What Color Rug Goes With Charcoal Couch?

For many modern homes, choosing a dark-colored couch is the best option for their color palettes. Among the dark-colored furnishings, charcoal is one of the more favored shades because of its overall neutrality and contrast with other colors. If you have a charcoal-colored couch in your home, you might be wondering what kind of color rug you can use that will look great in your living space.

One of the best things about having a charcoal-colored couch is its ability to match many different kinds of rugs. Plain rugs, printed rugs, or even patterned rugs work well in many different colors. You can pick rugs in neutral shades or rugs with bold colors that are either contrasting or complementary. Nearly all of these rugs should work well with your couch.

Charcoal-colored couches are great bases for rugs of different colors and styles. If you are looking for rug inspiration for your charcoal couch, we have compiled some of the best combinations for you to choose from.

A charcoal colored sectional sofa with orange throw pillows and a multi colored rug on the wooden flooring, What Color Rug Goes With Charcoal Couch?

1. Black And White

A black and white geometrical patterned area rug works well as a complement for a gray charcoal-colored couch. The blacks and whites draw out similar shades from the charcoal couch, helping the colors blend well together.

A gray modular sofa with gray throw pillows and a minimalist coffee table inside a wooden floored living area

If you’d like to go for this look, choose rugs that have geometric patterns with more blacks than whites to give your rug some contrast.

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2. Beige

A black sleeper sofa with brown throw pillows and throw matching the brick brown wall

For those who are looking for a more contemporary look in their living spaces, consider adding a neutral-colored shag rug like beige to partner with your charcoal-colored couch. The beige color provides an excellent canvas to complement the darker charcoal shade.

To get the same look for your room, pick a beige-colored shag rug that is very plush and has long piles to provide a soft texture to your floors.

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3. Cream

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Another popular interior design look that is getting attention is the use of industrial-designed elements for the living room space. The charcoal couch helps the room give off that industrial vibes that many homeowners are going for these days.

If you’d like to have a similar look, choose area rugs that are big and provide lots of texture, making it look like it has gone through the industrial wear and tear.

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4. Black

A gray sectional sofa with gray throw pillows, gray ottomans and a gray coffee table to match the gray rug

A classic partner to charcoal is one of its closest shades—black. In this example, a dark gray rug with a black border provides balance to the space by giving it a monochromatic look. The black border gives the living room an edgy look and this combination works well for rooms and spaces that have a minimalistic modern design.

Choose an area rug that has a different shade from your couch to prevent it from blending in too much.

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5. Gray

A black charcoal colored sofa with orange throw pilows inside a small city apartment

Another monochromatic look is using the color gray for your area rug. One interior design style that is becoming popular is Scandinavian design, focused on clean lines, minimalism, and functionality. In this case, a simple, classic gray rug provides contrast with the charcoal-colored couch without adding too much fuss and drama to the room.

In order to get this look, pick a shag rug with a shorter pile just to give your floor a little texture.

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6. Brown

A black sectional sofa with a brown throw pillow and a fireplace on the side

One neutral color that many won’t think of using with charcoal couches is the color brown, particularly in darker shades. However, this color combination works beautifully together because it complements both the cool undertones of charcoal and the warmer undertones of brown.

If you’d like to go for a look like this, try looking for plush or shag rugs to provide texture and a soft feel to your room. It should cut down the harsh lines that you can get from many industrial-inspired designs.

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7. White

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It goes without saying that one of the best colors to pair with charcoal is the classic white. It is the most neutral of all colors, and it provides the best contrast to this color couch. There are many choices for white rugs in living rooms, but a great way to add design to your room is by using a patterned area rug for your space.

In this inspiration room, a white geometric rug provides design and texture to the space, helping it give the room a Bohemian-chic vibe. Get this look by getting a patterned rug that has more white space and dark sharp lines.

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8. Blue

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It’s not just neutral colors that match well with charcoal couches, sometimes even colorfurl area rugs can make a statement. In this inspiration room, a blue abstract rug sets a contemporary tone for an artistic looking space.

This area rug looks like an abstract painting, and for rooms that are minimalistic in nature, it provides texture and contrast to the space. Get this look by checking out area rugs that are abstract or industrial in design.

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9. Natural Brown and Animal Print

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In this room inspiration photo, the homeowner has decided to use two textured rugs to provide an elegant and refined look for their space. The hemp brown rug provides texture and the cowhide rug gives the floor some contrast.

If you’d like to go for this style, pick area rugs that you can layer to create a textured look for your living.

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Make use of natural fibers as your base because of their neutral tones and pick combinations in black and white. Or maybe something more along the brown and tan shades for the animal print rugs.

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10. Reds and Oranges

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For a pop of drama and color, a dark red rug will go well with your charcoal couch. It’s a classic combination that has been used for many color schemes and designs. To get this look, you can take colors from your walls and have it incorporated in your area rug.

You can also pick some colors from the accent pieces you have in your room. This will ensure that your room’s colors are all tied together without clashing.

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11. Burgundy

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Similarly to the reds and terracotta oranges of the Persian rugs, a burgundy-colored rug matches well with charcoal couches. The warmth of the burgundy couch offsets and balances the cool undertones of the charcoal gray.

In order to get this look, choose a deep burgundy color that sits almost on the same spectrum as your couch’s charcoal shade to complement with your room’s palette.

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12. Multi-colored Patterns

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For a more youthful, Bohemian-chic look for your living room space, make use of multi-colored patterned rugs to brighten up your floors. In this inspirational photo, an Aztec-designed rug in bright colors creates contrast with an otherwise flat gray color.

It’s the perfect way to bring in a fresh feel to your space, without going overboard with other furnishings.

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Final Thoughts

A charcoal colored sectional sofa with orange throw pillows and a multi colored rug on the wooden flooring

Charcoal couches are one of the most flexible colors a homeowner can work with. Due to their neutrality, charcoal couches can suit any color scheme and design style. Whichever you choose, there are many rugs that look good against charcoal gray, although the more popular ones do tend to linger on the neutral shades.

If you’d like to be more bold and daring, do not be afraid to use a color that contrasts or complements well with the charcoal color couch. It will sure bring a pop of color to your room. Also make sure to add texture in your area rugs to prevent the space from looking too flat.

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