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11 Dark Bathroom Wall Ideas

As the smallest area in the home that gets quite damp with little to no natural light, bathrooms are often painted or decorated with exclusively light colors. The idea is that a bathroom needs to feel light and airy for a more relaxing atmosphere. But what if you want your bathroom to stand out from the rest – to go with your taste for darker, more dramatic styles?

Better yet, dark colors can make a small or narrow bathroom appear larger. While it’s true that light colors reflect light and create a space that looks more open, darker hues add depth to it and blur its edges to trick the eye into seeing it as more expansive.

Time is also on your side regarding trends in bathroom decorations. Fads come and go, but a dark bathroom can make your space look vintage, inspired by a bygone era, and modern, polished to meet today’s style, all at the same time.

Now there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to spice up your bathroom with dark hues. Remember to balance it with lighter shades in the accents to help prevent the space from looking flat. Also, if you’re repainting your bathroom, make sure to use two coats for darker shades to ensure proper coverage.

All excited for a dramatic new look for your bathroom? We’ve compiled a list of ideas for dark bathroom walls to inspire you! Take a look at the many possibilities for this undertaking and see which suits your tastes best.

A glass walled shower and toilet area inside a marble covered bathroom, 11 Dark Bathroom Wall Ideas

1. Modern & Minimalist

Different shades of gray come together to create a cohesive, appealing design. This room does a lovely job of using dark gray almost entirely throughout, making a lasting impression on guests.

Extremely luxurious modern bathroom with two huge circular mirrors with a black paneled vanity cabinet and a white bathtub

The hint of texture in the flooring is also something that catches the eye, again, in a subtle way.

2. Enticing Wallpaper

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Not a fan of plain colors? Make a bold statement with dark patterned wallpaper! This will add fun and personality into your bathroom without compromising on its moody, luxurious feel, so you get the best of both worlds.

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3. Black Tiles

A black rustic designed bathroom with laminated flooring, a wooden countertop vanity and a huge mirror

Nothing says glamor quite like glossy black tiles. With a visually arresting hue and a lustruous finish, a bathroom with these tiles transport you to a getaway where your only objective is to spoil yourself. Top tip: metallic accents go best with this style.

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4. Distressed Texture

A huge backlighted mirror inside a dark designed bathroom with a wooden paneled vanity cabinet

For a grungy, edgy look that’s completely unique from most home bathrooms, go for an attention-grabbing distressed effect. You can achieve this through different techniques, so you can flex your creative muscles as well.

5. Dramatic Accents

A luxurious black and white designed bathroom with huge mirrors running throughout the bathroom

If you’re not ready to go fully dark with your bathroom, dark accent walls can help you achieve a striking look that can wow loved ones and guests alike. These will also add depth to your space, making the room feel larger and cozier all at once.

6. Dark Green

Dark green walled bathroom with a huge circular mirror matching the cabinet in the vanity

Think something dark shouldn’t put you at ease? Well, this hue proves you wrong. Dark green draws you in with its rich, cool tones and invites you to stay with its relaxing aura. Now you can have a spa-like bathroom with dark walls! Top tip: indoor plants with dark green walls can make your space an organic oasis.

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7. Natural Brown

A white bathtub inside a brown and rustic inspired bathroom with laminated flooring

Dark colors aren’t all about cool shades: brown brings the warmth to your space while achieving a dramatic look! This is perfect for anyone who wants a blend of modern and rustic, allowing you to tie in the style of your bathroom with the rest of your home.

8. Stylish Patterns

Ultra luxurious modern contemporary bathroom with patterned walls, white bathtub and an elegant vanity area

Monochromatic looks need not be flat and boring, patterns make all the difference. A simple zigzag or wood pattern can bring your walls to life while the greys create a broody color palette for a dark yet dynamic aesthetic.

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9. Deep Plum

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The epitome of luxe style, this hue effortlessly creates an air of sophistication in any room. It’s the perfect color to make your bathroom stand out from the rest of your home, making you feel regal every time you enter the space. 

10. Bold Red

Luxurious black and red combination of a bathroom with a black countertop and a long span mirror

Gloomy shades are great, but what if you want to bring more color to your walls while creating a dramatic appearance? Enter red. The right shade of this hue can bring the slightest hint of its fiery nature to an overall moody and mysterious look.

11. Two-Toned Wainscoting

A dark blue painted bathroom with a white base matching the fixtures and paneling

Committing to one dark color may seem daunting, so you can go with wainscoting instead! With this option, you can add more flair and drama into your room and break it up visually with lighter shades for a beautifully balanced effect.

The Wrap Up

Bored with the same old colors in your bathroom? Go ahead, toss out safe choices like white and beige and embrace your love for moody and elegant yet somehow irresistibly soothing hues and patterns! A dark bathroom can evoke style and sophistication in the space you use most frequently, making it the ultimate haven you’ll never want to leave. 

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