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What Is The Warmest Blanket [Reviewing Non-electric Blanket Materials]

Blankets are one the best things to have whenever the weather turns cold and all you want to do is to snuggle in bed. If you’re looking for warmth without the wires that an electric blanket entails, there are a number of blankets that can offer you that nice, snuggly feeling. These blankets are warm and cozy to use and are perfect for those cold, blustery nights.

The warmest blanket you can have that isn’t electric is at best a wool blanket, popular for its weight and natural heat-retaining capabilities. It’s a very popular winter blanket due to its durability and quality.

However, there are other blankets made of different materials that will surely keep you warm. We’ve rounded up a list of the most popular ones that are popular for their warmth and quality. Keep reading to learn more about them.

powder color knitted blanket on the bed, What Is The Warmest Blanket [Reviewing Non-electric Blanket Materials]

Warm Blankets Based on Material

1. Wool

Wool fabric in grey close up texture

Out of all these blanket materials, wool is considered to be the warmest and the thickest of them all. Wool is a natural fiber that is meant to withstand extreme temperatures, making it a good blanket choice for a chilly winter evening.

A good warm wool blanket is often made of merino or alpaca wool. These natural fibers have excellent thermal properties and are very durable, making them a quality investment.

Wool is also known to have moisture-wicking properties and retains heat fairly well due to its ability to trap warm air in its fibers. These blankets are also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, perfect for those who don’t need the extra sneezing on a cold night.

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2. Cashmere

Soft cashmere texture, cosy warm cashmere sweater or blanket texture closeup

Often linked to luxury wear, cashmere is a natural fiber that is warmer than most of its counterparts. It’s a rare, luxurious, and sought-after fiber that is produced in very small yields as cashmere can only be gathered by hand. This makes this particular fabric quite expensive for a reason.

Nevertheless, pure cashmere offers excellent insulation and can be about 7-8 times warmer than wool. It is, however a lightweight fabric so while it is durable in its own right, cashmere can be a bit harder to maintain.

It is also worth noting that most cashmere blankets sold on the market are wool-cashmere blends, so do make sure to check the fiber blend before investing in one.

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3. Down

Soft white pillows

Down blankets are lighter than comforters and are very soft, making them one of the most sought-after blankets out there. It is made of clusters pulled from the fluffy undercoats of geese and ducks and is often quilted to make into these popular fluffy, breathable blankets.

Although they are lightweight, down blankets can insulate and retain heat fairly well. If you are looking for down blankets that can withstand colder temperatures, consider looking for one that has higher fill power.

Fill power is the volume of a single ounce of down. This means that your blankets are light, yet they insulate better as it effectively traps more heat in them. Blankets with lower fill powers can still be quite warm, though they may be more suitable for warmer weather like spring or summer.

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4. Fleece

A warm blanket plush micro fleece fabric, swirled into a pattern background

These warm, insulating blankets are often made of synthetic fabric blend we call polyester fleece. While it does share the same name as the part of a sheep’s wool, it is a different material on its own.

It’s a soft, fuzzy fabric that garnered popularity in the 90s for use in outdoor gear and has since then been used for blankets as well.

Fleece comes in many kinds and they offer different textures and weights. Aside from this, fleece also offers excellent insulating capabilities and is also lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Because the fabric is also synthetically made, it makes it a lot cheaper and easier to care for. It’s a great blanket to have and will work well keeping you warm throughout the year.

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5. Cotton

Background from natural fabric.

Cotton blankets are lightweight, breathable blankets that are suitable for use year-round. Often made with 100% cotton, these blankets hold up well to being repeatedly washed, making them a popular choice for many users.

It is also soft and hypoallergenic and is great for those with sensitive skin or those who suffer from allergies.

These cotton blankets are one of the most versatile ones out there. They come in many colors, patterns, prints, textures, and thicknesses which makes it easy for you to pick what would best suit you.

Since it can be lighter than most blankets, cotton blankets can be layered together with other thicker, warmer blankets to keep you cozy on cold nights.

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What Are The Different Types of Blankets?

Aside from knowing the different materials that are commonly used in making warm, comfy blankets, you may also be wondering if there are other types of blankets out there. There is quite a number of them and they do have specific uses for your home. Here are a few examples.


This particular bedding is quite popular as comforters are known for their plushness and warmth. It’s a functional design accessory for any bedroom as comforters can come in many colors, patterns, and designs. They are also available in multiple sizes and fillers, making the choice varied for whatever is comfortable for the user.


Duvets, in essence, are very similar to the comforter, but the only difference is the use of an outer protective covering or a duvet cover to prevent them from being dirty and damaged. Just like their counterpart, duvets are thick, warm blankets that go over the bed to trap in warmth.

They also come in various thicknesses and warmth levels, but they are easier to maintain as is it only necessary to wash the duvet cover regularly.

Coverlets and Quilts

A coverlet is a blanket, though it doesn’t really offer the purpose of keeping one warm. Mainly created as a purely decorative piece, coverlets are thin and are simply used for their design purpose.

Quilts are similar to a coverlet, but most of them have a little batting in between their layers. This makes it a bit warmer and more functional than a coverlet.

Throw Blanket

Throws are generally smaller in size than your average blanket and are often used for design reasons. Most of the time, they are draped over couches or the foot of the bed.

However, while they are pretty to look at, they can also be quite functional. Some throw blankets are quite warm and can be used while snuggling on the sofa or in bed while reading a book.

Electric Blanket

These blankets have an internal heating element to keep warm and require themselves to be plugged in while in use. While they are useful for cold nights, an electric blanket can be quite a hassle to use and may pose a hazard to the user. It’s incredibly warm and is very popular to use during cold nights, but it needs to be used with caution.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are rising in popularity lately with their warmth and weight, as the heaviness of this blanket is known to produce a calming effect to whoever uses it. These blankets are filled with weighted pellets and are available in many designs.

A study from Penn Medicine shows that weighted blankets are useful for those who suffer chronic sleep disorders and anxiety, making it quite a practical choice for a blanket.

Are Weighted Blankets Warm?

While weighted blankets are heavy and filled to keep the weight on you, these weighted blankets come in different materials that can either retain or release heat. It isn’t necessarily the weight of the blanket that makes it warm, but rather the filling, construction, and material of the blanket itself.

Depending on when you would like to use your weighted blanket, do spend some time checking if they are better for warmer or cooler weather. There are kinds that can retain heat, while some weighted blankets allow for more airflow. Pick one that best suits your way of sleeping.

In Closing

There are many warm blankets available that aren’t plugged into an electric outlet. Out of all the blankets available, one popular choice for being the warmest is wool as these are thick and can retain heat very well. It’s also soft and hypoallergenic, making it one of the best choices out there for those looking for a warm snuggly blanket for a cold evening.