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What Color House Goes With A Red Roof?

Red roofs give a stunning look, but which color suits it best to enhance your home exterior design? To help you choose the color house perfect for the red roof, check out the ideas we’ve collected for you. From our comprehensive research, find out the interesting color schemes to match your red roof. 

The versatility of the red roof allows it to complement the different color houses easily. Here are the colors that can make your red roof stand out the most:

  1. White
  2. White & blue
  3. Gray
  4. Green
  5. Brown
  6. Tan
  7. Beige
  8. Red Brick
  9. Red
  10. Yellow
  11. Muted Yellow
  12. Light blue
  13. Peach
  14. Pink
  15. Purple

Review the following samples below to learn more ideas of which color house works best for your red roof. You will see how the red roof blends in smoothly with other color houses. Moreover, as you read by, you will determine what color roof lasts longer and other essential tips on keeping your home exterior looking stunning.

Row houses with gray clay tiled roofing and different colored walls, What Color House Goes With A Red Roof?


Red roofs look fascinating with a white-colored home. In this picture, the clean, minimalist white house receives a stunning accent through the red roofs. While it also carries brown panels, the red roof still gives a new life to the house design. Like this style, you can also try red roofs to seize its entire look with a white-walled home.

A small gorgeous two story forest resthouse with red roofing, white brick sidings and wooden post

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White and Blue

A white stucco wall house with red window shutters and blue painted trims matching the red clay tile roofing

Besides the pure white home, your red roof can also jump into two-color combinations of white and blue. Even though red and blue might look extra confusing, it still gives a fabulous touch on the home. Furthermore, the red roof also provides extra color to the house, balancing its minimalist white and royal blue color scheme. Thus, with simple red roofing, your home might look extra captivating. 


Long span ranch house with red clay tile roofing and green painted wooden sidings

Your light gray home can also give extra glam with a red roof. In this image, the simplicity of the light gray walls with white accents became more extravagant through the appealing effect of the red roof. Other than that, the whole red roof effortlessly complemented the red bricks on the ground, making another stunning combination for the house’s entry. So, your red roof sits on with your home design for your keep. Try pairing it with other red accents on the surrounding.


A two story brick house covered in snow with metal sheet roofing

Besides the simplicity of gray tones, you can also move forward with the intense brown bricks for your homes. Yet still, the dark red roofs can keep it look incredible. See how its color combination made an impressive touch to the place. In this case, your red roofing will tend to match your brown bricks without any color awkwardness.


Huge mansion with clay tile roofing, stucco exterior walls and gorgeous landscaping on the lawn

The neutral tan tone of your home might bring a bland and somehow dull look on the outside. However, adding along with solid colors, like the red roofs, might give an extraordinary impact. Like the picture, the neutral shade of tan offers a minimalist, vintage design. But, without a touch of red hues, it could not be very entertaining to see. The astonishing thing is that red roofing provides a ravishing appeal to the home.


Beige wooden siding house with red clay tile roofing and a hardwood door

Like the tan-colored homes, beige houses might bring a soft touch to the home. So, you can also do the trick card of red roofs to make it more alive. Adding red roofs for your whole home gives an intense design while emphasizing a visible and lovely effect on the house.

Red Brick

Two story brick house with sliding windows

Others might say red and red don’t look good. However, red on red bricks give a different appeal. In the picture, you can see how red bricks give an iconic style to the house while it carries white accents on windows, doors, and other decors. Yet still, the home proudly completes the design with red roofing and red floors. Through these monochromatic combinations, it gives a gorgeous facade for a modern-looking house.

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Dark Red

Small red wooden siding houses with red clay tile roofing

Well, other than the red brick finish, your dark red home can also match the dashing red roofs. However, unlike the red bricks, the dark red finish gives a stronger effect to the whole house. So, it would be better to choose a different shade of red for the roof. Nevertheless, the roof and walls can still bring out extraordinary style while showcasing its red theme.


A green siding barn house with clay tile roofing at the countryside

The lovely green homes in country houses could become your next inspiration for your red roofs. However, please use a lighter shade of red to keep its alluring color combination. This home exterior would help you become the next center of attraction due to the vivid green walls and red roofs. 


A small yellow wooden siding barn house with clay tile roofing

Your home can also get others attractive if you pair red and yellow color palettes. Your walls give a vibrant look with this home exterior, keeping its fun, light, and engaging style. To balance the radiant tone of the house, you can simply use the red roof. In this case, you exhibit both rich colors of the home while keeping its unique and vintage style.

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Muted Yellow

A huge yellow colored mansion with red clay tile roofing

Besides the deep yellow tone, your house can also flaunt a muted yellow theme. You can still level up its eye-catching but straightforward design by adding red roofs. In the picture, you can see how the muted yellow blends in nicely with the red roof. Through this, it flaunts out a bright and glowing home in the middle of the trees or other houses.

Light Blue

A light blue two story house with clay tile roofing

The effect of the red roof is not limited to neutral shades, and it can also reach up to stunning modern colors like light blue. The picture flaunts how the light blue theme house gives a contemporary style. However, the red roof completes its exterior, giving it a more chic design. Besides that, the red roof caters to an additional color, making a good combination for light-shaded hues.


A small row house with red walls with white trims and door matched with clay tiled roofing

Your red roof can also match peach color homes! In the picture, the red tones extremely cooperate with the homes’ fun and colorful touch theme. It even brings a warm and welcoming look through its delightful color palette. So, if you wish to have a happier house style, why not use peach and red combination?


Rows of houses painted in bright colors with matching clay tile roofing

Another exciting color combination for the red roof is light pink. The pastel pink touch gives a contemporary style while bringing a soft and pleasant appeal to the house.

However, it weighs the lightness of the color, and red roofing is the key. It keeps the home look fabulous while it completes the light-colored pink walls.


A purple colored house with white doors and window matched with red clay tile roofing

To make your home look attractive, you can combine a purple house with a red roof. Does it sound bizarre? Others might think of that, but the power of the red roof exceeds the limit. Thus, you can surely pair your red roofs with the striking purple home color.

Why are roofs red?

European countries like Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Britain, and Croatia usually embody the red roofs. Why? They say that red roofs brighten more natural hues against the blues of the sky and sea and the greens of the plants. 

Red roofs started before and now become part of the home exteriors designs. The aesthetic appeal of the red roofs enables homeowners to enjoy its additional design to the home. But most importantly, red roofs have other benefits for them.

What color metal roof fade the least?

Roofs with lighter colors fade faster. So, if you proceed with darker shades for your roof, it will surely last longer. Experts suggest that red is one of the colors of a roof that goes well for an extended time to fade. Therefore, red roofing is really an excellent way to keep your house well-maintained. 

Besides that, the deep red roof could be more cost-effective because it does not require you to reapply it all the time, compared to other lighter-colored roofs.

How long does it take for the red roof to fade?

The roof coloring depends on the material and color coating. Moreover, there are other factors you also need to consider: the weather, humidity, temperature, and even the pollution particles in the atmosphere. But then, others reveal that the roof coating can help protect your red roofs or any other roof, which can last up to 10 to 40 years.

Choose a red roof for your house

Row houses with gray clay tiled roofing and different colored walls

After reviewing the above uses and benefits of red roofs, you might as well try it in your home. It would help you enjoy both its stunning style, and it brings long-lasting protection for your roof. Other than that, the red roof simply gives a versatility quality for different home exteriors.

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