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What Color Rug Goes With Wood Floors?

Wood floors are a popular choice among homeowners. It doesn’t only look great in improving the look of your house, but it’s reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective. If you’re not sure what color rug to use on your wood floors, you’re in the right place. We’ve consulted the experts, and here’s what they have to say.

The rule is quite simple: If you have dark wood floors, you should opt for rugs with lighter color tones like beige, white, and lighter shades of blue, green, or gray. If you have lighter-colored floors, you can go for darker color shades like black, red, dark blue, and green.

Continue reading to learn how each color suggestion will enhance your wood floor’s appearance. Without further ado, here are color rug ideas to match your wood floors.

A brown suede sofa with patterned throw pillows with a round coffee table and a gray rug in front, What Color Rug Goes With Wood Floors?

Color Rugs For Dark Wood Floors

Wood floors can come in a variety of forms. Because of this, there is a need for you to incorporate them with the right rug colors to make your wood floors all styled and polished!

White/Cream White

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White is a universal color that impressively matches everything from walls, furniture, and even wooden floors.

White rug on floors make an area look crisp, clean, and absolutely spacious so this is very comforting ot the eyes. However, a white rug can be so hard to clean and especially if your floors go through a lot of foot traffic activities.

But with proper cleaning and maintenance, there is no doubt that you can pull this look off! You can go for furry white rugs, patterned rugs, or texture white rugs for a chic and rustic look.

Textured white rugs add a touch of artistry and culture into an area it is placed like this handwoven rug made from natural fibers for a farmhouse theme.

See this woven creamy white rug on Amazon.


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Beige is another color that complements dark wooden floors as it harmonizes with the wood’s grain and texture.

Not only that, beige has tones that can also be associated with wood which is why they blend well without contrasting each other.

To upgrade your look from plain beige carpets, you can opt for printed beige carpets like this huge floral medallion printed carpet in the photo inspiration above.

Light Gray

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A light gray rug is a great color to complement dark wooden floors. It vibrates grain and texture to it. Aside from that, it does not clash with the dark wood’s contrast, and the rug can still be seen or appreciated.

You can also upgrade this look by choosing light gray rugs with texture, prints, and patterns like this weaved Morrocan area rug made of polypropylene in silvery gray color.

See this silver gray Morrocan rug on Amazon.


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Green is a great color to match wooden dark floors because it makes them look earthy as this photo above inspires. This rug color is also suitable to living rooms especially if you’re someone who loves to keep indoor plants around. 

Green adds some natural vibes to wooden floors maybe because both colors reminds us of a tree’s characteristics. 

Whether its natural green or lighter shades of green, they impressively look great on dark wooden floors.  


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Blue is another great color to pair with dark wooden floors. It enhances the color of the wooden floors without being too overpowering. 

Blue is a calming color that relates to tranquility, royalty, and class. Putting this on wooden floors can feel very welcoming and cozy. 


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Show off your fun and flamboyant side with orange-colored rugs on dark wooden floors. It serves as an accent color that helps you appreciate the color of the wooden floor and rug.

The orange textured carpet pops out of the living room, but you can still notice the grain of the dark wooden floors. Now that’s visual balance!


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Lavender harmonizes well with dark wooden floors. It is a pastel color that can make an area look calm, collected, and femininely touched. 

You can go for a furry lavender carpet or a textured traditional lavender carpet like the one in the photo inspiration above. 


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Pink is another great color to make any room look daring! The color just pops out to any dark wooden floor without causing too much trouble on its contrast. 

In this photo above, the stylist made use of pink and orange tones to blend with the dark wooden floors, giving off some young funky vibes! 


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Multi-colored rugs really bring radiant energy into any area. They blend well with dark wooden floors without looking exagerrated and overtop simply because the dark wood tones down the colors. 

You can use woven multi-colors for texture or printed ones like this abstract design rug with polypropylene materials. 

See this multi-colored rug on Amazon.

Faux Cowhide

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Faux cowhide are a great rug for every dark wooden floor since both have earthy tones that harmonize with each other perfectly well. 

It gives off a rustic farm-house theme that looks aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. 

Color Rugs For Light Wood Floors


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Black is a great color to associate with light-wooden floors as it adds contrast to them. The black rug harmonizes with the wooden floors and other dark furnitures present in the area, adding enough visual balance. 


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Red is a popping color that can be matched with light-wooden floors. It makes a statement without setting aside the wooden floors. 

Navy Blue

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If you want a touch of sophistication, you can incorporate navy blue colors on your light-wooden floors to optimize their grain and texture.

Navy blue may be a dominant color, but the neutral colors in light wooden floors tone them down. You can make use of furry rugs, textured or patterned navy blue rugs with other colors that match them like cream, white, or yellow.

This navy blue and white Morrocan print rug can pull off a really classic and pretty look in your living room or dining area.

Click here to see this Moroccan printed rug on Amazon.


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A bright and cool color, turquoise is also very fitting to light-wooden floors, giving them a unique way of popping out. At the same time, it provides enough serenity in the area.

It gives off a fun, quirky vibe, at the same time as it’s soothing to the eyes. 

Bright Yellow

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Bright yellow-colored rugs bring a stunning and vibrant effect to light-wooden floors. Both of them nuetrally harmonize with each other well without letting one be too dominant. 

You can select bright yellow-patterned textured rugs to add some playful spice around the area. 

Vintage Floral

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Vintage floral is a great pattern to blend with light-wooden floors because of its bursting and lively colors that highlight the grain of wooden floors.

Just as this photo above depicts, the peach, yellow and orange colors stand out while still giving emphasis to the floor’s texture. 


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Brown is a color that complements with light-wooden floors as both make really neat earthy tones. You can go all out and opt for a large, brown furry carpet or you can go for lengthy and midsized patterns.

It’s a good idea to place rugs near door entrance like in the living room or the bathroom.

You can also get creative and mix earthy tones as brown, black and beige like this geometric-patterened rug. This keeps your floor stylish and cozy, plus it blends with wooden floors perfectly. 

See this product on Amazon.

Multi-Colored Boho Pattern

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You don’t have to be a boho-chic or a certified hippie to nail a multi-colored boho pattern rug! This wild, vibrant, and trippy colors are also ideal for any light-wooden floors since they speak a lot of fun and quirkiness to transform any room in your house!

Just like this cool multi-colored rug above, it absolutely speaks of culture and youthfullness. Plus, it exceeds the typical patterns and plain boring prints. Dare to be different! 


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Lighter colors of gray are for dark-wooden floors. However, darker shades combine well with light-wooden floors. 

This is because both colors complement and neutralize each other without being too dull. This is great if you have minimalist style. 

Very Peri

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A great color to top your wooden floor is the color of this year 2022, as Pantone captures. 

Not only is it considered as lucky, but it greatly speaks of style and luxury as this photo inspiration above portrays. 

You can incorporate Very Peri with other colors in your area, be it a white couch, or black drawers and coffee tables. 

In Closing

A brown suede sofa with patterned throw pillows with a round coffee table and a gray rug in front

Now that you have read rug ideas to fill your wooden floors, you can also follow our guidelines on which color rug fits best.

The decision is all yours. Just make sure that the color matches well with your room’s space, furniture, and style.

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