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What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick And Black Roof?

Black roofs work do not only work great for retaining heat, but they also make your house look timeless, clean, and even mystic. Paired with red brick, it balances out the detached appeal of the home and makes it look more welcoming. You must be wondering what exterior siding fits this combination best-whether you should stay consistent with its polished look or lean into a more cozy appeal-and we are here to help!

For houses with black roofs and red bricks, it is best to have sidings with either vibrant colors or lighter neutrals. This is so you can balance out or complement the rich colors surrounding your house. Some colors include:

  • Soft Gray
  • Ivory
  • Cream
  • Sage Green
  • Light yellow
  • Powder Blue
  • Red-toned bricks
  • Multiple shades of brown

Black is a neutral color that can be paired with anything. The challenge is to make your house look more attractive without being drowned out and have the red bricks blend seamlessly with the exterior. We have researched the variety of colors that go well with a black roof, so stay with us!

Photo of an iconic American home from across the street - What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick And Black Roof

Why Designers Go for a Black Roof

The roof makes up 40% of your house’s appeal. A solid color makes for a versatile base that can be paired with any color, so going for a black roof is a tried-and-true design choice for many people. Houses located in rainy areas are also usually painted black–or any other dark color–since most black roofings have waterproof qualities due to their asphalt or bitumen material.

Color Sidings that Go With a Red Brick and Black Roof

Soft Gray

Detail of Asphalt shingles on a newly built home.

Gray siding will balance out the deep colors on your exterior, providing continuity for the black roof along with its sleek appearance. Gray is also ideal if you want a splash of modernity with the rustic red bricks.

The contrast will make the house more visually alluring, which a plain gray exterior will not give.


 Luxury New England Colonial House with White Clapboard, Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Ivory, a softer shade of white, will also tie up the rich hues on your exterior. But, instead of a uniform look, white sidings will give a sense of dimension and structure. The red bricks-whether at the front exterior or the chimney-will nicely complement your sidings.


Photo of an iconic American home from across the street.

Cream leans into the warm undertone of your red bricks while equally balancing out the deep tone of your black roof. Make your exterior look more attractive by putting bricks at the front windows of your house with cream as the warm-neutral background to create depth and dimension.

Sage Green

Pretty new two storey home with 4X4 truck parked in driveway.

For a visually refreshing look, opt for sage green sidings. This cool color will create a lovely contrast from the warm red bricks and the dark roof while simultaneously balancing out the colors. It is also ideal if you have lush greenery surrounding your property, as this will make the perfect backdrop.

Light Yellow

In the country, an updated version of a country farm house is photographed.

If you go for yellow, make sure the shade complements the more dominant colors of your exterior. In this case, your safest bet is light yellow since it will seamlessly complement the warm undertones of your brick. Black, in this case, will serve as the base neutral color that will carry the rich hues of your sidings.

Powder Blue

 Low income single story blue home with siding and black shutters.

Powder blue has a cool tone that complements a dark roof. The play of these cool colors will create a stark contrast for red bricks. It is ideal to put your red bricks on the chimney or one side of the house in this color scheme.

Red-toned Bricks

Street with row of large older brick detached houses with gables

Lean into a more rustic look and go for equally red-toned bricks. It does not necessarily have to match perfectly since it will be more visually stimulating to have multiple shades of red to go with a plain black roof.

Multiple Shades of Brown

A lovely stone and brick home is photographed.

For a more gothic look, go for brown sidings. The red bricks will create a sense of dimension and provide a pop of color, and your house will give off a toned-down yet classic appeal. Leaning into earth-toned colors is ideal if you live near nature or any wooded area since the combination can seamlessly complement the surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Black is a neutral color that provides a solid base if you want to play with colors and make your house more inviting. The red bricks can either be an accent or a compliment depending on the colors you choose, but what is important is you follow the aesthetic you want.

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