for walls, the carpet and the walls should complement each other. To make this happen, you can use a similar tone of color for both.

The foot traffic in a particular area should also affect the carpet color you pick. For example, you may want to use a darker-colored carpet if it is located in a frequented part of the room. If you have kids, you might want to avoid carpets with brighter colors like white or yellow.

If you are not sure what color of carpet to choose, go for a neutral-colored carpet to be safe. If you’re moving into a new home, consider the color of your furniture as well to avoid the clashing of mismatched colors.

Check out this article to learn which colors of furniture match gray walls.

When choosing carpet colors, you may also consider the size of the room. Would the carpet cover the entire floor space of the room or just a small section of it?

If your carpet wouldn’t cover the whole room, you might want to add trim with different colors. Also, note you may have to consider if the wall painting is unique to just one room or all the rooms in the house. This way, you can pick different carpet colors for each room instead of one color for all.

Useful Tips For Choosing The Right Carpet Color

Here are some additional tips to guide you in making better decisions when choosing a carpet color to match your walls.

Use Neutral Colors

If your carpet covers the entire floor space, it is best to go with neutral colors. Bright colors would likely overpower other colors in the room, including the wall.

Neutral colors make the room appear bigger and give character to your room while being subtle. Bright colors should be reserved for more miniature decor hung on the wall.

Pick a Theme

Picking a theme helps maintain consistency in choices, not just for your carpet color but for other items in your room. Your theme could be warm, cool, rusty, etc.

For example, if the room’s theme is Hawaiian, you might want to consider colors like green. If you’re going for a rustic old farmhouse, brown and milk color can be suitable choices.

Add your personality to your carpet by not only considering the carpet color but the design as well. You can go a step further and match the patterns on your carpet with your wall.

Follow Trends

There is currently a shift from minimalist and plain-looking carpets to bolder contrasting colors that create distinctive looks. If you’re conscious of modern home trends, you might want to incorporate that into your decor.

Trendy carpet styles, patterns, and colors are littered in home decor magazines. These can range from flashy colors to earthy-toned ones.

In Closing

Choosing the right carpet is one of the challenging aspects of decorating a house. You have to decide the type, size, and even color. A carpet’s color can impact the entire room’s appearance, so you must pick one carefully.

Another significant part of the room that matches the carpet’s color is the wall. Therefore most people consider the color of their walls while choosing carpets.

If you have a gray wall, you’re in luck because it allows you to try different carpet colors, from bright options like yellow or white to duller colors like black and beige. There are different factors to consider before making your choice, like the carpet’s size or foot traffic. With the tips listed above, you can get creative and give your home the striking look it deserves!