What Wall Color Goes With Gray Bathroom Cabinets?

Aside from using it as storage, your bathroom cabinet should also help create a lovely aesthetic for your bathroom. What if your bathroom cabinets are gray? What colors should you paint your walls? We’ve found nine colors that you might like!

Gray is a neutral color, so it’s easy to complement with other hues. Now, you need to find the right color that will match your gray cabinets. Make your bathroom cabinets pop out with these colors:

  • Beige
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • White
  • Baby Blue
  • Lime Green
  • Yellow
  • Violet

When choosing a color for your walls, you can pick the exact color of your cabinets, but it is not necessary. You can play with different colors until you get the right color to complement your gray cabinets. If you want some help to decide on what color to pick, keep on reading!

Interior of a gorgeous bathroom with wooden paneling walls, a black cabinet with plants and matched with a huge round mirror, What Wall Color Goes With Gray Bathroom Cabinets?

Which Color To Choose?

It’s fun to experiment with colors, especially if you want to look for a shade that can match neutral colors. The problem is that there are a lot of color choices! However, these colors are the best ones out there. Pick which one you think suits your gray bathroom cabinets!

1. Beige Walls

Ultra luxurious bathroom with a black bathtub with black painted fixtures and a matching fireplace

Match your gray cabinets with another neutral color. Beige is a pale color of brown with a hint of yellow. It can add extra warmth to your bathroom, and you can pair it with a darker shade of gray.

2. Red Walls

Luxurious modern gray and red color combination bathroom with a fireplace

Make your bathroom look daring and elegant with a touch of red! This bold color is an excellent choice to go with your gray cabinet but make sure that the shade you will use is not too bright. You can also add white accents for this color scheme.

3. Gray

A floating cabinet in the vanity paired with a white countertop and plants on the mirror

Give a more balanced look to your bathroom using gray. However, if you have a light-colored cabinet, use a darker gray for your walls or vice versa.

4. Brown

Interior of a gorgeous bathroom with wooden paneling walls, a black cabinet with plants and matched with a huge round mirror

Get a sophisticated earthy look for your bathroom with brown! This color is also a neutral color which is why it can work well with your gray cabinets. You can use solid brown paint for your walls or wood planks since they are brown.

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5. White

Interior of a white and gorgeous bathroom matched with a white countertop and light gray cabinets

Of course, white can’t be off the list! Using this color for your walls will create a clean look, especially since it is for the bathroom. White makes your area look more sanitized.

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6. Baby Blue

Classic modern bathroom with an aluminum cabinet and a blue painted wall with white trims on the window and baseboard

If you want your bathroom to look serene and calming to the eye, try painting your walls with baby blue. It is a pastel shade of blue that works well with gray, whether light or dark. You can also pick white accents for this color scheme.

7. Lime Green

Modern gorgeous bathroom with green walls, a huge mirror in the vanity with a floating gray cabinet

A combination of yellow and green is an excellent choice for your walls and a great match for your gray cabinets! Lime green is a lively color that is refreshing and is associated with nature. Since this is a bright shade, pair it with a mix of light and dark tones of gray.

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8. Yellow

A double vanity bathroom with two huge mirrors and matched with gray cabinets

Make your bathroom brighter with yellow! This color can complement well with gray because it is a mood booster. Both colors will work harmoniously together.

9. Violet

Multi colored bathroom cladding, cabinet painted in black and huge spotlight type lighting

Set a stylish vibe for your bathroom with violet-colored walls! Any different shade of violet will go along with gray. Match this color scheme with black accents like a black light fixture or a black faucet.

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Why Should You Have A Bathroom Cabinet

Some bathrooms don’t have cabinets. However, we recommend installing them because of their benefits. If you are interested to know, here are the reasons why:

1. Spacious Look

With a small area, having many products on the counter might look too messy and make your bathroom space smaller. If you want to make your bathroom look more spacious, you can add cabinets to organize the space.

2. Storage Saves Space

Remember the triple S! Having a bathroom cabinet will help you save up some space, such as your hair and face products, extra toiletries, and towels. Maximize your bathroom space and keep your belongings protected with cabinets.

3. It Is Practical

A bathroom cabinet is a multifunctional feature, which is why you should have one. It is better to keep your things in one place than to put them everywhere! The good thing about installing a bathroom cabinet is that it would be easier to access your stuff.

4. Spotless Bathroom

The fewer the products you see in the bathroom, the cleaner it looks! A well-organized bathroom is pleasing to the eye and more hygienic to look at when you enter. Cabinets are suitable to make your counter more polished.

5. Aesthetic

The bathroom is just as significant as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, so its appearance matters as much as the rest of your home.

Adding cabinets is an easy way to spruce up the look of your bathroom. They’re customizable, so you can choose the perfect design that will fit your bathroom. While you are at it, make sure that the colors of your walls, floor, and cabinets complement each other.

6. Budget-friendly

It does not take a lot of money to install cabinets. You can buy a Billy bookcase, for instance, from Ikea and customize it yourself! In that way, not only did you save money, you also got to show your creative side.

If you are interested in this topic, go ahead and read: “How To Paint An Ikea Billy Bookcase.”

Are Gray Bathrooms Outdated?

Gray will never go out of style! People love a classic and elegant look for their bathroom, and gray is always their first choice for the wall color. This is because gray is a neutral color that can match almost any color you want.

If you want your bathroom to look modern, gray is the best color to pick. Another good thing about gray is it helps your space look bigger.

How To Make Your Gray Bathroom Warmer

A bathroom is not just for you to take a shower and go. Make your bathroom a comfort zone too! Here are 10 tips to create a cozy place to rest after a long tiring day:

  • Paint your walls any neutral color such as gray, white, or brown
  • Use an opaque tub curtain instead of glass doors
  • Install a rain showerhead
  • Add bath mats and towels
  • Put some furniture
  • Decorate your floating shelves with bath bombs
  • Hardware should match each other
  • An art gallery accent wall
  • Place some potted plants
  • Pick a good mirror

Should Bedroom and Bathroom Match?

It is not necessary to match them, but it is vital to find the best color scheme that complements them. Wall colors and flooring should be cohesive, and hardware should go along with the furniture. Accents should be a good combination with your desired color too.

The color of your bathroom should not look too overwhelming. It must complement your bedroom not only with colors but also with the ambiance it will create.

Bathroom Wall Ideas

For example, your bathroom wall is a drywall. Drywall is one of the most common types of bathroom wall. These walls can have flaws through the years, such as bad smells, moisture that can cause molds, and more.

Don’t worry! There are always available alternatives for everything. These are some of the materials you can choose as a replacement for drywall:

  • Vinyl Wallpaper
  • Tiles
  • Plywood
  • Bamboo Sheets
  • Cork Tiles
  • Tapestry

To know more about these materials, you can further read here: 9 Ideas For Bathroom Walls That Don’t Use Drywall.

Final Words

Choosing the right colors to complement each other is never an easy decision. Remember that various colors can work well with each other. Make sure that the color you choose for your bathroom walls fits your furniture, like your cabinet.

Every area of your home has to be equally unique. Each of them must be harmonious with one another, since they are all significant. Put effort into designing your bathroom, just like how you plan on making your living room, bedroom, or kitchen beautiful.