Living Room Design

What Is Most The Popular Color For The Living Room?

Do you want to repaint or redesign your living room but don’t know the best colors to use? This article is perfect for you as we have researched and compiled down below the most popular color you can put in your living room.

White and light gray, sharp black, earthy pinks with rich reds, soft greens, and calming blues are currently the most popular color themes that you can decorate your living room.

Continue reading as we discuss more details about these colors other topics such as do mirrors make a room lighter, should you paint the ceiling with the same color of the walls, and other topics that will help you decide how to decorate your living rooms.

Grey sofa with pillows and blanket standing in bright living room interior with gold lamp, fresh flowers on white table and carpet on the floor, What Is Most The Popular Color For The Living Room?

Choosing the right color combination for your living room ultimately relies on your personal preferences and the look that you want to achieve. But you can always use the colors below as a reference guide to help you.

White & Light Gray

It is no surprise that white would be on this list. It is probably the most versatile color for designing. Try having a white color scheme with different shades of light gray. This color combination often represents minimalism yet feels luxurious adds breathability to your room.

Sharp Black

If light colors are on the list, then the dark colors are here, too, for those who like bold themes to offer a contrast between the light and spacier feel than white and gray tones presented.

Dark toned color schemes bring an elevated feeling of luxury and quality in a room as more and more designers are opting to choose this scheme when designing for interiors.

Earthy Pinks & Rich Reds

This color scheme is more common in houses or apartments that are owned by women as these colors are mostly associated with femininity. But it does not mean that men cannot rock this type of design in their living rooms.

Soft Greens

Green is the color of nature, it naturally has relaxing qualities when being observed. This is what’s considered a muted look, meaning it gives out relaxing and laid-back vibes when you enter the room.

This is perfect especially right now that people are mostly spending their time indoors looking at computer monitors and cellphones. Green can help relax and rest your eyes from all the strain it goes through.

Calming Blues

Blue color schemes for your living room have this sense of timelessness in them and they may also never go out of style.

A blue-themed living room exhumes a statement of comfort and elegance. The cool and also relaxing ambiance that blue can bring not only adds comfort but also adds more character to the room. Truly one of the best color themes for your living room you can pick.

Do mirrors make a room lighter?

Since mirrors do not produce light they can only help in lighting up a room by being reflectors of the light. One way of making sure that your mirrors will help in illuminating a room is by positioning the mirror at an angle where it will reflect your light source.

For added light, make sure that the reflection of the mirror is not being blocked by a nearby wall. But the best way to illuminate a room is by changing the watts of your light bulb to a more powerful one.

The color scheme of your room also plays a big part. Generally, if your walls and floor are of a darker shade, even a powerful light bulb would emit weaker light as the dark color absorbs it.

Switching to a lighter scheme would significantly add more illumination to your room, and in some instances you you wouldn’t need to replace your light bulb.

Should you paint the ceiling the same color as the walls?

No, you shouldn’t, although, it all depends on the look that you are trying to go for. You always have full autonomy of your house, especially as an owner if you are not renting.

Feel free to mix and match your walls and ceiling and go for that specific color combination you want your room to have. You can even add fresco artwork, or you can refer to the color scheming guide that we provided above.

In Conclusion

Light colors like white and gray are still in today as well as darker shades like black. For other colors, the trend seems to favor lighter shades of their versions such as light green and blue as they appeal as comfortable and relaxing. While red and pink are still there a more feminine-oriented design.