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What Color Floor Goes With Oak Cabinets?

Are you having a difficult time choosing the right color floor that will match your oak cabinets? Well, do not fret because we researched every possible color scheme that will greatly compliment your wooden cabinets. Just continue reading this article!

There are many types and colors of floors that compliment oak cabinets. You can choose lighter flooring -white or beige- if you want a simple yet elegant design. However, since oak has a bit of a darker color, medium-dark flooring, such as brown, gray, or black is the best option for a more sophisticated style.

It is necessary to have a complementing color scheme. It creates a sense of harmony within the place. If you wish to find out more about which flooring matches oak cabinets, then just keep on reading.

Modern Kitchen With Hardwood Cabinetry - What Color Floor Goes With Oak Cabinets

How to match flooring with oak cabinets

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Before we delve deep into the topic, we must first know that there are different kinds of wood you can pair oak cabinets with. Wood can be the best flooring because its natural brownish beauty can match the medium shade of oak wood.

If you can determine which type of lumber you want to install, it can be easier for you to choose the suitable type of wood for your flooring.

Keep in mind that if you have a light-colored oak cabinet, dark-colored flooring is the right choice. The opposite holds true as well.

Most people pair oak cabinets with wooden flooring. It creates a rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere. There are various types of wood floors that can be a good match for your kitchen cabinets.

Different kinds of wood flooring

Cherry Flooring

Different hardwood flooring companies have stunning kinds of cherry floors. Cherry wood has reddish-brown with a golden hue but a little bit paler when it is freshly cut.

Cherry wood flooring is distinctive because it changes color over time. It has a soft pink tone when it is newly bought, and the color changes to a reddish-brown because of oxidation after quite some time.

In terms of texture, this kind of flooring has a soft, satiny, and straight grain surface. It may usually have brown flecks and small gum pockets.

Maple Wood Flooring

Maple is one of the most commonly used wood floorings. Its durability paired with its soft creamy color is best for both traditional and contemporary design.

Its smooth-grained pattern without the hint of sharp edges most found in other woods (just like oak) is what makes it impressive.

Take note that there are two kinds of maple flooring you can choose from – hard maple and soft maple. Hard maple is more durable, that is why it is used in flooring while soft maple, as the name suggests, is quite delicate that is why it is mostly used in furniture.

Keep in mind that it is important to install this type of wood flooring all at once because maple wood has a tendency to lose its creamy white color in time.

Oak Wood Flooring

Oak wood is famous because it is able to resist fungal and insect infestations. If you wish to have wood flooring that can last for generations, at the same time looks incredible paired with oak cabinets, then this is the right choice.

It might be more expensive than maple wood, but oak wood’s qualities are what makes it worth it to buy.

The shade of oak lumber differs from tree to tree. If you apply oil-based stain and wood varnish, then the material would be aesthetically pleasing without the need for occasional ornamental designs.

Colors that will match oak cabinets

If wood is never an option, then you can opt for tiles. To be specific, ceramic tiles that look like stone or timber coordinate best with oak cabinetry. If you want to make your cabinets look darker, you can choose light-colored tiles. This will result in a light and dark contrast which has been used by artists for centuries.

However, if you want your cabinetry to appear lighter, then you have to play with the color scheme of your tiles. You should opt for a dark-colored shade.

You can choose a variety of colors for your tiles, but which shade or hue is most aesthetically compatible with oak cabinets? Let us take a look!

Cool colors

Cool colors such as shades of blue, green, and lilac are pleasing to the eyes. These hues promote a feeling of tranquility and calm.

You must take into consideration the shade of the oak cabinet. If it has a lighter color, then you have to pair tiles with a darker shade, and this goes vice versa.


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When you want a simpler yet elegant style, then white is the best color to choose. Because of its neutral color, it can be paired with anything.

If you are interested in having a more coastal design, you can choose white-washed laminate flooring. High-shine white tiles are the alternative if you want a more modern look.

White can make the room look more spacious and breezy. This color reflects light so it is best if you also paint your walls white. Medium-dark oak wood aesthetically complements the white flooring. This color scheme makes the room pleasant and appealing.


Modern Kitchen With Hardwood Cabinetry

Same with white, beige is a neutral color. Because of this, it is also a popular choice. This hue comes in a range of various shades that complements well with the entire design of the room.

The upside of using this color is it is easier to maintain than white; however both beige and white have the same aesthetic effect. They can both brighten up the room.

Since it is ill-advised to change the flooring once in a while, it is important to have a color that can match every style you wish to have in your room. Warm colors such as this would be the most suitable choice.


Kitchen cabinets made of wood.

People often think brown is not a good color to compliment oak cabinets. It is not unusual to think this way because the design may look monochromatic and dull.

However, it may be the best idea to use brown flooring to match oak cabinets. How is that even possible? Well, you can pull off this monochromatic style in such a simple way.

What you need to do is to use varying shades of brown that are in contrast with the shade of your oak cabinets to make it appear the colors have an artistic sense of symphony. All you have to do is to paint the wall with neutral colors so that it blends with the cabinets and the flooring.


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Gray is a pigment that screams artistic modern design. Most modern houses have gray flooring, and once paired with oak cabinets it would look fantastic!

You should keep in mind that to achieve harmony within the color scheme, you must take contrast seriously. Since most oak woods have a medium brown tone, you can choose between dark gray flooring and pale gray.

Having dark gray flooring can make any room feel grounded, while pale gray would give a cool relaxing vibe because it is a less saturated color.


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If you wish to pull off an industrial design, then black is the best color to choose. It may come off harsh in some environments, but if you know how to properly blend it with its surroundings, then it could look elegant and stylish.

The warm medium tone of the oak wood can balance the extreme intensity of black flooring. You can choose a slightly warm color marble countertop to compliment the flooring and the cabinets.

To obtain an industrial-themed room, make sure to choose edgy hardware and pipes. You can also opt for your wall to be painted white or not to be painted at all. This way you would really pull off the industrial vibe.

Black is easy to maintain than those warm color floors. Stains or scratches would not appear easily if you choose dark-colored tiles. It is advisable to use this if you have kids or pets.

In Closing

Wood is the best material to use if you wish to have flooring that will match your oak cabinets. Although it has a brownish tone, the style would not look monochromatic and dull if you choose the right shade.

White, beige, gray, and black – these are the more suitable flooring colors other than brown that will match your oak cabinets. If you prefer tiles, these colors are the best option.

Contrasting colors is the best way to achieve a balanced and harmonic atmosphere in your room.

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