What Color Carpet Goes With Green Walls?

Neutral colors are the most used colors for the interior of a home. However, dark and bold shades, such as red, blue, or green, are in! When designing your home, it is important that you plan your color scheme first. If you plan on using green for your walls, what should be your carpet color? Look no further because we’ve found the style solutions for you!

Accentuating your room is always a challenge since you have to pick the right color to match your walls. One of the most popular accents to have in your room is a carpet! Here are 11 carpet colors that coordinate with green walls!

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Black and White
  • Wood Brown
  • Pale Pink
  • Purple
  • Lime Green
  • Blue
  • Gray and White

Green is a relaxing color which makes it a good color for your rooms. Like any color, green has different shades, varying from light to dark. We’ll talk about what color carpets you should get, the importance of a rug, and many more! So, if you are interested, keep on reading!

A long green sofa with light blue and white throw pillows a carpet on the front matched with a green wall paper on the wall with paintings, What Color Carpet Goes With Green Walls?

Carpets To Match Green

It is vital that you pick the best color for your home because you cannot easily change it from time to time. Adjusting one color means you have to adjust the whole color scheme. That is why we chose the perfect carpet colors that will match your green walls!

1. Black

Three black bar stools inside a green themed kitchen with green paneled cabinets

If you want your living room to look luxurious, match your green walls with a black carpet! Black adds elegance to the room no matter what accents you incorporate. You can pair this color with a dark green shade.

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2. White

A green mansard bedroom with green furniture's matched with bonsai plants and white furnitures

Add brightness to your room with white. This color works well with all the shades and tones you see on the color wheel. We recommend that you choose a lighter shade of green, like sage green, to pair with white carpet.

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3. Gray

Bedroom with green wall matched with white beddings and wooden cabinets and dangling lamps

Here is another versatile color that can match your green walls. Gray is a sophisticated color available in many shades. It will still complement your green walls from the lightest shade gray to the darkest.

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4. Beige

Green paneled living room inspired from a bohemian inspired design

Beige is a pale to a grayish-yellow shade. This color is perfect if you just want a simple and vintage look for your room. A touch of beige will be okay for a dark green wall.

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5. Black And White

A green wall with wooden furniture's and white sofas with green throw pillows

If you are undecided about choosing between black and white, why not go for both in one carpet? Black and white are neutral colors that will suit your green walls. You can add other black and white features if you want to tie in the carpet to the room.

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6. Wood Brown

Green rustic living room with wooden furniture's fused plants

Green and brown are both earthy colors. The calmness of green will perfectly complement the warmth of brown. It feels like you just want to sit in your room, breathe deep, and relax all day.

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7. Pale Pink

A white bed matched with other white and wooden furniture's inside a green wall bedroom

You should consider having a pale pink carpet if you like feminine colors! This light color is a great complement for your green walls since it won’t be distracting to look at. Apart from this, you can also get some pink accents to match your carpet.

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8. Purple

Multi colored living area with a violet colored carpet, green wall with a dark red sofa

Make your living room look majestic with a purple carpet. This carpet color is best matched with a lighter shade of green. You may want to add one more color for this combination so that your purple carpet won’t look too overwhelming.

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9. Lime Green

A bright green inspired bedroom with green beddings and empty canvas

If you want a livelier shade of green, we recommend lime green! Lime green is a bright shade of green that is not striking on the eyes. It is still a soothing color that can give a calm vibe to your room.

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10. Blue

A white bed matched with other white and wooden furniture's inside a green wall bedroom

Cool color? No problem. Blue is the coolest color ever existed in the color wheel. No matter what shade of blue it is, all of it can complement your green walls. If you choose this color scheme, you can add white accents too for a final touch.

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11. Gray And White

A green colored bedroom fused with white beddings, white wooden furniture's and white flooring

Another combination of two neutral colors! Try using a gray and white carpet to create a balanced look between dark and light colors. Achieve that aesthetic room you want with this color combo with a bit of light wood accent.

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Should Carpet Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

It depends on the color of your walls. If you have lighter walls, your carpet should at least be two tones darker than the walls. So, it means that if you have darker walls, get a light-colored carpet.

Darker walls can make a room look small. Adding a light-colored carpet can balance the look inside your room. However, if you can’t decide which color you should get, you can always count on neutral colors.

Why Do You Need A Carpet?

Although almost everyone prefers tiles, hardwood, or concrete for their floors, something is still missing. There are not enough styles for these materials to choose from, and it lacks comfort. That is why you should get a carpet!

Here are some benefits that you can gain from owning a carpet:

  • Available in any store
  • Variety of choices from colors, styles, and textures
  • Great décor for your living room
  • It is a great floor insulator as it helps you save energy
  • Provides warmth and comfort
  • Safe to use due to its soft texture
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Cost-effective accent
  • It can trap allergens and other pollutants

Do You Match Curtains To Carpet?

Curtains and carpets don’t need to have the same color, but it is vital that the colors perfectly pair. For instance, pair it with its family color if you have a dark green wall. But then, it does not end on the family of green only.

You can pair it with neutral colors since they are safe to match any color. You can even match your curtains with the complete opposite color of your carpet. However, you have to find the right tone to complement.

Will Duct Tape Hurt Carpet?

Duct tape won’t hurt your carpet. Actually, duct tape is an excellent material to use for your carpet because it adheres well. Duct tape’s performance is stable and firm. However, we recommend using double-sided silicon tape because it is more reliable than rubber. Rubber leaves sticky remnants.

If you don’t have duct tapes, you can use heavy-duty rug tape since it is versatile to use.

Should You Put A Rug Under A Coffee Table?

There is no general rule of thumb about this, but you can put a rug under your coffee table. Nonetheless, you have to make sure that your rug is bigger than your coffee table. You can also put your rug between your coffee table and your couch to have a nice space for you to sit if you want.

It is your choice if you want to put a rug or not. Just be certain that your rug’s design, color, and shape suit the whole look of your room.

Is It Okay To Put An Area Rug On Top Of A Wall-to-Wall Carpet?

Sure you can! You can place rugs on top of your carpet to avoid tearing carpet, especially in areas where people often walk. Rugs can be a good way of hiding stains from your carpet.

They are not expensive, and you can buy them from all stores. Rugs are also easy to maintain and 100% washable. However, you have to ensure that your rug complements not only your carpet’s color but also the primary color of your home.

In A Nutshell

A long green sofa with light blue and white throw pillows a carpet on the front matched with a green wall paper on the wall with paintings

There are always available colors that can match your walls. You need to mix and match until you get the right one. Your color combination will define your whole house.

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