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What Color House Goes With A Brown Roof?

Brown is one of the most versatile colors for home designs, especially for roofing. This means your brown roof will always offer a pleasant exterior even if you pair it with different colors. To provide you with better options, we’ve researched the stunning colors you can match with your brown roof.

A brown roof can match with different colors, ranging from light to dark tones. Here are the colors your brown roof can surely look good with:

  1. Brown
  2. Brown & White
  3. White 
  4. Beige
  5. Gray
  6. Brick tone
  7. Muted Yellow
  8. Orange
  9. Tan
  10. Red
  11. Green

For you to see the best color combination options for your brown roof, check the following examples below. Afterward, you can now identify the color of the house that will be perfect for you. Take a look at all the color schemes below and be thorough so you can make the best decision!

An English house with clay tile roofing, white windows trims and brown window shutters, What Color House Goes With A Brown Roof?

Top 11 House Colors That Pair Perfectly With Brown Roofs

Brown roofs never go out of style. It even brings out the captivating look of the house. Its neutral shade goes with a wide variety of colors. Here are some ideas on how you can enhance your home with a brown roof.

1. Brown

A huge luxurious mansion with brown wooden sidings, brown asphalt shingle roofing and white gutters and windows

The brown roof to brown siding is a striking monochromatic color scheme. With different materials, your brown-themed home can have a stylish exterior!

Adding peach and white accents is ideal for this combination, bringing more details to the design. If you prefer a classic color palette, choose brown for your roof and siding walls.

2. Brown and White

A small bungalow constructed from wood and matched with large windows

Another lovely combination of colors is brown and white. You can get an idea of what it would look like when you use natural wood floors and furniture while showcasing white walls.

Through this dual color combination, your brown roof can still blend in nicely with each other. Besides that, choosing brown and white color schemes gives you a Nordic vibe in contemporary-style homes. 

3. White

A long span mansion with brown trims window frames, white painted walls and hexagonal tile roofing

A white house will surely suit a brown roof. Similar to the previous example, pure white walls will always go with brown accents, including roofing.

So if you like the simple yet captivating design of clean white walls, consider pairing it with a brown roof. This way, you can create a dark and light contrast for your home. 

4. Beige

A huge two story house with wooden sidings, brown asphalt roofing and gorgeous landscaping on the front lawn

Beige tones allow you to balance the dark brown tone of the roof. In addition, it enables you to give a contrasting color for the brown roof. In this case, the whole home exterior flaunts a modern vibe while keeping a vintage look.

The beige walls can also go with brown bricks, providing other accents to the house. If you wish to have a contrasting color for your dark brown roof, beige exterior walls are sure to do the trick.

5. Gray

Two story house with brown shingle sidings, brown asphalt shingle roofing and windows with white trims matching the garage

If you prefer both neutral accents of home, then the brown roof and gray-themed home is your best option. It keeps an aesthetic color combination due to its same tone and shade.

Besides that, you can use different materials for the walls. An example would be including horizontal gray wooden slats for the top and gray stones on the bottom, which would make your home exterior design more elegant. As a result, your brown roof would look fabulous with the rest of the house. 

6. Brown Brick

Huge brick wall mansion with gorgeous landscaping, windows with white trims and black shutters

Your brown roof is perfect with brown bricks. Similar to the picture above, you can use brick-style exteriors on your walls, providing a fancy design for the house, while the brown roof offers a more welcoming style.

Homeowners like you might also consider this color combination as it offers a traditional style while adding uniqueness with a brown brick roof design. You can even accentuate this style with red and brown rocks along the sides of the entrance.

7. Muted Yellow

Yellow siding two story house with blue tinted windows with multi colored asphalt shingle roofing

You can surely uplift the look of a brown roof with a muted yellow house color. Like in the picture above, a muted yellow for your exterior walls offers a striking contrast with the brown roof.

Also, you can flaunt the house’s gorgeous style through the yellow brick accents. Both muted yellow paint and yellowish bricks could go well with a brown roof.

8. Orange

A two story house with brown shingle roofing, clay tile roofing and windows with white trims matching the garage

Orange and brown look stunning together! The above picture is proof of that. Do you see how the orange bricks easily complement the rustic brown roofs?

With this color scheme, the whole exterior creates a vintage, traditional-looking style. It gives even more of a classic look from afar if you use walnut brown doors and windows. So, if you prefer showcasing a vintage vibe, orange would be your top selection.

9. Tan

A two story classic American country home with wooden sidings, red shutters with matching white trims and brown asphalt shingle roofing

Another fabulous pairing with the brown roof is a muted tan shade. This color combination is somehow similar to the beige color. However, tan offers a fresher and lighter shade to go with brown.

Other than that, this color combination is best with different red accents, bringing in a new color for the home exterior. If you love muted peach tones or tan colors, it will surely come nicely with your dark brown roof.

10. Red

A red and gray color combination two story house with trims on the windows and gutter

Your home will outshine other houses if you use this flashy color combination. To do this, pair your brown roof with red walls, making a gorgeous home exterior. This color also highlights horizontal flashing, creating an additional appeal to the house.

Also, both of these colors offer an intense and strong tone that gives your home a stunning look. Just don’t forget to add a few white accents on the windows and gutters, then you’re good to go.

11. Green

Classic American home with green paneled siding, brown asphalt shingle roofing and windows with white trims

Besides the colors mentioned above, your brown roof will always look good with a green-toned house. The classic green and brown combination reflects nature, environment, and surroundings, including trees and plants.

So the incredible green tea shade will indeed blend perfectly with a brown roof. If you want to have a home associated with nature, this color combination should be in your next home styling plan. 

Does exterior paint have to match the roof?

Architects and home designers don’t require that a roof match the walls exactly. However, the whole house color should look harmonious to each other.

Experts suggest using cool colors for the roof and cool colors for the siding walls. In the same way, you must have a warm-colored roof with a warm-colored house exterior.

This trick helps create a more effortless mix and match of colors. Also, this tip will help you have more balanced color schemes in the exterior design of your home. 

What’s more important is you have the freedom of pairing colors you love with the colors of your roof.

Should the roof be darker or lighter than the siding?

Darker roofs go well with lighter siding colors. It brings an excellent contrast to the shades. But you can also try lighter shades for your roof and choose different colors for your walls.

Lastly, you can go with neutral tones for the roofing, such as brown. If you try this, you have a wide variety of color options you can try ranging from dark to light tones.

How do you match a color house to the roof color?

Besides considering whether the colors of the roof and walls are harmonious, you also need to check different factors before selecting the right combination. Here are other things you need to consider:

  • Location. Are you in a place that is primarily cold or hot? Do you have earthy surroundings like forests or gardens? Or are you near the beach with vivid tones? 
  • Neighborhood. Are your neighbors’ homes in cooler tones or warmer tones? Is it possible for you to choose the same palette but not the exact color to blend in nicely with the area? 
  • Other home exterior elements. What colors are you using for your chimney, windows, gutters, and other features of your exterior? Are you using stones, bricks, metal, or wood? How can you make the whole house look synchronized with your color schemes?

Whichever color you choose, make sure that it will bring out stunning and memorable splashes of colors, reflecting your likes and personality.

Final Thoughts

An English house with clay tile roofing, white windows trims and brown window shutters

Now that you have a complete list of ideas for your brown roof, why not make your move by choosing the best color for your house? Explore the color combinations given above to find the one you’re aiming for. Then, prepare your plans to make it happen and start repainting your home to match your brown roof.

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