What Wall Color Goes With Black And Gold Furniture?

It takes a lot of time to decide on what color scheme should you use for your home if you want to make it look like a hotel deluxe room. Well, all you need is black, gold, plus one more! This color scheme will give your home a 100% splendid look. If you are looking for that plus one color, we’ve got it all for you!

If you choose to have black and gold furniture, then your third color should be for your walls. Not all colors can be matched with this combination since there are colors that are too bright. The good news is, there are six colors that you might like!

  1. Gray
  2. Black
  3. White
  4. Violet
  5. Blue
  6. Green

It is hard to combine colors especially if you are not a fan of it. Black and gold are individually easy to pair with but when combined, you need to narrow down all the colors that will match it. Read further to see why each color looks good with them!

Classic black and gold interior with black leather sofa, What Wall Color Goes With Black And Gold Furniture?

Which Wall Color Accentuates Black & Gold?

You cannot blend or match more than three colors since it will look too messy. That is why you need to choose only one color for this color scheme. Pick your favorite!

1. Gray

Modern living room interior design with black leather armchair and gold decoration

Black and gold alone are elegant together but imagine a more sophisticated look when you add gray-colored walls. Gray is a neutral color that can match any color and can give extra elegance to the room.

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2. Black

Gold lamp next to bed in black bedroom interior with sculpture on dark wall

Achieve a luxurious but exclusive look with black! If you like to keep your home look private, choose this color for your walls as it gives a dark but elegant view. Don’t worry, gold light fixtures will help to illuminate your room.

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3. White

Black sideboard in living room interior with copy space

Oh, how fancy! White is such a nice shade that whatever color you complement it with, they will perfectly work! This color can also help in making your room brighter and appear more spacious. You can also add some potted plants for accent.

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4. Violet

living interior design in classic style with decoration set on sideboard, velvet armchair on wooden floor and violet wall.

Let your room scream royalty! This color scheme is so powerful. A combined sophistication, magical, and stylish look. Violet is a mixture of blue and red which is why it is a calm and intense color at the same time.

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5. Blue

room with a purple chair and a little sideboard with cups and a plant

Get that soothing feeling with the touch of blue! Painting your walls blue would work well with your black and gold furniture. However, you have to choose the right shade of blue so that it won’t be too loud to look at.

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6. Green

Green bag under retro dresser

Yes to a refreshing mood in your home! Green is a great help for relaxation and it is a great match for your gold and black furniture! A darker shade of green will be a better choice so that it won’t too look overwhelming.

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What Is A Neutral Color?

Paint Roller

Neutral colors are muted tones that look a bit pale but can really pop with proper lighting. These colors are versatile and can be paired with the brightest to darkest colors. Examples of neutral colors are cream, white, gray, and beige.

Is Gold A Neutral Color?

Many discussions have been open about gold being a neutral color. Due to its versatility, gold is considered a neutral color. This color is the result when a small quantity of yellow is mixed with brown.

However, when you want gold to be a good pair for your color scheme, make sure that it is not too shiny or too matte.

Why Are Monochromatic Colors Important?

Apartment Interior

A monochromatic color only has one color. This is important for someone who likes their home to look balanced and neutral. One might think that using one color won’t look good for a home but once all your walls are painted and furniture are arranged, voila! Aesthetically pleasing in the eyes.

Why Does Black Look Good?

Talk about being one of the best neutral colors! Black looks good with any other colors because aside from hiding all the stains and other unwanted dirt, it is absolutely elegant! There are no accents that will not go with black and it will never be out of style!

Final Thoughts

Black is an all-around color but when paired with gold, you have to be limited when matching them with other brilliant colors. This is to sustain that luxurious look for your room. Make the interior of your home look expensive with the above-mentioned colors!

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