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What Goes With A Blue Couch?

A blue couch is never meant to dissolve into the shadows; it’s meant to hog the spotlight! Whether it’s a grand royal blue velvet sofa or a cushy cerulean couch, this statement piece sits in the middle of your space as the heart and soul of the room.

Now the challenge is: how exactly do you decorate around it? While blue is certainly versatile, it’s not as flexible as a white or beige couch might be. You may have had to toss out a few decorations or items that didn’t quite work with it.

Don’t worry, though. All you have to do is establish a color palette that matches well with your blue sofa and brings out its cool, soothing tones. With a certain color scheme as your baseline, you’ll find that making selections for decorations, accents, and furniture pieces is much easier.

Equally vital is to set a theme or style for your living room. Want to achieve a homey, lived-in feel? Are you more of an adventurous spirit with a taste for the bold and eclectic? Or is sleek and modern the vibe you’re going for? The secret to enhancing the striking appeal of your blue couch is by choosing a style that goes beautifully with it.

We understand this undertaking can be a little daunting, so we’ve come up with a few color palettes that go with a blue couch to help you out! Take a look at these color combination ideas to help you find the one best suited to your unique tastes and personality.

Poster on white wall in living room interior with table in front of corner sofa with pillows, What Goes With A Blue Couch?

1. Blue + White

Copy space living room interior with a dark blue couch, a gray armchair and gold accents.

Classic doesn’t have to be boring, as this lovely combo proves. White and blue create a two-toned dream: white walls against a blue couch create eye-catching contrast, while the rest of the art and accents follow this consistent scheme for a clean, crisp, timeless look.

Now the best part is that there are a lot of blue and white decorations to choose from. Whether you want sleek, minimalist framed art or intricately patterned fine china, even the smallest pieces with this color combination can help establish your style and express your personality.

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2. Blue + White + Pops of Color

Retro armchairs with wooden frame and colorful pillows on a navy blue sofa in a vibrant living room interior with green plants. Real photo.

No need to play it safe! You’ve already invested in a couch that’s out of the box; why not go all the way? Go ahead and choose bright pops of color for your accents and decor; just make sure to consult your color wheel to see if they’re complementary with blue.

Going with different hues for different pieces can not only make your space more visually compelling, but it can also make it feel more lived-in and less out of a catalog. Painting your walls white for this decorating adventure is key to helping maintain cohesion in the midst of creative chaos.

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3. Blue + Gray

Modern Living Room with Sofa and Decorations

Got your heart set on an industrial-style interior? This is the pairing for you. Raw concrete gray meets rich blue to create a hip and contemporary aesthetic. Better yet, gray can also bring out the cool rich tones of a blue couch, making them an exceptional color match.

Full of character and charm, blue and gray go together to create the ultimate cool aesthetic. This is perfect for creating a simple yet soothing space that gets your attention with its polished appearance and keeps you in the room with its calming aura.

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4. Blue + Gray + Brown

Living room interior design- 3d render with blue and brown colored furniture and wooden elements

If you’re into industrial or modern interior styles but still want to keep a laid-back vibe, incorporate brown into your blue and gray color scheme! Brown accents such as a coffee table or wooden chairs can do wonders in softening the stark contrast of a blue couch against gray walls for a cozier, more inviting look.

This color palette is also perfect for a mid-century modern style, an aesthetic that has retained its popularity from as far back as the 1940s. The perfect blend of functional and stylish, this color combination emphasizes clean lines and lifts the mood.

The best part is that it makes it easy for you to hunt down furniture that goes with it since wood pieces go best with this color scheme and interior style.

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5. Blue + Pink

Blue bench and settee with pink blanket in elegant living room interior with bookshelf and posters.

Pops of pink around a blue couch bring an unconventional yet welcome splash of color. While often thought of as opposites to each other, pink and blue simply look stunning together. They create a contrast gentle enough as to not be too overwhelming, while distinct enough to capture the eye.

If you don’t want to go all-out with pink walls to match your blue couch, stick to accents and decorations instead! Plush pink throw pillows are particularly effective in enhancing the glamor of a blue couch and introducing a little warmth to it as well.

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6. Blue + Yellow

Colorful interior of living room with a blue sofa and a yellow armchair

As the saying goes: go big or go home! A blue couch against a yellow wall or with bright yellow accents injects fun and personality into your living room, giving a boost of energy to the space. The saturated vibrance of yellow will make your blue couch stand out, even more, evoking an image of the sun and sky.

Top tip: a yellow armchair paired with your blue couch is the perfect way to balance its intense coolness with welcoming warmth.

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7. Blue + Red

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Red walls may not be the perfect match for your blue couch, but if you want hints of color that truly pack a punch, this hue is perfect for accents. Whether it’s a red chair, side table, or a gorgeous patterned rug, red will add a surprise pop of color and highlight the cool tones of your sofa. 

If you want to celebrate your patriotic spirit, add white in the mix! Subtle hints of white in the accents such as white shelves or a white coffee table can help you achieve an Americana look without it being too on the nose. Plus, white will help balance out the intensity of the vigorous red and blue. 

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8. Blue + Orange

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Don’t knock it ’til you try it! An odd pair they might seem, but orange and blue don’t clash: they’re opposite each other on the color wheel, meaning they complement each other perfectly.

This bold choice of a color combination will pay off once you see how bright and charming your blue couch looks against orange walls or paired with orange accents.

If you want to incorporate other colors into this pairing, make sure to add cool tones and warm hues in equal measure to keep the contrast well-pronounced. 

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9. Blue + Blue

Retro decorated sofa in elegant living room

Picture it: varying shades of blue come together to create a monochromatic scheme that still has your blue couch at the forefront of the design. To achieve this, layer your lighter, paler shades with deeper, more vibrant blues.

If you want your wall colors to be the same as your blue couch, go ahead! This actually creates a simple yet compelling look. You can still make your couch stand out by adding in a throw blanket in a lighter shade than that of your walls and sofa.

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10. Blue + Metallic

Copy space living room interior with a dark blue couch, a gray armchair and gold accents

Add a hint of gloss and shimmer to your deep blue couch by surrounding it with metallic accents! Even something as simple as a metallic lamp or a metallic end table can complement your blue couch and make it shine.

Top tip: silver matches with shades like teal while gold goes best with shades like navy blue.

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In Closing

With its chic and mesmerizing look, it’s no wonder you fell in love with your blue sofa. Decorating around it can be tricky, but there’s no reason you can’t make it work! All you have to do is establish your color palette and style. From there, you can narrow down your decor and furniture options.

You can stay in your comfort zone with neutrals, or you can go all out with bright hues in unexpected color palettes. All that matters is that you keep working towards the living room of your dreams!

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