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What Wall Color Works Best With Gray Floors?

When selecting a color for your home, it is best to go with neutral colors. That is because you can easily match this color with any shade. One of them is the color gray. This color is still on the top of the most picked colors for walls due to its versatility. Whether it is a dark or a light tone, gray can still work well with it. You must choose a wall color that coordinates with your floor. If you are looking for wall colors that will suit your gray floors, we’ve got it all for you!

Most colors can go along with gray, and all you have to do is choose the best one for your home! Here are ten wall colors that you will love:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Light Turquoise
  • Hunter Green
  • Baby Pink
  • Yellow
  • Tangerine

You must remember to focus on walls after completing your floors. Aside from the protection and support that walls provide, they also make your room aesthetic. We believe everyone has their artistic side, and there are many ways to be creative with your walls. If you want to know more about this, keep on reading!

Living room interior with sofa, plants and coffee table, What Wall Color Works Best With Gray Floors?

Make Your Gray Floor Pop!

You may often see brown or white floors, but gray can pull it off too! It doesn’t matter if your gray floors are tiles or planks. Read further because these colors will make your gray floor stand out!

1. Black

White couch in a gray wall with stand lamp

Add elegance to your room by matching your gray floors with black-colored walls! This color combination is classic and great if you want a modern-styled home. You can use white drapes or chairs as your accent.

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2. Gray

Large living room with big windows

Gray can make your room look cooler than it already is. This type of wall color is best if you have high walls to emphasize the balanced look in your living room. Gray furniture, such as a couch, will give this an excellent final touch.

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3. White

Modern room with white wall and multiple window

A crisp white will perfectly complement your gray floors. This color can adapt to any style you want in your room. Another good thing about white is can make your room look brighter and spacious, especially if you have a smaller space.

We recommend that you choose a dark shade for your accent pieces, like a black rug or throw pillows.

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4. Beige

Table and chair in brown children room

If you are looking for an earthy color, you can use beige. It is a mixture of brown and yellow that is kind of pale. This color scheme will make your room look neutral but cozy.

For your accent color, a touch of light wood color will do.

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5. Cream

Studio apartment with beige wall and has a sunlight shining through the window

Add warmth to your living room by using cream as a wall color. The cream color is a combination of is a pastel shade of yellow, and like white, it can make your room appear larger. White, black, gray, and other neutral tones will be great for accentuating.

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6. Light Turquoise

Gray sofa and lamp in living room

If you like a brighter color, you might consider light turquoise. It is not a common color for walls, but it can also complement gray. Light turquoise is a shade of cyan that is soothing in the eyes.

Try adding white and gray furniture for a better outcome for this color scheme!

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7. Hunter Green

Modern green room with sofa furniture and plants

A dark shade of green will give a calmer ambiance to your room. Hunter green is an excellent match for your gray floors since it is not too dark or light. This combo will show a perfect result if you add white accents!

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8. Baby Pink

Gray sofa in pink living room

Here is another light color for you. Baby pink is a soft shade of pink that can work well with gray. If you like your living room to look cool but at the same time charming, pick this color.

When choosing your accent color, black and gray can go along with this combo.

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9. Yellow

Minimalist sofa and a plant in an empty room

Bright colors are not usually the go-to color for your walls, but some can complement gray. A cheerful color, like yellow, is one of the few colors that suits gray. Again, gray is a neutral color and can balance the brightness of yellow.

You can pair this color scheme with black furniture.

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10. Tangerine

Living room with orange wall and modern sofa

Take a look at this inviting and warm color. Tangerine is a combination of fierce red and fun yellow. It is a solid and vibrant color that goes well with gray, especially the lighter tones.

If you choose this color, various shades of gray can be an excellent choice for your accents.

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Accentuating Your Walls

Plain walls are not enough. You need to elevate your skills in designing your home! Here are some of the things you can do to step up your wall game!

1. Art Gallery

Photo frame on wall

Consider putting a collage of your artworks or your favorite paintings for a better view in your room. However, do not put too many frames to avoid it looking messy.

2. Tapestry

Tapestry wall in a bohemian living room

A tapestry is an art that is woven in a cloth or fabric. It is a popular accent, especially in today’s generation. It adds an aesthetic to your room that comes in different designs and sizes.

3. Floating Shelves

Wooden hexagon shelf with plants on a white wall

Floating shelves are getting more attention because of their benefits, such as storing and displaying things you want to show. You can easily install this, and it is always available in the market.

4. Wall Decals

Heart shape stickers on the wall of a living room

For a temporary d├ęcor to your walls, you can try using wall decals. These are just large stickers that you can attach to your walls without the fear of damaging them. Wall decals come in different styles, so you can freely choose which suits your wall the best!

5. One Large Painting

Dog in a house interior lying on a soft, grey carpet next to a large sofa

If you do not like a collage of your artworks, you can go with a large painting. Place it on the center of your accent wall, preferably behind your couch, for a great view. We recommend that you use self-adhesive hooks for hanging your painting.

How Do You Match Floors And Walls?

Floors and walls are the basis for the color scheme of your home. Here are some tips on matching your floors and walls:

  1. To create a visual effect, choose colors that contrast each other. Light walls for dark floors, and vice versa.
  2. Stick with neutral colors for a warm and inviting ambiance.
  3. Don’t just focus on solid colors. You can choose one of their shades or tones.
  4. If you have old furniture, you can use it as your basis when picking the color scheme for the interior of your home.

Are Gray Floors Good?

Compared to dark brown floors, gray floors are way much better. That is because gray floors are easier to maintain and clean. When you have light gray floors, it can help your room look brighter and more spacious. If you have dark gray floors, it can hide stains and other existing damages in your floors.

Choosing gray as your floor color is great because it is an all-around color. Plus, until now, it is still a hugely popular color!

How Do You Pick Furniture For Dark Floors?

Dark floors create a dramatic impact on your room. You have to know that it would be quite a challenge to pick furniture that can go along with it. A dark-colored floor can make your room look smaller.

That is why you have to choose furniture with a light color to have a nice contrast. Colors such as white, beige, and cream can complement dark colors. Make sure that you don’t buy too much furniture since it can make your room look heavy.

Key Takeaway

Gray floors will never go out of style. The colors mentioned above will 100% match your floors! Always remember that your color scheme should be consistent.

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