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What Are Woody Candle Scents?

Scented candles are therapeutic because they contain essential oils. You can have aromatherapy sessions at your convenience with different scented candles. You might have heard of woody candle scents, and you’re wondering what they are all about. We asked the experts, and they gave us a detailed answer.

Woody candle scents are fragrances with citrus notes, but in the heart of the bouquet, you’ll find woody notes. The most popular fragrances of woody notes include:

  • Cedarwood
  • Pine
  • Sandalwood
  • Cypress
  • Patchouli
  • Vetiver

There are different aromas and scents for candles, and they are classified differently. The woody aromas are dominant and very distinctive, especially in candles. Continue reading as we elaborate on these scents.

Scented candle in a glass jar, What Are Woody Candle Scents?

Candle Fragrances with Woody Notes

When you purchase a scented candle, you’ll smell it to recognize the scents. Woody scents are from tree barks, cones, resin, roots, grasses, leaves, and roots.

The following are the most prominent woody scents for candles:


Many homeowners like to have signature scents in their homes. The scents often underline the homeowner’s character and personality. Cedarwood is one of those scents.

This candle scent will remind you of pencil shavings or fine cigar boxes. Cedarwood scented candles usually have an undertone of balsamic and camphor.

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Pine tree essential oils on a green background

Pine-scented candles smell like a walk in the forest on a snowy winter’s day. Soft yet strong enough to linger in your nostrils with an undertone of mint.

A Christmas tree and a festive mood aura are what a pine tree will help you recapture. The strong cone and forest tree are quite pronounced in pine-scented candles.

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A bottle of sandalwood essential oil with sandalwood

Sandalwood is an exotic spicy yet creamy smooth scent. Sandalwood’s warm scent can be enhanced by adding floral notes to it. Sandalwood-scented candles will fill the room with an eastern ambiance. Its strong and spicy scent is welcoming and energetic.

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If you like Mediterranian scents, use a cypress-scented candle for the room. This fresh warm summer note will remind you of pines on the warm summer days.

The strong and warm scent will not overpower any floral or citrus notes added to it. It’ll continue to open up as you burn the scented candle.

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Essential oils and branch of dried patchouli leaves and flowers

Sweetness and strength come from patchouli. The musky earth scent is a fantastic base for candles and perfumes. You’ll also find an underlying spicy note in it.

The scent brings to mind a nature walk after a light rain. The patchouli woody scent is prominent and soothing but evasive.


Dried vetiver roots and vetiver essential oil in a glass vial

Vetiver will remind you of dry-cut grass in the summer. It’s a predominantly muscular scent that depicts boldness and character. Vetiver scent is found as a base scent in candles and many masculine products.

To choose the most appropriate candle scent for your home, you’ll need to understand how candle scents are categorized and how you can use each scented candle to revitalize yourself or relax in your living space.

Scented candles will change the mood and energy in the space. Pick a scent that will give you the vibe you need either for work or relaxation from these four main categories of candles scents:

  • Fresh Clean Scents: These scents help enhance the feel of clean air especially after cooking foods with strong smells. The pungent smell from litters boxes will fade when you use fresh-clean scented candles.

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  • Spicy and Sweet Scents: If you want to energize your space, use these warm and musky scents.

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  • Woody Scents: Use warm, earthy, woody scents to bring back the summer into your home.

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  • Citrus Scents: A tropical vacation can be recaptured in your space using these tangy and spiky scents. Tropical scents often linger in one’s memory.

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Note: To get the most from your scented candles, ensure that you have proper ventilation in the particular space. Avoid drafts that may cause fires!

What’s The Strongest Candle Scent?

Burning paraffin candles

The strongest candle scent is believed to be in candles made from paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. These components make paraffin wax an ideal carrier for scents, aromas, and fragrances.

The science and art of infusing candles with different aromas is timeless. Therefore, candle makers prefer paraffin wax candles to create stronger scents.


If you want warm and opulent scents, use woody scented candles. Woody scents are perfect for bold decors. They help the character in your living space pop out.

Passionate and energetic persons will find woody scented candles very welcoming. To prolong the effect of the scents, purchase long-burning candles. They are cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

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