What Color Couch Goes With A Burgundy Carpet?

Burgundy is a rich and bold color. It’s similar to ruby, raspberry, and deep cherry. For centuries, burgundy has been associated with class, wealth, and sophistication. Homeowners have used this color to display high ambitions and powerful energy in their home decor.

Burgundy elements in decor show that the homeowner is in charge in all situations. This vibrant color evokes feelings of comfort and warmth when properly balanced.

A splash of burgundy color in the form of a carpet or rug for your room will go a long way in helping you achieve classy, sophisticated home decor. A couch that completes the look must match to avoid an overwhelming feeling in the room.

Continue reading as we elaborate with pictures on which couches will look good on burgundy carpets in the home.

A couch near a fireplace in the living room, What Color Couch Goes With A Burgundy Carpet?

Charcoal Gray Corner

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A charcoal gray couch on a burgundy carpet is fantastic for a living room. Create a charcoal gray corner in your home with a bold charcoal-colored couch. The burgundy carpet will be a vibrant centerpiece.

The charcoal gray couch will communicate some of the mystery of black without negativity. Burgundy in turn works wonderfully with this shade of gray. Work the dusky shade of gray to create a trendy look with accents in the room.

Ivory Cream Sentiments

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Although ivory cream is a classical wedding color, you can pair it with burgundy to create a sensual feeling in the decor. The softness of ivory brings out the richness of burgundy. A solid burgundy carpet will look like a glass of wine in a dreamy white backdrop.

Add some golden-colored furnishings and ivory cream curtains for a calm look. The wall will look exquisite in ivory cream or off-white color.

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Light Gray Contemporary

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A light gray couch will go well with a burgundy carpet without looking busy. The carpet doesn’t necessarily have to be plain. A patterned burgundy carpet will work just as well, and it’ll allow you to add different colored accents to the room.

Stick to a casual look when decorating the room. The walls in the room can be a pale gray or light blue to blend in with the couch.

Burgundy Wine

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Burgundy consists of red, blue, and brown. A bold burgundy leather sofa shows psychological seriousness and prowess. Use an array of burgundy furniture in a more spacious room. Add armchairs, chaise lounges, and poofs to create a traditional ambiance.

This color evokes sensuality, love, and vigor in any decor. Homeowners could go for a more traditional look with antique pieces of furniture.

To achieve a matching color scheme, add red, blue, maroon, beige, and brown furnishings and accents to the decor.

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Royal Blue Charmer

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Royal blue and burgundy are a natural match. Burgundy naturally accommodates royal blue because they have a primary base. Work on this color scheme by adding accents of both colors and shades.

Alternatively, you could add accents in the burgundy color range. Dark berry pink lampshades and light red throw pillows are just what  you need.

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The Classic Look

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In almost all homes, you can find a classic piece of furniture. A burgundy sofa or a classic brown leather couch will create a rich, classy look in your home.

To create a harmonized classic look, use a patterned burgundy carpet. Use either Persian rugs or contemporary rugs with geometrical shapes. The carpet shouldn’t be too busy.

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Final Thoughts

Put a burgundy carpet in whichever room you please. Ensure that you have a color scheme that doesn’t look chaotic. Don’t overburden the eyes with too much color by having lots of different furniture pieces with a burgundy carpet.

Burgundy carpet is suitable for large bedrooms, library rooms, living rooms, or entertainment rooms. Choose a couch that will be in harmony with the rest of the room as well.

Burgundy can be interpreted as sensuality, love, and vigor when found in ornaments such as rings, necklaces, and pendants. It also depicts psychological surety and expertise in decor.