What Colors Go With Gray Walls?

Are you the type of person who likes to keep their home neutral but elegant? Gray might be the right color for you! Although there are a lot of neutral colors such as white, black, and brown, gray gives a sophisticated appearance to your home. Now, what’s next after painting your walls gray? It is time to pick your accents!

Accentuating your living room or bedroom might be a bit hard especially if you are not fond of playing with colors. Here are 11 colors that you might like for your gray walls:

  1. White
  2. Purple
  3. Green
  4. Red
  5. Orange
  6. Navy Blue
  7. Pink
  8. Dark Wood
  9. Yellow
  10. Light Gray
  11. Black

Gray is a color that you can easily pair with because of its versatility. When combined with other colors, it sets a different mood depending on what you choose. If you want to find out the differences between each color, keep on reading!

Interior scene with pastel colored sofa with colorful pillows - What Colors Go With Gray Walls?

Choose Your Accent

Given that your walls are gray, now is the time to select the best color for the accents. Take a look at these colors to spark some ideas.

1. White

Modern interior of apartment, dining room with table and chairs, living room with sofa, hall panorama

Gray is best paired with other neutral colors. White accents can add a clean vibe to your home. Try adding white curtains, frames, or a couch, to blend with your gray walls.

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2. Purple

Interior scene with pastel colored sofa with colorful pillows, blank wa

Purple is a tone that is in between red and blue. If you are a romantic person, try the lighter shade of purple for your gray walls. Darker shades of purple express boldness and can complement light gray.

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3. Green

Knitted blanket on wooden sofa, comfy pouf and basket with soft pillows in cozy living room interior with natural green accents

Give your home a comforting look by adding green accents to your gray walls, such as lime green or mint green. This is a refreshing color that creates a nature-friendly environment. Make sure to choose a shade that is not too overwhelming.

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4. Red

modern fictitious living room with sofa

Achieve a daring and elegant living room with red and gray. People might be scared of using red since most of them think that red is a bright color. While this is true, red also has various shades that you can choose from like the darker shades such as wine red, blood red, and sangria.

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5. Orange

Posters on grey wall in vintage living room interior with wooden armchair next to orange table with plant

Make your home cheerful and inviting with the color orange! Some may ignore this color as it is too vibrant but if you want to give your living room a trendy and full-of-energy vibe, this color right here is the one for you. Orange curtains or an orange lamp will do the trick.

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6. Navy Blue

An elegant navy blue sofa in the middle of a bright living room interior with gold metal side tables and three paintings on a gray wall

Why not try a darker shade of blue for your gray walls? Blue represents enthusiasm and imagination. If you want a dreamy design for the interior of your home, consider using this color. A blue couch or carpet can be an accent.

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7. Pink

Real photo of a grey crib standing next to a pink stool, a lamp and cupboard in grey baby room interior also with armchair, rug and posters

Pull off a stylish chic mood for your room with pink! This charming color can work well with your gray walls since it is a muted tone of red. It’s not too loud and can cutely stand out in a gray-colored room. Yay for pink curtains!

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8. Dark Wood

Scandinavian style living and dining room.

Here is an earthy color for you. Dark wood is a great accent for your gray walls since it is also a neutral color. It is a darker shade of brown so it can complement your walls. Aside from this, you can also add lighter shades of brown just to create more texture in your living room.

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9. Yellow

Orange pillows and blanket on grey couch in living room interior with wooden table

Have fun with yellow in your living room! Yellow is a great color to combine with gray since it is a friendly and happy color. It adds warmth to your home and sends positive energy throughout the room like a ray of sunshine! Accents can be a yellow pillow cover, blanket, or yellow flowers.

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10. Gray

Poster above white cabinet with plant next to grey sofa in simple living room interior.

Ever thought of blending gray with gray? Balance the color of your living room with the same shade! However, if you wish to try darker tones of gray, that can work too! Try using a gray couch and some pillow covers to give a stable and consistent look.

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11. Black

Painting above desk with computer desktop and lamp in grey and gold workspace interior

Do you want to give a private and mysterious look to your room? Go for the darkest color! Black is an elegant color that can also be seen as a serious color. If you want to establish a formal and modern look for your room, black suits you.

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Why Are Accent Colors Important?

It is boring to have a monochromatic look for the interior of your house. There’s always something that can help make it look more alive and inviting. This is where accent colors come in!

Adding accent colors give your room a more dramatic look. Emphasize an area that you want to show off to your guests. It can be your carpet, vase, or drapes.

When adding an accent, it should not overpower the main color of your house. Ratio the colors that you want to complement. Aside from the main accent color, you can also include hints of a secondary accent color.

What Color Makes A Room Look Bigger?

Paint your wall bright or light colors to make your room appear larger and more spacious! The reason why these kinds of colors help is that they give your room a brighter effect. If you have light walls, the area looks open and allows natural light to reflect.

Light colors include gray, white, beige, and other light shades of brown. For bright colors, you can try using blue or green but not their dark shades. Make your home feel open and inviting with these hues!

How Many Colors Should Be In A House?

Typically, a house should have two colors for the interior to give a better visual. However, you can add another color for your extra accent. Do not use more than five colors so that it would not be incoherent. Balancing your color scheme is necessary to avoid an off-putting result.

If you are interested, here are some three-color combinations for your house.

  • Gray + White + Black
  • Sage Green + Pale Yellow + White
  • Dark Brown + Beige + Tan
  • Tan + White + Peach
  • Light Gray + Electric Blue + Black

If you want two-color combinations, read this article: 11 Two-Color Combinations For Living Room Walls

Should Sofa Match Walls?

Given that a sofa will take up a lot of space in your living room, you should take time and effort in deciding on the details, such as the pillowcases and sofa blankets that come along with it.

Matching the color of your sofa to your walls is a nice choice. However, you should not limit your color selection to one color. A sofa is a great way to add an extra accent to your room. Therefore, you can choose a different color for it that can complement your walls.

To learn more about this, check out this helpful post: How To Choose The Right Couch Color For Your Living Room

Which Paint Is Best For Interior Walls?

There are a lot of types of paint that you can use for your walls but we’ll give you the three best paint options!

1. Satin

This is an excellent choice of paint for your living room and kitchen. It is a durable type of paint and adds depth to the room once it is applied.

2. Eggshell

If you do not want satin paint, you can use an eggshell as it is more toned down. It’s a good choice for living rooms, kitchen, and hallways. Even though it is not as glossy as satin, it can still give a good result.

3. Flat

If you want a matte look, flat paint can satisfy your expectation. The best thing about this paint is it can cover the flaws of your walls.

Final Thoughts

Gray might be one of the easiest colors to complement because of its neutrality. Boost your wall with your desired accent color! Show your creativity by accentuating your room.

It is always enjoyable to play with colors. Combine your favorite color with other tones to create the perfect visual for your room!