Where To Put A Dresser In The Bedroom

Styling your bedroom includes arranging furniture pieces primarily used for storage. So, besides the position of your bed, we’ve compiled ideas for aligning your dressers within the bedroom layout to be easily accessible and visually pleasing.

Your bedroom dresser is a functional, yet stylish furniture piece. Here are different ways you can arrange the bedroom with both of these features in mind for the best use and look for your dresser:

  1. Bedside
  2. Across from the bed
  3. Near the windows
  4. Two bedside nightstands
  5. At the foot of the bed
  6. Aligned with the foot of the bed
  7. Corner of the room
  8. An entryway or alcove
  9. Inside the closet

The list of options above can help you rearrange your bedroom. To get more ideas, check out below the different locations of a dresser in your bedroom. Also, find out why dressers could be the next trending bedroom furniture piece!

Big wardrobe with different clothes for dressing room - Where To Put A Dresser In The Bedroom

9 Ways To Place Your Dresser in the Bedroom

Dressers might not be a requirement, but, most people prefer adding one to be accessible in the bedroom. Of course, you can also store personal items, other than clothes, inside a dresser. 

Besides its functional purpose, you also need to consider your available space and the most convenient way to reach your dressers. So, the placement of this furniture depends on how you use it and want the layout to look.

To gather different ideas, see the various positions we’ve found for dresses that don’t compromise your bedroom’s aesthetic appeal.

1. Bedside

Modern chest of drawers in beautiful bedroom. Interior design

The first option you could try is putting your dresser just at your bedside. It helps you get things easily, sometimes without even leaving the bed. Also, if the dresser is beside the bed, it saves a lot of space. So, you are indeed maximizing the total area of the room.

Other than that, bedside dressers will always let you put items and decor on top, giving extra style to the room. Like the picture above, you can add a few photo frames, artwork, and books. 

Other homeowners also make the most out of their dressers as staging areas to get ready. For example, some people add a wall mirror just above the dresser.

Bedroom with single bed, pink carpet and white dresser

In this case, you can prepare yourself both in front of the mirror and with access to the dresser, saving more time and effort. It’s a way of becoming more organized!

2. Across from the bed

Digitally generated affordable Scandinavian master bedroom interior design, with all furniture pieces manufactured from solid oak.

Another way to place your dresser is just across the room from the bed. You can put it on your left or right side, considering which wall has bigger space. This position enlarges the area to walk between the dresser and bed.

Here, we see more decorating ideas for the dresser top: consider adding a small vase, books, or even figurines. The picture above features a wall clock just above it. In this way, you are keeping the furniture piece useful while balancing the room’s decor.

You can also accessorize the dresser with a plant or full-length mirror. Again, the mirror near the dresser aids in your ease to get ready for your next event. So, it would be much faster and more convenient to stay on time!

White chest of drawers in beautiful bedroom. Interior design

As long as the whole room has one theme, you can play around with adding items and styling elements to your dresser.

3. Near the windows 

Flowering tree twigs and decor on white chest of drawers in bedroom

Your dresser could also be located just beside the windows. In this case, it is between the window and the bed. With this kind of arrangement, you maximize the space without blocking windows, while keeping a walking area near the bed.

As a nice feature to being near the windows, you can even sit on the bed while preparing your things and enjoying an open-air breeze and natural light. 

Placing your dresser near the windows would be a good idea if you wish to have a clearer view of your storage. The light can pass through the window, letting you see things on your dressers. 

Besides that, windows are typically styled using curtains. So, by placing your dresser near the windows, you add other decors like a vase, a picture frame, or accent items to highlight the area.  

4. Two bedside nightstands

Large rug on wood floors in bedroom of modern farmhouse

Another similar setup to the bedside location is placing two small dressers as nightstands or side tables. The only difference here is that you are adding lamps on both dressers. This setup is perfect for couples as they have different items to store and use beside the bed.

If you wish to use the piece as a nightstand in your room, you can maximize the storage space by selecting a piece with drawers or shelves.

With this kind of bedroom interior, you are opening lots of space to walk through along the sides and end of the bed. 

5. At the foot of the bed

Modern bedroom with a horizontal poster on the partition wall, flowers in a vase on the chest of drawers, dark wood cabinets at the head of the bed, bedside tables, curtains near the window.

Other designers recommend placing the dresser at the foot of the bed for modern styling. Its unique positioning gives design to the room by adding a vertical divider. Like the picture, you can even add artwork hanging on a full-length division and books and plants just above the dresser to create a stylish space. 

This contemporary bedroom arrangement is also a space-saver because it leaves ample floor space around the bed and windows. It’s a good idea for smaller bedrooms. It also makes your getting-ready area central in the room for easy dresser access.

6. Aligned with the foot of the bed

Many luxuries such as chandelier, coffered ceiling and reading nook in master bedroom

The traditional location of dressers is aligned with the foot of the bed. This location allows you to have a dresser of the same width as the bed. So, if you’d like to have a longer dresser, aligning it with the foot of the bed would be your best option. 

In a modern arrangement, you can even position a TV atop the dresser, rather than a mirror, and be able to watch from bed. It makes a stylish TV stand.

This position does not block the foot of the bed, so you’ll have ease of access to both furniture pieces and to move throughout the room.

7. Corner of the room

Home living room corner with classic drawer and cabinet style.

You can also place the dresser in the corner of the room. This styling gives a more arc to the room, showcasing another angle bedside the four-walled usual setup. Besides that, it creates a space to move, without suffocating the area near the bed. 

Additionally, placing your dresser in the corner helps you add more furniture just aligning to the foot of the bed.

8. An entryway or alcove

Pastel blue abstract painting above king size bed in elegant bedroom

You can position the dresser in the entryway to a large bedroom. As in the picture, you might also add the dresser in another area like an alcove. It lets you have more space in the main area of the bedroom.

You can also put an accent chair across from the dresser and another lamp beside it for an additional cozy nook for relaxing.

9. Inside the closet

Luxury walk in closet / dressing room with lighting and jewel display. Dresses, handbags, blouses and sweaters on hangers in the wardrobe.

If you prefer to make your bedroom solely for a bed, or a sitting area, you can always utilize a walk-in closet for the dresser. Put the dresser inside the closet, and it certainly gives you access to your clothing or items as well as a private dressing area.

Big wardrobe with different clothes for dressing room. Walk in closet

So, if you wish to save even more space, consider building shelves and dresser drawers into the walk-in closet. Then you maximize floor space and storage space in one area.

Do you need a dresser in your bedroom?

Dressers give you more storage space, allowing you to add essential items. It even has easy access to clothes and accessories while keeping everything neat and organized. Moreover, a dresser protects things from dust or exposure to direct sunlight.

How to choose the dresser?

First, you need to consider the size of your room. Then, you might try repositioning the current furniture to decide where to put your dresser. You’ll get an idea of how the room will look before including it into the layout.

Afterward, choose the right design and color to complement your bedroom furniture. Keep the overall theme in mind, as you can also use a dresser as an accent piece.

How to decorate your dresser?

You may add other decors like picture frames, toys, figurines, lamps, alarm clocks, candles, or even plants to make the dresser more colorful. The handles of the dresser also give extra chicness to the design, so you could add metallic, glass, or ceramic handles for a unique piece.

Are you ready to put a dresser in your bedroom?

Now that you are familiar with arranging them try finding the best dresser for your bedroom. Hopefully, this would help you obtain a stylish, welcoming, and extra cozy bedroom you ever dreamed of.