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What Pillows Go With A Gray Couch?

After choosing a color scheme for your walls and floors, it is time to decorate! You can choose the same color for your accents or add another color to match. If you have a gray couch, you can accentuate it using various colors. Are you looking for a color that matches gray? Well, don’t worry because we have looked for them just for you!

Gray is a cool tone and a neutral shade that you can pair with many colors. Here are 11 pillows that you will absolutely love!

  • Shades of Brown
  • All Gray
  • Knotted In Yellow
  • Calmness in Turquoise
  • Sweet Pink
  • Vibrancy Of Orange
  • Patterned Black And White
  • Blue In Different Shapes
  • One Round Pillow
  • Mix Of Cool Tones
  • Primary Colors
  • Keep It Simple With White

When it comes to decorating your living room, your couch must be the center of attraction. If you want to add extra spice, pillows are the key! Now, keep reading to know more about the best pillows for your gray couch.

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture and wooden elements and light blue colored wall, What Pillows Go With A Gray Couch?

Pillow Colors For A Gray Couch

There are many ways to add accents to your couch, but pillows are its best pair. Not only do they make your couch pop, but pillows also provide comfort because of their softness. To give you more ideas, we’ll elaborate on the different pillow colors that match your gray couch one by one.

1. Shades Of Brown

Scandinavian interior design living room

Brown is a neutral color, but it has different shades too. These shades may be darker or lighter, yet all of them can match your gray couch. This color choice will be excellent, especially if you have white walls.

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2. All Gray

Scandinavian interior design living room render with gray and brown colored furniture and wooden elements

Create a balanced look for your gray couch by matching it with gray pillows! This color accent will keep a calm ambiance in your home. Consider using this if you have light-colored walls and floors.

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3. Knotted In Yellow

Close-up photo, contemporary design of cozy gray living room interior with simple sofa, coffee table, rack, plant and yellow accent

Throw pillows are not just limited to a square shape. You can a knotted pillow for your gray couch! This pillow is unique and offers the same benefits as that of a square one.

You can choose a fun color, like yellow, to complement your gray couch.

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4. Calmness In Turquoise

Authentic home apartment interior with blank wall

Although turquoise is a bright blue-green mixture, it can definitely work with a gray couch! Turquoise is also a cool tone that can create a calming energy in your living room.

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5. Sweet Pink

Modern interior with large gray corner sofa and armchair decorated with pillows and blankets in a bright cosy living movie room with light from big glass door to balcony, wooden elements and decorations

If you are the type of person who likes to make their room look cool and charming, try using pink pillow covers! We recommend that you use this color if you have a light gray couch. It can help make your room brighter.

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6. Vibrancy Of Orange

Orange pillows on grey settee in living room interior with concrete wall and wooden floor. Real photo

Bright colors can actually complement your gray couch. Even though orange is a vibrant color, gray is a neutral color that can work well with it. However, if you pick this color, make sure you have a light gray couch.

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7. Patterned Black And White

Patterned pillows on grey corner sofa in living room interior with table and painting.

Make your room sophisticated with black and white. These neutral colors will perfectly fit your gray couch. Another good thing about these pillows is they will look stylish when placed on your couch.

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8. Blue In Different Shapes

Symmetry in design of luxury new york style living room with elegant grey couch white furniture and patterned carpet,

Pillows can be in different shapes, such as squares or rectangles. You can try getting pillows with different forms to make your couch look special. Dark blue pillows can be a great pair for your gray couch.

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9. Red Round Pillow

Minimalistic retro style home interior. Scandinavian living room.

Yes, pillows can be round too! You can put just one on the side and add a blanket. For your gray couch, match it with a light red color.

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10. Mix Of Cool Tones

Modern scandinavian living room interior

Using cool tones as pillows will absolutely go well with your gray couch, specifically shades of blue. If you have a three-seater couch, you can put at least four pillows on it. This color scheme is best if you have a light-colored living room.

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11. Primary Colors

Real photo of abstract paintings hanging on white wall above a gray sofa in a living room interior with big windows

If you want a more colorful look on your couch, you can use the primary colors for your pillows. When these colors are combined, it creates a bold look for your home. Make your couch pop with these colors!

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12. Keep It Simple With White

Gray sofa in white living room interior with copy space

When you want to achieve a minimalist type of home, you can go with plain white. Gray and white are both neutral colors that go well with each other. White makes your living room look more spacious and brighter.

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Why Do You Need A Throw Pillow?

Throw pillows are not “just” pillows. Aside from adding aesthetics to your couch, they also offer a lot of benefits. Here are some of the advantages of having throw pillows.

  1. They provide comfort because they are soft.
  2. They can support your back when you sit, preventing back pain issues.
  3. They can also be your emotional support.
  4. They are versatile; armrest or headrest.
  5. They are not only for your couch. You can have throw pillows on your accent chairs and bed.

Can You Put Too Many Pillows On A Couch?

You can put a lot of pillows on your couch if you have a large one. However, if you have a smaller couch, you can limit it to three or four pillows. You need to make room for visitors to sit down.

What Does Gray Do To A Room?

Gray is often misinterpreted as a depressing and lonely color. However, it is entirely the opposite. Gray is a soothing and calm color that can create elegance in your room.

It has warm and cool shades that can liven up your room. Using gray for your room means you can mix any of your favorite colors because it can pull off any style.

What Is The Difference Between Cool Gray and Warm Gray?

People get confused sometimes about warm and cool colors. In general, warm colors are intense colors that can be playful too. Cool colors, on the other hand, are calming and soothing tones.

Gray is a neutral color, but its shades can be warm and cool. Take a look at these warm and cool tones of gray!

Warm Gray:

  • Ellie Gray
  • Silverpointe
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Repose Gray
  • Mindful Gray

Cool Gray:

  • Gray Screen
  • Network Gray
  • African Gray
  • Morning Fog
  • Serious Gray

Can You Put Throw Pillows On A Leather Couch?

You sure can! A leather couch alone can be bland. It needs to look lively, so you put throw pillows on it! You can choose bold colors to go with your light-colored leather couch. However, if you have a dark leather couch, you might want to consider using a softer tone for your pillows.

When arranging your pillows on the couch, you have to know the sizes of your pillows. The largest ones must be outside, both corners. The small to medium pillows must be in the center.

You might also want to consider having an odd number of pillows to create a balanced visual on your couch. For instance, if you have two large pillows on both ends, put three pillows in between them.

Should All Pillows Match?

Not all your pillows need to match, but they have to complement. For example, you can have two pillows with patterned styles and three plain pillows. Even with the pillow sizes and shapes, it is okay to have each pillow be different as long as they look good when combined.

In A Nutshell

Gray is not a dull color for a couch. That is why you can choose from its warm and cool tones. All you have to do is pick the best colors to make it stand out!

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