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What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls And Brown Furniture?

These days, having gray walls is a popular trend since many people want a modern-styled house. Gray varies from light to dark shades, and no matter what shade it is, it can easily be paired with any color.

The same goes with your brown furniture. Brown and gray are neutral colors; that is why they have a good combination. However, if you want to spice things up by adding another color to your room, try changing your curtains. Here are some colors that you might like!

Modern living room with gray furniture and brown cabinet, What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls And Brown Furniture?

1. Beige

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Imagine how three neutral colors go together. Beautiful, right? Beige is a light shade that can complement both gray and brown. It adds extra warmth to your home. Beige curtains can help to brighten your room. 

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2. Tan

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To start, tan is different from beige. Tan is darker than beige, and it is commonly called “pale brown.” This color is also paired with gray and brown since it can blend with them. A tan-colored curtain will provide a natural and soothing look in your home.

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3. Yellow

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Do you want a brighter room? Try using yellow curtains in your room! This can bring a friendly environment to your home, plus it can pop with your gray walls and brown furniture. Achieve that autumn feeling with this color.

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4. Brown

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Not everyone likes their room too bright. If you want a more subdued look for your room, brown might suit you. Although you have to keep in mind that gray and brown are both neutral which means that for you to balance the colors, you need to find the right shade.

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5. Turquoise

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A light shade of gray combined with a turquoise curtain will give a calming and dramatic effect inside your home. In line with your brown furniture, turquoise can go along as it beautifully contrasts and complements it.

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6. Gray

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Neutral colors are quite popular these days. To add, gray can be matched with any color even with another shade of gray. It is recommended to match your light gray walls and light brown furniture with dark gray curtains. Contrasting colors are attractive.

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7. White

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Two soft colors are a good combination. An ideal mix for those with a small room as these colors makes your room appear more spacious. Add your long and white curtains to add more texture to your gray walls and brown furniture.

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8. Peach

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The elegance of gray, warmth of brown, and sweetness of peach are a great combo! This combination is perfectly balanced since neutral colors are sturdy, and peach is feminine. It gives your home a stylish mood.

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9. Sage Green

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Green, especially this specific shade, can go well this gray and brown. Mixing brown, an earthy color, and green which is the color of nature, give your home an environmental-friendly vibe. This color is refreshing in the eyes and great for accentuating your home.

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10. Orange

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Many are doubtful of pairing gray with orange because orange is too bright for them. It’s time to change your mind. With the correct shade of gray, the vibrancy of orange will perfectly go along with it. Orange, brown, and gray will fill your house with warmth, calmness, and positive energy.

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11. Red

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Do you want your room to look alive, daring, and sophisticated at the same time? Look no more! Red is your go-to color! Any shade of red will look good with gray. If you want to achieve a home that looks classy, adding red curtains will create an excellent finish.

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In Closing

Curtains are essential for your home. Aside from protecting you from the sun, they are great for accentuating your room. There is no need to overthink about the colors that will work well with your gray walls and brown furniture.

Remember, the colors mentioned above are perfect combinations for gray and brown, but you need to find the right tone. Make sure that it won’t look too dull or too overwhelming. Step up your color game!

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