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What Curtains Go With Gray Walls?

Gray neutralizes the home. It doesn’t entirely make the room dark as it provides enough light to an area in the room. It can also serve as an accent to make other dark colors pop.

If you have gray walls, surely you’ll want to use curtains that complement them. In search of ideas for this particular house decorating project? We have here some curtain color ideas for you!

A baby room interior with a yellow blanket standing between a low cupboard with a bear and a lamp, What Curtains Go With Gray Walls?

Classic White

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Classic white is perhaps the best option for gray walls. Classic white makes the grey color have a contrasting effect. Plus, the white and gray combination makes a room absolutely crisp, light, and spacious.

You can go for white sheer curtains and white floor curtain length panels if you have large windows in your living room or dining area. The white sheer curtains make the gray-colored walls stand out.

You can also opt for white pull-down shades and or even white shutters to go with gray walls. 

Living room interior with sofa and picture frame


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Beige linen shades for small windows and full-length beige curtain panels for large windows would be a great option as exemplified above.

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A navy blue-colored curtain is one of the finest colors you can ever pair with grey walls. Its dark contrasting shade dominates the gray, but it doesn’t entirely make the room dark because the latter still neutralizes its hue.

You can also incorporate navy blue and gray colors with white, cream, and brown furniture and other ornamental decorations for visual balance.

See how this nursery bedroom brings into play navy blue and cream undertones to complement its gray walls. 

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You might as well be more playful with your gray walls by incorporating them with yellow curtains! For large windows, choose sheer curtains, full-length curtains, and even curtains with yellow prints on them.

The yellow color stunningly adds a touch of warmth and coziness, bringing in a friendly vibe for everyone who wants to hang around the area. 

You can also upgrade this look with yellow polkadot curtains. Pretty yellow pastel colors will absolutely look soft, luxurious and natural on any gray-colored walls. 

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Old Rose

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Old rose may seem like a common color for nursery and bedrooms, but this is another great color to pair with gray walls if you have them in your living room or kitchen.

Not only does it make the area look feminine, but it harmonizes with gray since both colors are neutral, and the old rose optimizes the tone of gray.

Charcoal Gray

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Light gray walls would look great when paired with other gray color variations like charcoal gray. This color makes a room look masculine and minimalist, thus adding a great appeal without making the entire area dark.

You can try using charcoal gray curtains, or go bold with full-length ones. Just be sure that both gray colors do not contrast each other. When you have light gray walls, opt for darker shades of gray. For dark gray walls, go for light and earthy gray colors. 

You can also upgrade from plain gray-colored curtains to patterned ones. Charcoal striped sheer curtains from can balance harmony and style on both dark and light gray walls. 

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Oatmeal curtains add a shabby chic and rustic touch to gray-colored walls. Since this is also a neutral color, it blends perfectly well with gray. This gives your space a lot of room for airflow, light, and space. 

You can place full-length curtain panels, linen shades, sheer curtains, and blinders in the color oatmeal for large windows in the bedroom, living room, and dining area. 

For small windows near the sink or bathroom, you can use curtain valance, cafe curtains, or small sheer types in oatmeal colors. 


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If you’re the type who’s into dark aesthetics, then black curtains could also be the color for your gray walls. Note that black is best matched with light gray colors because adding them to darker shades minimizes light.

As you see in the photo above, the gray walls with black curtains make a very elegant combo. Plus, it makes use of other shades of gray and brown in the furniture forĀ visual balance.


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Green blends well with the gray walls because the color pops out of the room without being too overpowering on the color gray.

What’s great about green and gray combination is that although they are two different colors, they still work well together by providing that element of contrast. You can even finish your dining area with matching natural green and gray plus geometric wall panels to complete the look!

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Lilac is another great pastel color to pair with gray. It makes gray walls look fresh and feminine. Both colors neutralize each other without being too boring.

You can get sheer, linen, or full-length curtains in lilac for large windows in the living room and dining area. If you have small windows, try out valance curtains in different styles to add a soft, playful touch. 


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Floral curtains look pretty on gray walls. The color gray enhances their texture so the floral patterns will have an edge to be seen and appreciated.

When selecting floral patterns, it’s best to go for full-length ones so that the design will not be subdued by the gray color. 

You can also incorporate radiant floral patterns with your gray walls if you want to play with other colors.

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Blue And White Pattern

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Go modern and stylish with this curtain idea! Since blue matches white nicely, why not combine these two colors in one curtain for your gray walls? It would look absolutely attractive on any part of your home.

You can also take advantage of navy blue and patterned curtains panels to highlight classiness.

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Buffalo Check

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This print is another great way to set out a rustic farmhouse theme. It blends well with gray walls, being thematically on point with its check patterns, especially if you will install buffalo check curtain panels for large windows. 

Using cafe curtains for small windows, however, will allow maximum light and airflow in a specific room area. 

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Another vibrant color to match with gray walls is turquoise. It can harmonize the entire area and radiate a laid-back or tranquil vibe.

This color is great for bedrooms and even the living room to create that much needed peaceful atmosphere.

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In Closing

With all these brilliant curtain ideas for your gray walls, the choice is yours to make. You’ll come up with that great-looking curtain and wall combination as long as you’re sure of what you want to achieve in your house improvement project.

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