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What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick And Brown Roof?

Brown roofs with red brick are a classic choice and are reminiscent of the old days when materials were primarily made of clay or real wood. Your siding’s color options are dependent on the roof’s shade of brown-its shade, undertones, and whether it is made from artificial or natural material.

Neutral brown roofs are more versatile, while it is best to follow the undertones of a deep-brown roof. Consider whether you want to blend or contrast and how it looks paired with red bricks when the sunlight hits it.

Here are the siding colors that go with a roof in various shades of brown and red brick:

  • Earth-toned Colors
  • Warm-toned Brick Colors
  • Neutral Colors
  • Muted Shades
  • Ivory, Eggnog or pure white
  • White Paint with Yellow Stone Accents
  • Dark Green with White Trim
  • Dark Blue with White Trim

Homes that have an inviting atmosphere start with an attractive exterior. We have gathered color inspirations to help you decide which sidings are the best fit for your house. Stay with us!

Luxury home in expensive neighborhood - What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick And Brown Roof

Sidings that Suit Brown Roofs and Red Bricks

Your red bricks add a unique flair to your house. It is important to find siding that complements your bricks to avoid a visually chaotic look. Here are some ideas that can tie up your exterior.

Earth Tone Colors

Stone and Vinyl House With Cedar Accents

Earth-tone colors such as tan, muted yellow, or a contrasting brown shade are great picks for your brown roof and red brick. The colors compliment each other, giving off a warm and welcoming appeal.

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Warm-Toned Brick Colors

Luxury home in expensive neighborhood

You can make your red bricks an accent at the front and surround your home with complementing shades of warm-toned bricks to go with your brown roof. This combination is reminiscent of classic Victorian cottages that make your house look humble yet elegant. You can put stucco in cream or white for a touch of brightness to your exterior.

Neutral Colors

Mixed Materials House With Stone, Brick, Vinyl Siding

Neutral colors such as beige, cream, or soft grey balance out the rich colors of red and brown on the exterior. It makes your house look neat and polished, and the red bricks add a pop of color and a sense of dimension. You can experiment with the tints in your grey siding, but make sure that it will not clash with the undertones of brown on your roof and your red brick.

Ivory or Eggnog

House terrace with garden equipmen

White sidings have been paired with brown roofs for a century. Most architectures that have this color scheme combine classic and modern elements, but with red brick, it has a rustic uniqueness.

Ivory and eggnog look great paired with a richer shade of brown, but if you want pure white siding, your roof should be a natural brown with no undertones.

White sidings give off the impression of minimalism and quiet elegance. Combined with red bricks, there is a sense of warmth that is absent in purely neutral colors.

White paint with Yellow Stone

Yellow Tudor Brick House Surrounded by Trees

Your exterior can have a combination of colors that make for a visually alluring appeal. Yellow stones and white trims are surprisingly adaptable, pairing excellently with brown roofs and red bricks. The color scheme is ideal for a large farmhouse that you want to appear more intimate.

In this case, where the color scheme is bursting with energy, it is best to put your red bricks on the chimney.

Deep Green With White Trim

Houses in suburb with Spring Blossom in the north America

Deep earth-tone colors pair well with any shades of brown and white. You can create contrast and have a natural brown shade on your roof, or you can opt for an equally rich shade to blend with the whole exterior. The white trim will tie up the look and add a sense of structure.

Dark Blue with White Trim

facade of home with manicured lawn, landscaping, and backdrop of trees and dark blue sky. Glowing interior lights create a welcoming mood.

For a deep shade of blue, it is best to go for a similarly deep shade of brown with purple undertones. The white trimmings will add some brightness and balance out the rich colors, creating harmony.

Final Thoughts

Brown can be a challenging color to fit into a palette. Add bricks to the equation, and you have two rich colors competing for attention. The best way to make this work is to create an aesthetic with similarly rich colors or balance everything with soft neutrals.

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