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What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Furniture?

Cherry wood is potentially one of the most prized pieces of hardwood furniture in North America. The material is smooth-grained with reddish-brown hardwood that is made from an American Black Cherry fruit tree.

One thing to look out for this furniture is its aficionado color, which can change as it ages because of oxidation and UV light. Due to this, its surface can have shifting cherry wood colors.

It’s thus important to make sure that you get the right colors that will complement cherry wood. You can opt for warm colors to blend with it. You can also make use of cool colors that will enhance the light golden and reddish-brown color.

Horizontal photo of a new residential kitchen with stone counter tops, cherry cabinets and hardwood floors, What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Furniture?

Here are some of the colors that match cherry wood furniture impressively:


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You can never go wrong with white! As much as this is known as the universal color that matches almost anything, white and cherry wood furniture make a great pair.

White enhances the color of cherry wood and at the same time, it emphasizes its texture as it stands out around the room.

See how the neat kitchen top above makes the room look inviting, relaxing, and spacious. Plus, it helps you appreciate the cherry wood chairs that serve as a striking piece to the area.


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Beige is the most popular color to pair with cherry wood as it adds the perfect touch of contrast and complement to the furniture’s reddish-brown color.

Not only that, beige on cherry wood furniture makes the entire area look cozy and warm. Like in this photo above, beige make cherry wood furniture look rustic and earthy.

Dried grass decors can help you achieve that rustic theme if you incoporate such ornament with cherry wood tables or drawers. Choose beige, khaki, and white tones that gives off countryside vibes.

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Jewel Green

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Jewel green complements darker and mid-tone colors of cherry wood furniture without ruining its texture and being too overpowering.

You can make use of this as an accent color to give a bold statement to your room. You can put this color on pillows in the living room or comforters in the bedroom to blend with cherry wood furniture.

Velvet throw pillows would look great on cherry wood chairs and sofas as they will surely enhance the furniture’s grain and texture.

You can also go daring and create a green wall to incorporate with cherry wood drawers or shelves!

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This is another color that best matches any cherry wood furniture. Just like white and beige, it provides enough tone and contrast for the cherry wood.

Like in this photo below, the bedroom has a cherrywood bed frame with grey walls. The grey color enhances a dark hue on the cherry wood, making the bedroom look entirely relaxing.


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Don’t worry about too much contrast because black blends well with cherry wood furniture too. In this photo above, the black color adds elegance to the kitchen and the cherry wood cabinets.

It does not dominate the whole room as it creates the right amount of visual balance for the eyes. Just remember that when you’re coordinating black with cherry wood furniture, you need other light tones to harmonize the two dark colors as well. 

You can opt for black and white ornaments to harmonize with gray and cherry wood colors. Abstract and minimalist design can add an artistic touch to any rooms with gray and cherry wood undertones. 

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Since blue is naturally a calming color, it can brighten up any room. When you add blue undertones to your cherry wood furniture, it makes quite an impression to make cherry wood stand out.

Blue gives a cooling ambiance to the kitchen. Plus, it is tinged with a gray painted ceiling that gives emphasis to the whole look of the area.

The blue, gray, and cherry wood furniture looks crisp, calm, and collected plus the cherry wood cabinets stand out pretty well without being too dominating.

Soft Red

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Soft red is another popular color that adds elegance to a room. This color surprisingly complements cherry wood furniture. But you need to be careful as there are also red tones present in cherry wood so you need to balance their tones correctly.

Too much cherry color can make a room small. Opt for a variety of red colors so that soft red won’t complicate their hue.

Using this color can be very challenging, but when you actually get the right amount of balance of their colors, you’ll get a really stand-out, bodacious room like the bathroom in the photo above.


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Yellow is another great coordinate for cherry wood furniture, especially as the color helps pull the warm tones out of the cherry wood.

It makes the room look warm, friendly, and cozy, making a kitchen area look inviting with a lovely bright dining ambiance.


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Sepia is another analogous color that blends with the mid and dark-tone cherry wood furniture. It neutralizes the hardwood’s hue as it sets out an earthy palette that neutralizes their color schemes.

What’s more, you can make use of this color both in bedrooms and living rooms.

If you are going to make use of sepia in your walls, you need to opt for a lighter hue so they won’t overpower the color of cherrywood. The sepia colors harmonize the rest of the room with earthy tones.


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Claret is a great accent color as it blends with the dark and mid-tone colors of cherry wood. It sets an area to look tranquil, radiant, and stylish, making cherry wood look so polished and modern.

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You can also incorporate claret color on candle holders, throw pillows, and carpet.

Yes To Light And Earthy Colors

A beautiful kitchen.

One key element when choosing colors for cherry wood furniture is to always select light and earthy colors to blend with each furniture piece.

Light colors like white, beige, grey, and light green match almost all types of cherry wood furniture. They set out a fine contrast to its grain, making the cherry wood stand out of an area.

Earthy colors with lighter tones also make a great backdrop for cherry wood furniture to exhibit its finesse. You can also add dark complementary colors in ornaments to harmonize the play of light, dark, and cherry wood undertones to bring enough visual balance.

Cherry Wood Furniture Maintenance

Closeup of natural cherry hardwood with grain detail.

Now that you know what colors coordinate well with cherry wood furniture, let’s dig into some important things you need to know about cherry wood.

Amazingly, this tree can grow up to 100 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter. Cherry wood isn’t only ravishing, but its quality is guaranteed long-lasting. However, this can be vulnerable to water and stains.

To prevent damaging the integrity of your cherry wood furniture, you need to regularly wipe its surfaces with a lint-free cloth to remove dust. You may also use a concentrated formula that will help polish and maintain the structure of your cherry wood furniture.

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Final Thoughts

luxury classic - style interior of living room

Light colors are best matched to any cherry wood furniture if you want to emphasize the appeal of the furniture. If you want to go bold and daring, dark colors are awesome too but you have to ensure that their colors do not dominate your cherry wood.

Now that you have color ideas to pair with your cherry wood furniture, go have fun personalizing your space.

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