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What Color Couch Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

Dark wood floors are predominantly used in many homes regardless of design. It’s a very versatile flooring that looks beautiful whether it’s traditional or modern. In a living room, a dark hardwood floor can complement and accentuate the design of your space.

However, choosing a couch color to set against those rich dark hardwood floors can be a little intimidating. Most of the time, homeowners worry if their couch and furniture will clash against their flooring, or it might get too washed out from the design.

If you are looking for the best couch colors you can pair with your dark wood floors, don’t worry! We have compiled a list of color choices that looks best against those hardwoods.

Poster frame mock-up in home interior background with sofa, What Color Couch Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

1. White

Modern living room interior with sofa

White goes with everything so this color is one of the best choices for couches on dark hardwood floors. It complements the rich dark tones of your hardwood floors and balances out the space.

The color white also helps make your room look bigger and brighter, helping you open up the look of the living room. You may also add a few wood furniture and accent pieces to your room but with a different undertone to your hardwood floors.

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2. Earthy Neutrals

Home interior

Earthy neutral colors like brown and beige are perfect for the deep tones of your wood floors. These colors come from the same family thus helping you draw in the warmth from these shades.

In this living room example, a tan leather couch sits well with the dark wood floors to create a modern industrial look. Stick with other neutral shades for your other furniture and add a neutral-colored rug to let the design flow together.

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3. Black

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Blacks are beautiful against dark floors, as long as the shades are not too close to each other. You can break off the monotony of these colors by adding other wood furniture, or adding a lighter rug to brighten up the space.

It keeps your room from being to enclosed and it adds a little texture to the space. Turn this into a minimalistic design by keeping close to the neutral color scheme and adding just a few pieces of décor here and there.

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4. Gray

Corner of cozy home office with gray walls, dark wooden floor, dark wooden table with computers on it and bookcase.

Another neutral option you can pick for your couch is the color gray. It’s a great color to choose for homes that are leaning towards a minimalist design, and it gives the room an air of sophistication despite its casual appeal.

Try going for lighter shades of gray to prevent the room from feeling too dark and heavy. For an industrial, masculine look like this one—try keeping your walls in their bare raw concrete form to complement the rich wood floors.

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5. Blue

Luxury modern living room interior, dark green brown wall, modern sofa with armchair and plants, 3d render

If you’d like to go for color instead of neutrals for your living room, then one of the best choices you have is a blue couch paired with your dark wood floors. In this living room example, this navy blue couch complements the dark walnut shades of the floor without being too dark and heavy.

Pick shades of blue that work well with the undertones of your floors to see which will make the colors stand out. Emphasize the color of your hardwood floors by bringing in other furniture that complements your space’s color scheme.

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6. Yellow

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It might be a little too bright for some, but yellow is one of those perfect colors to match with your dark wood flooring. This couch color is a great way to bring in a splash of color to an otherwise flat room.

Add a rug to break the boldness of the yellow couch and your dark hardwood floors to tie the look together. To add a little more excitement, you can put a rug in your space to bring in a little texture into your design.

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7. Red

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A red couch will look beautiful against your dark hardwood floors because this is one of the colors that complements each other well. It’s a great way to pull in a little warmth to your room and it gives off a great pop of color to your space.

A great choice would be a darker, more muted shade of red with hardwood floors that have a rich red undertone. You can add a rug to further enhance your color choice, like this area rug that pulls in the colors from both the couch and the wood floor.

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In Conclusion

Dark wood flooring is a classic amongst many homes. This versatile floor works beautifully with many couch colors, but there are a few color choices that will stand out. Hopefully, these images give you a good idea of what color furniture to pair with hardwood.

Pick out the color of your couch based on your living room’s theme, or create a palette to ensure that the whole design will flow. Once you’ve decided on these key factors, your living room’s furniture and wood floors will seamlessly blend together into a beautiful design.

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