15 Great Teal Bedroom Ideas

Teal bedrooms are ideal for aesthetic and practical purposes. If you are thinking of sprucing up your bedroom, a teal-based color palette will instantly make you feel serene and relaxed, and make for a picture-perfect design that you can brag about.

Teal is a visually cool color because of its reduced saturation, making it ideal for rooms located in warmer areas. It has a deep blue-green color, closer to turquoise or cyan blue but darker.

There are two types of teal that are distinguishable by the amount of greens and blues injected in them: teal B\blue, which contains more blue tones, and teal green which has green as the dominant tones.

Teal can blend with every kind of interior and be incorporated with various style types. We will be giving you some of the most designer-approved teal bedroom inspirations that can significantly elevate your room’s look. Stay with us!

Light blue beddings inside a white walled bedroom matched with gray and light blue pillows, 15 Great Teal Bedroom Ideas

Colors That Go Perfectly with Teal

Some colors make teal pop, and some create the perfect backdrop that can carry its various shades. Here are some of these colors.

Warm and Cool Neutrals

A gorgeous apartment with bright white painted walls, gorgeous beddings and laminated flooring

Neutrals, both cool and warm, blend seamlessly with teal. If you have a dominantly teal palette, the neutrals will provide an airy and refreshing appeal that will make your room look polished and effortlessly neat. Light neutrals will also make your bedroom look wider, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Accents of Purple

Bright and multi colored bedroom with a huge beige curtain and wooden flooring

Teal paired with purple accents will make your room look elegant. The burst of color will not clash with teal, and it’s best paired with a more blue-toned teal since they have the same undertones. This accent will also make your space more intimate with its deep and rich tone, making it effortlessly sophisticated.

Dusty Pink Accents

A huge dark blue wall paired with pink and beige beddings

If you want to inject some coziness into the cool and serene atmosphere that is dominated by teal, try to incorporate dusty pink accents around your space. This is a stylish and feminine combination in which the colors are complementary, and where you can instantly feel energized seeing the play of hues.

Teal for a Monochrome look

Succulents planted on white pots on top of a white cabinet

Embrace a monochromatic look by going with teal-on-teal. To interrupt the uniformity, you can explore different shades and saturation, tied together with white trimmings. You might feel overwhelmed by the splash of blue, so you can tone this down by throwing in differently-colored decorations and furniture.

Teal Bedroom Inspirations

Now that you are familiar with the best color combinations that go with teal, it’s time to incorporate these into your bedroom inspirations. Here are some of the ways you can play around with colors, textures, patterns, and moods that can elevate your bedroom look.

Go Retro with Pink and Gold Accents

A gorgeous apartment with bright white painted walls, gorgeous beddings and laminated flooring

Bursts of color are reminiscent of 80s-inspired interior designs. Teal and pink, despite being a whimsical combination, can still give off a sleek and modern vibe. You can tie this aesthetic together with gold accents to amplify an elegant flair.

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Nautical-Inspired Cool Bedroom

A floor level bed with blue beddings with a brown rug inside a white bedroom

Lean into the coolness of teal and incorporate a beachy vibe into your room. This aesthetic is more ideal if you have a softer shade of teal that you can easily decorate with similarly light-colored curtains, dry flowers, succulents, and bamboo fixtures.

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This style is almost escapist; seemingly sending you to a beach paradise where you can unwind every day.

Shades of Blue

A blue inspired bedroom with blue and white beddings and wooden flooring

Experiment with shades of blue, and lean into the cool tones of your teal color palette. Blue is associated with feelings of tranquility, so you can utilize this if you tend to be anxious and stressed. The almost monochromatic color scheme is a classic design choice, adding a refreshing flair to your room.

Soften with Neutrals

A cozy blue and white color combination bedroom with mountain paintings on the head board

If you want a more versatile design option, soften the vibrancy of Teal with Neutrals such as grey or cream. This will give you more leeway in your decor choices, and make your space look breathier and more casual. Spruce up your space with plants, boho-chic decor; or elegant silver-accented light fixtures and complementing rugs.

Pair with Patterns

A floral designed header wall and a bed with teal and pink beddings matched with a small pink chair on the side

Inject a whimsical flair into your room and have your walls painted with patterns. It can be one accent wall, or it can span your entire interior. You can paint your teal wall with cherry blossom branches, dark paint splotches; or one accent wall filled with complex floral patterns.

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Lean into the Nature Vibe

Floral inspired bedroom fused with plants for a bright nature look

Teal has earth tones, so it would make sense to incorporate nature themes into your interior. Plants and succulents suit the color scheme perfectly, especially if your teal is more green-toned. To balance out the warm shades of green, add soft neutrals to your space for a lovely contrast.

Go Fresh with White and Light Shades

Teal and brown beddings paired with wooden nightstands

Shades of white such as eggshell or vanilla can balance out your teal-dominated bedroom. Adding white to any color is a classic tried-and-true design choice, making your room look both posh and effortlessly clean.

When paired with teal, its refreshing look is amplified regardless of teal’s saturation. You can throw in gold accents if you want some visual allure to be in your room.

Go Chic with Purple and Teal

Light blue themed bedroom with white walls and blue carpet matched with small dashes of pink

Purple paired with teal would make your room look loud and artistic. This chic design choice leans into the bolder side, which is ideal for teenagers who are keener on experimenting with fashion-forward designs with their rooms. However, you can still opt to make the design elegant if you avoid complex patterns and stick to accents.

Go Modern and Sleek with Grey and Teal

Green beddings paired with beige blankets

Incorporate sleek greys into your vibrant bedroom for a more industrial appeal. Grey will soften the rich hues of teal, making it more versatile for a variety of designs and decor. Grey and teal combined also have more potential for a gender-neutral appeal, making it ideal for a guest room.

Yellow Accents for a Burst of Energy

White and blue designed living area with white wooden flooring and a bright yellow armchair on the side

Another bold design, yellow accents will make your teal-dominant bedroom more inviting and playful. This flash of warmth creates a lovely contrast with the cool teal hues, making it visually striking. Pair the combination with boho-chic decorations, and you have a picture-perfect room!

Brown and Wood for a Classic Appeal

Rustic bedroom with wooden beddings and header with brick walls

Wood is a classic design choice that you can play up for either a traditional or rustic interior depending on the type of furniture you use. For a rustic look, go for knotted wood with a dark stain; while you can choose hardwood or ebony wood to make your interior look opulent.

The warm wood also creates a unique contrast with the cool tones of teal, making it visually stimulating.

A Taste of Sunset with Terra Cotta Accents

Multi colored bedroom with a green and white curtains and wooden flooring

If you live in an area with a cooler climate, warm up your Teal-dominated room with Terra Cotta or muted orange accents. This color combination is reminiscent of seaside Mediterranean sunsets, instantly making you an escapist dreamscape.

Tie up the vibrant hues with gold-accented light fixtures and neutral-toned rugs.

Go Bold with Red Accents

Patterned beddings with a floral nightstand inside a blue polka dotted bedroom

Red is a bold color choice to pair with the cool teal hue. However, red accents can make your space feel more intimate, and the undertones of teal will balance out this firey color. This combination can also lean more into a Moroccan-inspired design if you throw in geometric tapestries and earth-toned rugs.

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Have an Elegant Flair with Magenta

Interior of a white and industrial themed bedroom with colored pillows and flowers for diversity

Magenta has equal parts of red and blue hues, making it a less overwhelming option if you want to add a burst of colors in your room. Since it has blue undertones, it can complement a blue-dominant teal hue. This combination gives off an air of luxury, especially tied with white trimmings and geometric designs.

An Iridescent Appeal with Ombre Teal

A blue bedroom with with a white dangling lamp

Make your space more dreamy by incorporating an ombre teal design in your room. You can choose to paint a section of your wall in ombre teal, or you can choose ombre bed sheets. Throw in a neutral-colored rug to balance out the flurry of design, and you have a visually alluring room!

Why Choose A Teal-Based Color Palette?

Teal is a soothing color because it is made up of green: a color known to evoke a sense of balance, and blue, a color that promotes calmness.

With the uncertainty of life, you would want to relax in a room where you can regain your peace and internal equilibrium, and a teal-dominant bedroom and give you just that!

Final Thoughts

Light blue beddings inside a white walled bedroom matched with gray and light blue pillows

Teal, despite being a vibrant color, has a wider variety of color options compared to other hues—making it a more energized alternative to a simple neutral color palette. The play of green and blue can instantly make you feel serene and relaxed, so it’s up to you to spruce it up!

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