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What Color Dining Table For Dark Wood Floors?

Are you refurbishing your dining area and looking for ways to pair your dining table with dark wood flooring? Well, don’t fret because we have researched everything you need to know.

Neutral tones like brown, gray, white, and black are the best dining table colors that will certainly match your dark wood floors. But before deciding which color is best, you should consider the interior style of your dining room.

Choosing the best color and style for your living space is the goal of interior design. Colors play a huge part in complementing the area you are refurbishing. We are here to help you with identifying which colors suit your dining room table.

Dining room with wall of windows, What Color Dining Table For Dark Wood Floors?

Dining Room Ideas for Dark Wood Floors

In interior design, every color, style, furniture piece, texture, and composition of your room must have unity and harmony. What people label as insignificant holds more importance, for instance, the dining table. What would be the best color if it is paired with dark wood floors?

Before deciding which shade is best, you must first look at the color of your dining room walls. Are they white? Gray? Brown? Are they light-colored or dark-colored?

It is important to note which background colors you have. It would be easier to choose which color your dining table would be.

As a rule of thumb, dark hues are paired with light paints. The opposite holds true as well. Contrasting colors make a significant impact on visual aesthetics.

With this being said, you can choose light neutral colors like white, beige, cream, and classic gray to pair with your dark flooring. This works well if your walls have a medium shade of both light and dark hues.

However, every rule has an exemption. Some dark colors with different shades look nice when paired with dark floors. For instance, brown, and even black creates a stylish and sophisticated aura for your room.

The Colors

White or Off-White

Luxurious dining room design with wooden surface, comfortable chair and wall decor panel with indirect lighting.

White is the best option for a dining table to ensure contrast. In this case, a dark brown floor paired with a white table and chairs along with a white painted wall will bring out a traditional yet sophisticated aura.

Light Brown

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As you can see here, the balance between the light and dark colors, from the wall to the floor, gave this space a chic modern look. A light brown table paired with dark chairs along with a light-colored area rug could really spice up your dining area. The walls complemented the entire color scheme of the room.


Interior of modern kitchen with light grey walls, concrete floor, comfortable countertops and cupboards, gray island and round dining table.

A gray tabletop creates a certain elegance and charm when paired with wood chairs and flooring. This usually neutral tone is never dull here, rather adds a pop of brightness to the monochromatic scheme because of the different shades of gray.

Dark Brown

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A dark brown table works well if the wall has a lighter tone. In this case, the floor and the dining table set all have a darker shade. A light carpet creates an aesthetic contrast between the furniture and the floor.


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Another way to style your dining area is by using a black tabletop. A dark floor and dining table may all seem monochromatic. For this to work, your ceiling must be white or any light neutral colors.

Take note of the varying shades of black. The floor has a lesser dark hue than the furniture and accnets. White was also used to create contrast within the colors.

Dining Table Styles

There are several styles of dining tables that will certainly match your dining room interior. Maybe you are asking why it is important to know these styles in the first place.

Well, the dining room is one of the most important parts of your house. It is the place where we invite neighbors and guests for lunch. It is also the area where we organize dinner and aperitif.

The dining area is the second most public space in our home. One key feature of the dining room is the table, and it is one of the noticeable pieces of furniture. Because of this, it is vital to know which table you want since it will affect the overall design of your room.


Modern dining room with dining table, scandinavian interior

A contemporary dining table is normally inspired by former trends in furniture design; however, they never truly imitate these layouts. People create their own style. Contemporary dining tables could be composed of many materials like plastic, wood, metal, and even concrete.

One feature of contemporary tables is that they have very discreet colors such as black, white, cream, or gray. They also have elegant finishes.


Wooden table and chairs isolated on white background

Traditional furniture is usually made up of classic materials. In the case of a dining table, it is mainly composed of dark hardwood. It may be oak, maple, cherry, or hickory.

Hard, durable, and heavy are the aspects of hardwood tables. One key feature is the heavy woodwork with various decorative carvings. The traditional design is a safe choice if you never want to be out of style.


Modern farmhouse dining-room.

A farmhouse dining table is usually made up of thick wooden planks. The woods have either a distressed white hue or just a plain natural brown wood finish.

A key feature of a farmhouse table is the style of its table base. They can be tapered legs which are streamlined and thin or turned legs which are the kind that have multiple rounded edges. This kind of table looks nice with both traditional and contemporary decorations.


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Fun fact! A shaker dining table has religious roots. Simplicity, utility, and honesty are the three principles of a now-defunct religious sect called the Shakers.

Shaker furniture is made up of sturdy, high-quality materials. In Shaker’s belief, ornamentation is a sign of vanity. Shaker tables are polished and simple instead of those tables which have inlays, carvings, and other decors.

Maple, cherry, and pine are the most common materials shaker tables are made of.

French Country

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French country dining tables are inspired by the rustic yet elegant aura of farmhouses in the Provence area of France.

French country furniture has wood as its main material, creating a soft, rustic atmosphere for your entire dining area. A handful of French country tables are handcrafted wood. In others, wood only works as an accent material.

Most of these tables are rectangular, others are either round or oval-shaped in order to save space. Square shaped table is not popular among French country furniture.

Queen Anne

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A Queen Anne dining table is best known for its cabriole legs which curve twice – the lower curve is concave while the upper one is convex. The bottom edge of the cabriole legs is carved into a rounded pad foot design that imitates the foot of an animal.

Queen Anne tables are paired with cushioned seats and winged back chairs. The curves in the furniture are the major decorative feature of a Queen Anne table although restrained ornaments can be added.

The designs or carvings are usually shells, scallops, and scrolls. Queen Anne tables are conventionally made up of hardwood such as Walnut although Mahogany can also be used.


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Before anything else, contemporary and modern furniture designs are not exactly the same. Contemporary refers to the present and future while the modern design speaks about an era that has passed.

While contemporary furniture is a mix of old and new ideas, modern dining tables use conventional materials to craft or create new motifs and styles.

The most popular modern furniture designs are from the 1950s to the 1960s.


An Empty Luxurious Restaurant

Industrial interior design has started to gain popularity. Industrial dining tables have salvaged and upcycled materials that give them character.

Table legs are usually made from metals such as iron and steel. Metal pipes and cables are also utilized in order to achieve an industrial-chic look. Moreover, the tabletop is made from old raw wood. The combination of wood and metal is the key feature of industrial dining tables.

In Closing

Interior design has become a significant part of house planning. A universal theme is a factor that we should not take lightly when it comes to interior decorating.

The floor, table, rugs, and chairs create unity and harmony when paired correctly. Even the smallest details hold great importance. With this being said, a proper dining table, the centerpiece of every meal, is a piece that adds balance to the room.

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