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11 Living Room Color Schemes With A Brick Fireplace

Brick fireplaces were often very popular in country and more traditionally designed homes, but over the last few years, brick has also made its mark in modern interior design. Originally known in that classic brick red hue, brick fireplaces have now expanded into a multitude of other natural brick colors, as well as painted bricks to suit the design of the room.

If you are looking for color schemes to match the brick fireplace you may have in your living room, look no further! We have compiled here the best inspirational color schemes for your living room’s brick fireplace.

Ultra modern rustic log cabin with a brick fireplace, leather sofas and exposed trusses

1. White Bricks and White

Spacious modern living room with hardwood flooring, white brick walls and a gray sectional sofa

This solid white painted brick fireplace matches beautifully with a white brick living room wall for that modern, elegant feel. This color scheme also sets an excellent canvas for other colors to pop with this classic color combination.

2. Buff Brick and White

A spacious open space living room with wooden laminated flooring, gray sectional sofa and brown curtains

Buff-colored bricks are beautiful for design spaces that are looking for that brick fireplace feel with a more neutral vibe. It’s a brick color that works beautifully with most color schemes because of its neutral undertones, and one of its best color partners is white.

Deck your living room space in white walls and accentuate the space with buff or beige curtains to tie the design of the room together.

3. Red Bricks and Beige

Interior of a carpeted flooring house with a brick fireplace with wooden trusses and white ceiling

This classic brick red fireplace looks beautiful against a canvas of beige walls and wood beams accentuating the ceiling. It gives off a cozy, intimate feel for your home, perfect for cuddling with family or friends on cold winter nights with the fire burning in the fireplace. This color scheme is a classic and it gives off a warm homey feel that everyone loves.

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4. Red Bricks and Cream

Interior of a suburban house with wooden flooring, gray carpet and dark curtains matching the trims of the fireplace

A brick red fireplace with a pristine white mantle works beautifully with cream walls to create this modern suburban living room design. This color scheme uses the brick fireplace as a wonderful accent to the space while keeping the neutral, contrasting colors of creams and blacks as the room’s focal point.

This color scheme looks elegant and modern while preserving the traditional design of a brick red fireplace.

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5. Red Bricks and Gray

Wooden polyurethane coated flooring, gray painted walls with white trim fireplace and white ceiling

This color combination makes use of different textures and shades to create this modern living room. The red brick color contrasts beautifully with the cool undertones of the gray walls, balancing out the warmth from the brick’s color.

This color scheme is a great way to bring in color to your space instead of being limited to the standard neutrals or white or beige to your living room.

6. Red Bricks and White

A spacious and luxurious inspired living room with a minimalist design

This red brick fireplace comes in a very modern design and it works wonderfully with pure white walls and a full wood ceiling. The space looks very modern, yet it brings in the warmth of the traditional materials used to design the space.

This color scheme looks beautiful in homes that have big open windows to let lots of natural light in.

7. Gray Bricks and White

A tall stone cladding on the fireplace with wooden flooring and white leather sofa

This gray and white color scheme is a classic, blending beautifully in this modern, elegant living room space. The cool shade of gray is set nicely against a canvas of white walls, making the room look big and spacious. Paired with some neutral-colored hardwood floors, the space looks luxurious and relaxing to be in.

8. Gray Bricks and Beige

A spacious open space living room of a huge tan colored mansion

Alone, gray bricks may look very raw as they are close to the color of bare concrete, but when partnered with a beautiful color of beige like this, it makes for a color scheme that is warm and inviting.

The warm undertones of these beige walls balance well with the cool undertones of the gray bricks, making the space look very spacious.

9. Red Bricks and Olive Green

A bright light green colored wall with white trims on the ceiling with a brick fireplace

This color combination takes the soft hues of these two colors to create a warm, inviting look to your home. Olive green gives off a soothing, relaxing vibe to the space and it beautifully highlights the warmth of the red bricks from the fireplace.

This color scheme is great for interiors with wide-open windows because the soft green color brings nature’s colors into your space.

10. White Bricks and Black

Black and white inspired living room with black flat panel walls, white brick mantel fireplace and plants scattered on the living room

The classic contrasting colors of black and white look luxurious and elegant in this living room space. The color combination strikes sophistication and modernity, making your white brick fireplace the room’s focal point.

Perfect for most modern homes, this color combination will definitely make your living room feel elegant and intimate, making it look absolutely perfect for a romantic night with someone special.

11. Gray Bricks and Gray

Wooden furnitures and flooring with matching brown sofas and a brick fireplace

This gray-on-gray color scheme is a beautiful representation of monochromatic color design flowing from natural stone to painted walls. In this living room space, the gray fireplace’s warm undertones balance beautifully with the cool undertones of the light gray walls.

This color scheme looks great for living room designs that are leaning towards modern, but it also works great for traditional homes such as these.

Final Thoughts

Ultra modern rustic log cabin with a brick fireplace, leather sofas and exposed trusses

Brick fireplaces need not be boring and traditional. Paired with colors that encompass the design of your living room space, a brick fireplace can stand out even in a modern home. Try pairing it with classic neutrals like white or beige, or go for a softer feel with olives or grays for your living room.

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