Couch Design Rules

What Color Couch Goes With White Walls

For many designers, the perfect canvas for any design is a perfectly white wall. This base color is the best way to start your room’s design as many colors work with it.

With white walls, many designers find that they can create different vibes to the space, or they can build up layers of elements to bring about a beautiful theme for the room.

If you are looking for the best color choices for your living room space, look no further! We’ve rounded up the best colors that match perfectly well with your white walls.

A trendy modern living room in light turquoise color and golden home accessories, What Color Couch Goes With White Walls

1. White

It may sound a bit redundant, but a white couch set against white walls makes for a very elegant and classy design. It looks beautiful for homes that are approaching a minimalist, modern design.

The white couch near empty shiplap wall

A predominantly white color scheme is also a perfect canvas for many other design accents that can brighten your space.

If you are going for a minimalist, modern design, you can go with a white couch and the addition of a few neutral décors.

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2. Black

Modern living room with black couch

On the other side of the spectrum are living room designs that make use of black against white. A black couch set against pristine white walls is very striking and edgy. It looks absolutely perfect for modern designs aiming for a more masculine feel.

Make your space look industrial by adding other furniture with straight lines. Or go for a classy feel—put in luxurious touches of a few shiny baubles here and there to achieve this style.

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3. Gray

Real photo of modern painting placed on the shelf above grey sofa with patterned pillows standing in bright sitting room interior with blanket on wooden ladder and fireplace

A gray couch is one of those design favorites that a lot of people are quite drawn into. Gray offers a neutral color in which a homeowner can play around with their decor. It goes well with most accent pieces and decor.

Grays are also good for playing well with really colorful accents. Commonly paired with these are some yellow throw pillows, or maybe a maroon red knitted blanket on the side -display your decor on a trendy ladder!

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4. Beige

Bohemian living room interior 3d render with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

The color beige is a classic pairing to white and couches and living room walls are no exception. Placing a beige couch against soft white walls brings about a certain kind of calmness to your space. Spruce it up with a few splashes of color to bring in a theme—like this bohemian-inspired living room.

This color combination also works beautifully for spaces aiming for a light and airy feel to them. Add a few splashes of punchy pastels to bring about a light yet retro feel to your room.

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5. Brown

Silver painting on white wall of elegant living room interior with brown corner sofa with pillows

Alone, the color brown may be a bit drab and boring. But placed against a perfect white canvas, a brown-colored couch can take the stage in anybody’s home. This beautiful earthy color looks excellent against white and it can often draw in other neutrals to tie the space together.

Brown couches are beneficial for homeowners who have pets and kids at home. The color is a great way to bring warmth to your living room space. Add some texture to liven up brown.

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6. Blue

Blue wooden armchairs and couch in living room interior with plants and lamp above table

Blue and white have always been a classic pairing, and this blue couch-white wall pairing is no different. With many different shades to choose from, the color blue can bring coolness to an otherwise stark white room. It also gives off a very calming and intimate feeling to your space.

Go for darker blues if you feel like having a more intimate feel to your room. For a more youthful feel, try a lighter, softer shade of blue to bring in that feeling of calmness in the living room.

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7. Red

A beautiful living room with red sofa, wooden tables and flowers

It is a bright color and it is definitely bold, but a red couch against your bright white walls will surely catch your guests’ attention. In an otherwise boring and neutral-colored space, your red couch will definitely be the showcase of your space.

Take this chance to design around your couch with complementary and color accents to round out the look of your room.

In this living room example, a more muted shade of red works perfectly with key pieces in more neutral shades. If you prefer making this the focal point of your room, go for a dazzling cherry red for your couch.

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8. Green

Digitally generated luxurious and stylish home interior (living room) with high-quality furniture and props

It isn’t a common color for a couch, but the choice to have this color is definitely there. Having a green couch against your beautiful white living room walls can bring about a soothing and refreshing presence in your space.

Just like any other color, green comes in different shades and quite a lot of them look perfect against white walls.

Go for a natural feel with the combination of dark greens and white, with the addition of a few wooden accents. Or, you can go for a soothing, relaxing space by going for a lighter, more refreshing shade of green.

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Final Thoughts

White walls can definitely take in parings for a good number of couch colors. One can go either neutral and classic, or go bright and bold. Regardless of the color choice, white walls are the perfect canvas for that perfect living room design you have in mind.