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What Color Hardware For White Kitchen Cabinets?

Making a beautiful design for your kitchen is just as equal to how you make the other areas of your home. Taking a look at your cabinets you suddenly noticed that the color of your hardware does not really go well with the color of your cabinet. What to do? We’ve found the best hardware options for white kitchen cabinets.

If you have white cabinets, it’s a good thing you are here! White can be easily paired with any color but here are the best colors for hardware that can match your white cabinet:

  1. Silver
  2. Brass
  3. White
  4. Bronze
  5. Pewter
  6. Black

Kitchen hardware can be pull handles, knobs, or hinges. These are essential for your cabinets that is why it is also important the color matches so that it can make your cabinet pop. Make your white cabinets aesthetically pleasing in the eyes with these colors. Continue reading to learn more about them!

kitchen in newly constructed luxury home - What Color Hardware For White Kitchen Cabinets?

Pick Your Favorite White Kitchen Cabinet Hardware!

While there are several types and colors of hardware, you can’t have them all! Here are the colors that you can choose from for your white cabinets!

1. Silver

kitchen in newly constructed luxury home

If you want to pair your white cabinets with something cool and clean, get silver hardware! This color can give an elegant look to your kitchen cabinets and can serve a calmer atmosphere. Silver hardware has a shiny texture that makes it look so sanitized when installed.

Since white is a neutral color, silver can be matched with it! You’ll get that high-class look in your kitchen regardless of what kind of hardware you choose. Silver will always look timeless.

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2. Brass

A wooden cupboard white kitchen door, brass metal handle details of furniture.

This type of hardware is so fancy when attached to your white kitchen cabinets. It kind of looks like gold but it is not gold. It is a yellow-colored metal that can complement your white cabinet. Make sure that your handles are polished for a glossy texture.

From the old days up to now, brass is still popular hardware. So, if you want to add a classy and rich vibe to your cabinets, brass hardware is the key! Light up your kitchen and give it a warm feeling.

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3. White

White and new kitchen cabinets.

Of course, white can complement itself! However, white is not commonly used as hardware for white cabinets since it is quite difficult to notice especially if your white handles have the same color intensity as your cabinet. You can use this if you don’t really like designing that much in your kitchen.

On the plus side, white is a clean color. It is pure and lovely. If you want to pop off your white hardware, try handles that are made with ceramic or porcelain for a more visible visual.

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4. Bronze

Furniture handles in bronze with ceramic stone

If you to have an elegant yet vintage look for your kitchen, bronze is the one for you! Bronze is an earthy color that belongs to the family of brown. It is a good match for your white cabinets since it is also considered a neutral color.

Back in the day, houses were built with traditional design and they used bronze-colored hardware for their cabinets. Aside from your white cabinets, you can also use other shades of brown for more accent to give your kitchen a classical look.

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5. Pewter

kitchen sink at angle

Pewter is not as common as the other colors but is often used more than white hardware. Pewter is a bluish-gray color that can perfectly complement your white kitchen cabinets. If you have a brown and white color scheme for your kitchen, pewter can be the third missing color.

Achieve a rustic-looking kitchen with this color! Unlike other colors, this mixed shade of blue and gray is more of a matte shade than a metallic one. Serve that antique feeling for your home with pewter and you won’t regret it.

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6. Black

There is no way that this color won’t be on the list. Black and white are the perfect pair of colors that you could think of because they balance each other. Black is such a sophisticated color that when used as an accent, it just gives the best finish.

If you want to transform your home into a modern type of design, choose this color. It is a bold color that complements well with white. If you have white walls and cabinets, hardware and other furniture can be black.

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Why Is Kitchen Hardware Important?

There will come a time that you will have the feeling of changing something in your kitchen to make it more welcoming to look at. Sometimes, people tend to forget about the kitchen hardware and just go to re-painting the whole kitchen. Remember that accents are significant too.

Instead of renovating the whole kitchen, consider changing or putting kitchen hardware such as pull handles or hinges in your cabinets. We guarantee you that you will have a more dramatic and fancy kitchen. Focus on the smaller details before anything else because sometimes all you need is a minor altering.

Benefits Of Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen hardware is not just a decoration. It has a purpose and here are the reasons why you should have them:

  • It can make your cupboards work better because if you install these, it’ll be easier for you to open and close the cabinet.
  • Picking durable hardware can make your cabinet have a longer lifespan plus they come in different designs and colors.
  • Gives a more aesthetic look to your kitchen.
  • These are customizable according to your preference. Depending on the design of your kitchen cabinets, you can decide on what specific style suits them well!

Should You Put Knobs Or Pulls On Kitchen Cabinets?

Photograph of a matte black drawer cup pull handle on a white cabinet.

To be clear, there are no existing specific rules about what kind of hardware should you put on your kitchen cabinets. It is more of a personal preference. However, if you want to be really sure about what is better between them, here are some tips for you.

For drawers and small doors, you can use a knob. But for larger doors that need pulling out, you need to use a pull. It is recommended to use a pull since it is better to support the doors with your whole hand than just using your fingers.

You have to keep in mind that when you use a pull, you have to think of how to place them in your drawer or doors. Since drawers are in a horizontal position, you should also put your pulls in a horizontal position. For doors, place them in a vertical position.

Where Do You Put Knobs On Kitchen Cabinet?

Knobs are the most commonly used hardware for kitchen drawers and cabinets. These round handles only use a single screw and you’re good to go! However, it’s essential to know how to properly install them.

For the knobs of your cabinet, install it on the side where there are no hinges. For the wall cabinets, knobs are installed 2.5 inches to 3 inches from the bottom corner, and for the base cabinets, 2.5 inches to 3 inches from the top corner. Knobs should be placed on each door.

Should Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Match Faucet?

Even though it is not necessary, we advise you to match your kitchen hardware with your faucet for a more balanced look. Color schemes are important in designing your kitchen and you cannot add too many colors in one place. To avoid a messy look for your kitchen, your faucet should have the same color as your knobs or pulls.

Do You Put Hardware On False Drawers?

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Often found near the sink, false drawers are non-functional drawers that are designed to give an extra aesthetic view to your kitchen. They do not open and cannot store anything. You may or may not put handles on your false drawers since its sole purpose of it is to make your kitchen more visually appealing.

In Closing

Just like any furniture, kitchen hardware is also essential. Don’t think twice about installing them because it will be helpful for you. The colors mentioned above are all versatile and can be paired not only with white but with other colors too!

Serve a presentable home with these additional accents that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional!

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