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What Floor Goes With Knotty Pine Walls?

Are you having a difficult time choosing the best flooring to match your knotty pine walls? Well, do not worry because you will find everything you are looking for in this article!

Hardwood flooring is the best option to complement your knotty pine walls. It could give your room a rustic, homey vibe. Choosing tiles is also ideal if you want a more contemporary look.

Pairing knotty pine walls with the appropriate flooring can be difficult without knowing the different kinds of hardwood that can go with it. If you want to know what these are, we’ll explore each type so keep reading!

Knotty pine wall sidings for a rustic inspired living room, What Floor Goes With Knotty Pine Walls

How To Pair Hardwood Flooring With Knotty Pine Walls

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It’s a common misconception that pairing a wooden wall with a wooden floor looks dull and monochromatic, but the truth is it all depends on how you will design it.

The first rule in interior design is to choose a color scheme that creates contrast. If you wish to pair materials with the same color, all you need to do is use different shades.

For instance, both the knotty pine and hardwood floors are brownish. You can opt for a dark-colored flooring if your pine wall has a medium-light tone. The opposite holds true as well.

Knotty pine hardwood walls

The natural color of pine walls is golden brown, and a little lighter when it is freshly installed in your house. You can choose to varnish over pine woods to give them a much darker color. If you opt to do this, then you should use a lighter shade of brown for your flooring.

If you’re not sure which type of wood to choose for your flooring, the good news is that there are various wood species you can choose from. All these kinds of wood come with their own unique features and differ greatly in aesthetic.

Different Kinds of Hardwood Floors

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Oak is one of the most popular woods used for flooring because of its durability and timeless beauty. If you are more into a country, rustic vibe, then oak wood is the best choice.

Oakwood flooring comes with numerous natural hues. You can choose limelight, natural, and dark brown colors.

There are several grades of oak wood. Grade is the most natural appearance of the wood, consisting of the features that haven’t been changed by humans, such as the knots, streaks, and wane.

Prime Grade

Prime is considered the top grade for oak flooring. The log used for the floor is cut off from the inner part of the wood. This grade has a clear and uniform spread.

Nature Grade

Nature grade is right next to prime. This type contains more natural features such as dead knots and cracked knots. Even though it has these features, the wood is still clear and clean.

Character Grade

Character grade is the most popular among all the grades because it has a more rustic style. It is not as clear as the two previous grades because it has a mixture of healthy knots, repaired knots, and filled cracks and knots.


Wooden walls made from knotty pine planks

Maple wood is best if you want to pull off a contemporary look because of its light natural finish and clean surface. This type of wood is much harder than oak, but take note that it is not as stable.

It has two varying colors. The inner part of the wood has a light creamy hue, and the outer part has a darker shade of brown tinted with a reddish tone.

Maple wood is popular because of its tight clear grain. It does not have the sharp contrast that is found in other types of wood. Its durability, like oak, is the reason why it is an ideal choice for flooring.


Another wood flooring that’s growing in popularity is hickory. It’s easier to maintain than oak and maple. All you have to do is regularly sweep and mop the area. Aside from this, hickory flooring is the most waterproof alternative available on the market.

If you are also seeking out scratch-resistant flooring, then this type of wood is the right choice for you.

What color wood floor goes with knotty pine walls?

Knotty pine hardwood walls

Yellow or Red

Since pine has a warm color, it’s best that your flooring has a warm tone as well. Keep in mind that wood with the same color must have contrasting shades.

Chocolate Brown

Knotty pine tends to have a lighter tone, so it’s ideal that your flooring is in a darker color like chocolate brown. The color contrast would definitely create balance and harmony in the room.

In Closing

Knotty pine wall sidings for a rustic inspired living room

The best flooring to match knotty pine walls is hardwood flooring. It creates visual harmony if paired with the right shade or tone.

Keep the different kinds of wood in mind! It will help you choose the best hardwood flooring to match your tastes.

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