What Color Curtains Go With Blue Couch?

When welcoming guests into your home, having a bold-colored couch always grabs the attention and gives the room uniquely warm energy. Blue couches give a neutral-themed interior a splash of zest that makes the room more interesting to look at. If your interior is already colorful, blue couches can perfectly match your aesthetic given the correct color and texture combinations.

As with any interior project, it is first important to figure out your preferences. What is your aesthetic? Do you want to incorporate a theme into your living room? Will the combinations make you feel relaxed as you come home after a long day?

Choosing the right curtain to match your blue couch is a major decision since it will be the first two things people will zoom into when they visit your house. We know that blue can be a challenging color to match with others, so we have prepared a list of what curtain colors will complement your blue couch perfectly.

A blue sectional couch with a yellow throw pillows inside a white living room, What Color Curtains Go With Blue Couch?

What Color Curtains Go With Blue Couch?


White curtains bring more emphasis to your blue couch. It is an elegant choice if you do not want other colors to clash with blue, and it will bring more light into your living area.

Interior of a luxurious living room with blue couches and a wicker coffee table

White, especially sheer white, is the go-to curtain color when you already have bold-colored couches to inspire energy in your space. However, you might have to pay extra attention to the cleanliness of your area if you want to keep your curtain looking crisp and neat.

Powder Blue

A light blue upholstered accent chair inside a white painted living room and an end table on the side

Going for a monochromatic look is always a great option. In this case, if your couch comes in a dark shade of blue, you can play with hues and get a powder-blue curtain. This makes your space look perpetually put together without too much effort, which is ideal if you live with pets or toddlers.

These two shades of blue combined can create a relaxing ambiance without looking too plain.

Stylish modern living room with white walls and blue couches and curtains

If your blue couch is on the lighter side, you can opt for navy blue curtains. Playing with shades can help you achieve a uniform and elegant look without trying too much, and the dark curtains can give you more privacy and block out sunlight if that’s your preference.

Dark curtains are also ideal since they are not sensitive to dirt, which means you will not have to be stressed about every speck that comes in contact with your curtain.


Stylish modern living room built with wooden laminated flooring matched with a blue and tan sofa

The cream shade has the same appeal as white, except it is not as prone to dirt as much as white is. During the afternoon, it can bathe your living room in a warmer tone which can provide great lighting.

Blue couches match well with cream-colored curtains since the cream is a neutral color, so it will blend well with your interior and not take the focus away from your couch.

Light Gray

Blue armchairs and sofa inside a gray and white living room with a patterned carpet

Gray and blue have similarly cool undertones. The color combination can make your space look more sophisticated and masculine–especially if your couch is in a dark shade of blue.

Gray is also a neutral color, so the curtain will seamlessly blend with the rest of your interior without looking too bland–it will even make your space look modern.

Dusty Pink

A blue and white themed living room with blue sofas and armchairs matched with pink and blue curtains

Instead of leaning on to the masculine appeal of blue, give your room a pop of feminine flair by incorporating a dusty pink curtain to go with your blue couch. Pink can balance out the cool and detached vibe of your interior, giving it more energy and whimsy.


Modern contemporary living room of a beach house with a gorgeous view of the ocean

Blue couches can pair well with earth-toned curtains especially if you want a more industrial-style appeal. Tan is also a neutral shade, so it will tone down the bold color of your couch.

However, tan curtains have a reputation for making the space feel too serious, so you might want to balance this out with some decorations.


A blue accent wall and a blue couch with patterned throw pillows matched with a yellow curtain

You might think that yellow and blue will clash as they are two contrasting colors–yellow as warm and blue as cool–but these colors can actually complement each other well. This is because they are on the opposite sides of the color wheel, making them naturally complementary colors.

A yellow curtain adds a pop of warm color to your interior, making your space look more unique and interesting without hurting the eyes.


A dark blue sectional sofa inside a white living room with yellow throw pillows and laminated flooring

Lean into an earthy aesthetic and pair your blue couch with a green curtain. This combination is ideal for areas in warm tropical seasons, so do not be afraid to play with shades and textures that can transform your area.

Layering different shades of green curtains can give it more depth, and adding floral details to your blue couch can make the space feel more welcoming.


A blue sofa inside a black cement texture living room with wooden flooring and wall decors on the wall

Black curtains are a bold but good choice if you want to completely lean into a masculine and modern interior. Black curtains do not only look elegant, but they also provide great privacy and insulation in colder months.

You could also use patterned black curtains if you want to add some flair and avoid monotony, but you could do that by adding decorations that match the room’s aesthetic and reflect your personality.

What are decorations that go with a blue couch?

Gorgeous stylish living room with a blue sofa, round coffee tables matched with purple carpet

Your decorations are supposed to reflect your preferences and personality. Generally, however, you can always have accent wooden tables to go with your blue couches, along with throw pillows that match your curtains.

You can also add some tulips and plants around the area to liven up the space, or you can add acrylic shelves to blend with your interior.

Should the rug match your couch?

A blue sofa inside a light blue colored living room with patterned carpet

Before deciding on a rug, you need to make sure that it will not clash with the color combination between the couch and the curtain. Do not opt for bold patterns, instead, stay neutral or match it with the curtains. You do not want your room to look visually messy as it will keep you from feeling relaxed.

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Working around a Blue Couch

Blue couches can tie up the design around your room, but you don’t want decorations and furniture that look out of place. Here are some colors you can add to your interior that work with a blue couch.

Add Gold Accents

A huge blue texture wall matched with a turquoise colored sectional sofa and hardwood flooring

Gold accents are a classy choice that gives an elegant flair to your room while giving a pop of color. You can add a gold-colored throw pillow, a mirror with gold edges, a gold vase, or gold lighting.

Pair with Orange

A blue couch with orange and red colored throw pillows matched with wooden furnitures

Orange gives the room a burst of energy. The two bold colors harmonize with each other perfectly and can be grounded by wood furnishings and accents. If you want to tone down the splash of color, you can go for muted orange shades such as terracotta or apricot which contribute to your desired vibrance without taking emphasis away from your blue couch.

Grey Sofa as a Shadow

A blue armchair and a gray couch inside a gray painted living room

Shadow the saturated blue color of your couch with a more neutral gray sofa. The combination gives the room more depth, and it makes the space look wider. You can experiment with the contrasts–cool blue with warm grey or vice versa–to create a more interesting visual without too much clutter.

Statement Complementary Paintings

A blue sectional couch with a yellow throw pillows inside a white living room

Put up a statement painting above or across your blue couch to add personality to your interior. Nature-themed paintings pair well together with blue couches, or you can go for abstract paintings that match the color of your curtains.

Either way, a statement painting will add an artistic flair to the room and reflect your personality more.

Layer Patterns and Textures

A blue couch inside a white living room with gray curtains

Layer patterns and textures to your curtains to add dimension. Pair the curtains with matching colors, such as greys with whites or yellows with browns–your blue couch will be able to ground them visually.

Layering is a tried-and-true design method that can transform your living space and make it look more sophisticated.

Final Thoughts

Blue couches, although a bold choice, can be a versatile piece in your interior. Sprinkling some accents around the room can reflect your taste and add to the aesthetic of your living area, making for an interesting conversation starter with guests.

Don’t be afraid to put bursts of color–may it be in your curtain, your rugs, your throw pillows, or painting choices– as long as they do not clash, and as long as they make for an interesting visual.

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