What Color Living Room Walls With Black Furniture

The color black is often connected to design elements that are looking to express modernity, drama, and a little edginess. It wasn’t very popular before, but with more design themes and color palettes that cater to adding more black hues in living spaces, it has begun to become a mainstay in most homes.

Black furniture looks great whether you’re going for a traditional or a modern look for your living space. This color choice for furniture is also both functional and practical.

It’s great for homes that endure a lot of roughhousing since the black furniture can help hide scuffs and marks. You’ll also find that black furniture is very adaptable—it can go from theme to theme or even a drastic change in the wall color and it will still blend in perfectly well.

If you already have some black furniture and are looking for some wall color ideas for your living room space, then worry no more. Read on because we have compiled a quick list of wall colors to pair with your current furniture collection.

modern living room with sofa and lamp. scandinavian interior design furniture, What Color Living Room Walls With Black Furniture

1. White

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White walls will always be a classic choice for anything that’s black. It will always be the perfect contrasting color and it balances out the harshness that the color black often brings in the space. It is a color choice that is both classic and modern, and it will work perfectly well with whatever theme you have in mind for your space.

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2. Beige/Greige

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These colors are similar to what white does to a room with black furniture—it provides contrast and balance, albeit with a little more hue added to it. A beige wall or greige, as in a mixture of both beige and gray will work beautifully with your black furniture.

It will also add a little bit of extra warmth to your space and this color choice is perfect for those who aren’t really sold with the starkness of the color white.

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3. Gray

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In hindsight, the color gray is simply a lightened version of the color black, making it a perfect choice to pair with this color. Pairing your gray walls with your black furniture gives your living space a gradient feel to your color palette.

It lets your colors play from heavy darks to a softer shade, and it emphasizes elegance in your room. To prevent the monotony of this color scheme, add a few pops of color here and there with a few accent pieces.

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4. Black

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This color combination sounds redundant, and frankly a little scary. But black furniture and black walls look elegant and dramatic if done perfectly, and it gives your space an intimate, soulful vibe. It is visually stunning—so much so that a lot of masculine interior designs and industrial looks prefer to follow this color scheme.

The combination of black against black looks amazing in big rooms because it makes the room feel more intimate and sophisticated.

5. Blue

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Blue and black is a color combination that is both classic and seamless and is popularly used in many designs. It is best known as a color scheme that gives off a nautical vibe and it the combination is always pleasing to the eyes.

This color combination works for many shades of blue—lighter shades can give your room a more calming, oceanic feel to it, while darker blues gives off that intimate, nautical feel to your space.

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6. Red/Brick Red

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This color choice is very energetic and passionate, perfect for the strong masculine feel that the color black provides. Setting your black furniture against a red wall in your living room space can give off that striking, elegant look to your space.

If you’re looking for a bold color to add to an industrial design, pick a brick or rusty red hue to pair with your black furniture. It will showcase a warm feel to your space without being too bright and bold.

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Final Thoughts

Black furniture will always be a classic staple to many design inspirations. It is a color choice that works perfectly in both traditional and modern designs, and the color black is very adaptive to many wall colors you may use in your space.

Depending on your home’s theme and design, black furniture goes beautifully well with lighter, neutral-colored walls if you’d like to see a contrast in your space. Dark shades like black, dark blue, or dark reds can give off a more dramatic, sophisticated feel to your room. Whatever your choice is, black furniture can work beautifully with different wall colors.

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