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What Curtains Go With White Walls?

Struggling to find the curtain that goes well with your white wall? You’re in for a treat! We’ve featured some great and interesting ideas that can’t be any more perfect for shades of white! We’ve categorized them based on styles and colors.

Simple bulb lamp on a rope hanging above bed with white bedclothes, books and gold fern leaf on an end table in white bedroom interior, What Curtains Go With White Walls?

Best Curtain Styles for White Walls

Pleat Rustic Curtain

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Thanks to its classic style, this curtain remains a staple despite the emerging trends. It perfectly fits white and just about any wall color. The pleats are all sewn tightly to create a frill on the header. You can go for:

  • Pinch pleat is composed of one to three pleats squeezed together in the center, creating a folding wooden fan pattern on top and the bottom of the pinch.
  • Goblet pleat resembles a wine glass. It can be hung either from a track or curtain rod. This looks quite formal but it is recognized to be among the luxurious curtain styles.
  • Pencil pleats are single folds pinched tightly forming a pencil on the heading.
  • Cartridge pleat is a series of single folds that are quite spaced out resembling loose curls.

Luxurious Grommet Curtain

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This consists of metal rings that create ripple folds. Since the rod is left exposed, it’s often paired with a stylish wooden or metal pole to give it sophisticated finials. A grommet curtain comes in a variety of colors and lengths that can add a profound mood and fancy look to your white wall!

Light And Airy Sheer Drapes

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Make your white wall more welcoming and reflective with breathable sheer drapes. Made of polyester fabric, they let natural light in, giving your home a soft glow and a warmer ambiance! Give it a try! Sheer curtains filter light through, so the color you choose will reflect inside your house.

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Classic Style Rod-Pocket Curtain

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As the name suggests, it features a rod casing on the top edge that glides through the rail smoothly. In contrast to the grommet curtain, it conceals the rod, so no need for extra decors for the finials. This gives your white wall a casual straight-lined style, but you can draw the fabric together to achieve a dramatic effect.

Effortless Top-Tab Curtain

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This has a series of tabs that are at least eight inches apart from each other. The curtain hung flat and loosely from the tabs, perfect for showcasing the prints and designs. Vintage top-tab curtain is popular in minimalist homes with white backgrounds. Also, in farmhouse and cottage settings.

Best Curtain Colors For White Walls

Shades Of Blue

Bright bedroom interior for a boy with an iron bed, wooden cupboard, rug, light decorations, black clock and navy blue curtains

Blue and white are on the different sides of the color wheel. But put them together and you create a strong contrast. Light blue evokes tranquility, while dark blue echoes confidence. Either way projects strong and optimistic vibes at your home!

Timeless Black And White

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In for an instantly classy look for your home? Go for a black and white combo! This all-time trend gives your home a sophisticated look! Just like the image above. They are the exact opposite, but they unquestionably complement each other. In fact, they look more striking together than they do alone.

Cottage Charm Red Curtain

valentines day concept decoration red sofa and red lamp behind red curtain living room decoration

The red and white combination is rich and bold, projecting a dramatic effect. So if you want to break up the dominant light colors or patterns in your home, this scheme is for you! Blue accents go well with red, so don’t be scared to incorporate home decor with a touch of blue.

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Blissful Lavender 

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Purple lies in the intersection of light and bold colors, depending on the shade you choose, it can bring forth calming and passionate vibe on your white wall. Want a more feminine personality? Try accenting it with pink decorative items. Whether it’s strong or subtle colors, you are after, you can never go wrong with this color scheme!

Untamed Two-Tone 

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Make a powerful pop at every corner of your home with two-tone curtains! They add visuals and character to a white wall. You can go for complementing or contrasting colors. Stripe and pattern curtains make a great choice, too! 

Mellow Yellow

Pillows with geometric pattern lying on a white sofa in cozy living room with yellow curtains

Yellow resembles the morning light, making your white scheme more welcoming and comforting. If you prefer a color that makes a bold statement without being overwhelming, this theme is just what you’re looking for! Try it out!

There you have it! The best curtain styles and colors that are perfect for white walls!

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