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What Is An Envelope Pillowcase?

There are days when you get so tired from working or doing something too much that you feel excited about going home just to feel your cozy bed and soft pillows. Then, as soon as you lay down, your pillow starts slipping out of the pillowcase. How do you fix this? We’ve taken a closer look at envelope pillowcases, as a potential solution.

A simple problem requires a simple solution. Use an envelope pillowcase! It is a different type of pillowcase that does not have an open end. Instead, it has an envelope-like closure to be folded around the pillow’s edge, securing the pillow inside.

Stop worrying and get your envelope pillowcase! But, of course, you can’t just go and make a purchase without doing some research on the product. If you are not familiar with it, keep on reading!

Stack of Pillows in Pillow Cases Made of Natural Materials, What Is An Envelope Pillowcase?

Everything About Envelope Pillowcases

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What Is An Envelope Pillowcase?

An envelope pillowcase has a unique envelope closure at one end of it. The purpose of this is to tuck in the pillow to secure it so that it will not slip off while you are sleeping.

Over the years, it has been gaining popularity be it for household use or in the hotel industry. This is because the features of this pillowcase have gone beyond people’s expectations.

Benefits of Envelope Pillowcase

The girl's hands are stroking the pillow with a silk pillowcase.

There is nothing wrong with your regular pillowcases. But if you want to upgrade to an envelope pillowcase, it is better to know what it could offer for your comfort.

1. No Sliding Out Of The Cover

It is annoying to always get up and fix your pillow over and over again because it keeps on sliding out from your pillow cover. This won’t happen if you use an envelope pillowcase since it encloses the ends. There is no way your pillow gets out of the case.

2. No Peeking Out

It is a little embarrassing to invite your guests into your home and then they see your pillow playing peek-a-boo from your pillowcase. Another instance is when your friends stay in your room and they see your stained pillow trying to say hello to them. Yikes!

This is why enveloped pillowcase is much better so that your pillows would not escape from the cases. Pillows all covered? No problem!

3. Fewer Wrinkles

A problem with an open-end pillowcase is that the pillow can freely move whenever you use it. This can cause wrinkling of the covers. When you use this for a long time, this can also affect your skin.

An envelope-styled pillow cover can help you from future skin problems since it stops the pillow from moving around. A pretty cover and smooth skin is a win-win situation!

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Can You Sleep On A Pillow Without A Pillowcase?

Young woman holding white pillow over bed, closeup

Technically you can. But don’t! It is suggested to cover your pillow with a pillowcase for the safety of your skin. When overly used without a cover, it will become very dirty and you don’t want to sleep on that. Plus, using a pillowcase will make it easier to clean.

How Often Should You Replace Pillows?

Women changing white zippered pillow cover

It is recommended to change your pillows every one to two years. However, this may alter due to some instances. Here are a few signs of when to replace your pillows.

Change In Shape

You bought your favorite pillow and blanket because of their softness and fluffiness. But over time, the pillow tends to change especially if not taken of care properly like folding, squeezing, or anything that can damage it. If you feel lumps on your pillow or it’s already flattened, it’s time to replace it.

If you’re looking for a new blanket, read this article to learn more about types of blankets that can make you feel cozy: “Do Bamboo Blankets Keep You Warm?

It’s Already Uncomfortable

You know how your pillow feels like the first time you used it. When it’s not bouncing back or it does not provide the support that you want any longer, it’s time to call it quits. Always prioritize your comfort.

Too Dirty

It’s better to replace your pillows if you feel like it’s making you very uncomfortable. When the pillows are full of stains or start to smell bad, change them right away. Do not risk damaging your skin over dirty pillows.

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Pillowcase?

Two white pillows in striped cotton pillowcases.

Change your pillow covers weekly to avoid having acne and other skin problems such as darker complexion, oily skin, and clogged pores. These can affect the way you see yourself due to insecurities. Eliminate those germs and take good care of your skin!

Should New Pillows Be Washed Before Use?

Just because it’s new does not mean it’s super clean! Make sure to wash your new pillows since some dirt is not seen by the naked eye. Dust mites, chemicals, or anything that can be harmful can be present in your new pillows. Better safe than sorry!

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In Closing

Pillows are the last thing that comforts you before you sleep and the first thing that you feel the moment you wake up. An envelope pillowcase can protect your pillows and can also add extra comfort. Keep in mind that maintaining its cleanliness is necessary.

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