What Color Rug Goes With A Blue Velvet Couch?

Blue velvet is a darker shade of blue mixed with cyan. It is not as known as the other shades, but it is somewhat close to royal blue, navy blue, and azure. Darker shades of blue signify power and solemnity. If you own a blue velvet couch, it is kind of challenging to think about how to accentuate it.

This is where rugs come and save the day! Often, rugs are given less attention since they are “just on the floor.” Well, no. A rug is a fantastic piece to add depth and warmth to your room. It supports your couch to pop off from the other furniture.

If you’re looking for rug colors that will match your blue velvet couch, we got you covered!

Blue velvet wooden armchairs and couch in living room interior with plants and lamp above table, What Color Rug Goes With A Blue Velvet Couch?

1. Gray

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Gray evokes the pale tones. This color will give an amazing way of showing how beautiful your blue velvet couch is. These colors work well as they display sophistication and a contemporary mood. A gray rug will make your couch and the whole room extra elegant. 

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2. Brown

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Blue velvet and brown are great when combined. If you want to add depth and make your home look luxurious, this may be your choice. Brown is a warm color, and when mixed with blue, it shows an excellent result. You can use different shades of brown for your rug, but for it to complement well, use a lighter shade.

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3. White

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Imagine you are in Greece. The blue sea and sky with the white Cycladic houses. That is how you define the combination of blue velvet in white, literally heaven on earth. There is no denying that white can go along with blue velvet perfectly since it can be balanced with all the colors. 

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4. Dark Blue

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Some homeowners like their homes to look professional and serious. Give your home a deeper appearance by matching your blue velvet couch with a dark blue rug. This can also go with a darker shade for your wall that can serve a very stable ambiance.

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5. Light Blue and White

If dark blue does not match your taste, light blue might! You can use both colors if you want to make the tone of your home a bit calmer and softer. Others want their home to look strong yet still give a sense of tranquility. Relax your eyes with these colors.

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6. Pink

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A bold plus sweet color? Usually, people won’t go with this combination. However, blue velvet and pink can work well together because opposites attract! The secret of making them look good together is by adding vibrant color. In this case, you can try painting your walls yellow, and everything will complement each other.

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7. Orange

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Again, most colors can complement each other as long as you choose the right shade for it. Yes, a bright color like orange can be paired with your blue velvet couch! We suggest using the shade “burnt orange” to perfectly the couch’s dark color. Make sure your walls are neutral-colored for them to be balanced.

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8. Black and White

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Just when you thought we were done with the neutral ones. The reason why there are lots of neutral choices is that these colors are versatile! Black and white go well with all the colors, so why not combine them? Purity and elegance are what you will see here.

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9. Red

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Do not be afraid of red. This color is a bold one that gives a dramatic impact on your living room. Pairing a red rug with your blue velvet couch will make it pop off! The vibrancy of this color makes your couch look classic. If you have a plain-colored couch, choose a red rug with patterns.

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Final Say

After a long and tiring day, it’s nice to relax on your couch. That is why you need to choose the best color! Blue velvet goes well with different colors, whether light, neutral, or dark. Accentuate it with a beautiful rug!

Never fear being stylish when it comes to your home. Combine colors as much as you want but make sure to match each tone so that you will get the outcome you expect!

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