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What Color Couch Goes With Red Carpet?

A red carpet, in particular, is versatile that fits well with just about any couch shade and tone. But with so many different colors to choose from, how do you know which color to go for? We’ve whittled down excellent couch colors that would best match a red carpet.

A white sofa matched with red throw pillows and a red carpet next to the fireplace, What Color Couch Goes With Red Carpet?

Forest Green

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A green couch can go a little too bold to snatch the limelight from the daring red carpet. So if you want your couch to stand out, pick the green one! These two couldn’t be more perfect for each that they dominate Christmas day. Try it out and radiate a vibrant atmosphere in your home!

Aegean blue

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Representing passion and confidence, the red and blue combo, project a fierce indoor vibe. The blue couch and red carpet add a striking personality to your interior. Want more visual tension? Go for the dark blue couch, they’re rich enough to make a strong impression.

Chery Ash

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The gray couch has a neutral effect to balance out the spicy red carpet. This combination best suits those who are into a bright but not so overpowering motif. A certain way to achieve the light tone and mood! Mixing red elements adds symmetry, just don’t be scared to experiment.

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Snow On Crimson

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“White and red go well,” is an understatement. They’re a match made in heaven! A white couch is a camouflage, letting red carpet shine in the room. You can choose from different shades of white such as pearl, alabaster, daisy, or frost, depending on your underlying hues and home decors.

This is particularly popular in modern and contemporary houses. Also, in a minimalist setting. The downside is a white couch collects stains and dirt. If that’s no big deal, this color scheme is ideal for you!

Midnight Rose

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Attracted to intense, powerful colors? You can never go wrong with the black couch and red carpet tandem! Black and red emanate power and confidence, evoking strong feelings, you’ll feel assertive yourself! Try it out and give your house a strong and dynamic personality!

Burgundy Gold

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A gold couch also makes the best pair for the red carpet. Why? Together, they denote good fortune and wealth. They fill your house with positive and festive vibes. But avoid gold home decors to accent them, otherwise, you might evoke the holiday feel. Try integrating pastel green to balance the deep contrast.

Autumn Brown

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Earth tones blended with deep red resemble autumn foliage, bringing forth the nostalgic fall feeling! Look to the varying leaves color for inspiration. In the image above, the wooden sofa tones down the dark red carpet, anchoring the entire set, while the rich yet festive colors of the throw pillows and vases accent it.

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Tangerine Orange 

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Combine an intense orange couch with a warm red carpet. The result? A vibrant and bolder room! Both colors play beautifully with each other, particularly if incorporated with textured or patterned textiles such as the room above. Want a brighter space? Try adding other warm colors.

Strawberry Red

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Prefer a monochromatic but vibrant setting? Go for the red couch and red carpet setup! This might look a bit overwhelming but the dynamic pair fills up the room with tints of red, creating a fiery atmosphere! You can downplay it by integrating a touch of white.


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A red carpet paired with a purple couch actually results in a clash. But if you are brave enough or into some retro, funky shades, then this color scheme suits you! It creates artistic patterns, giving your home a unique personality. Go ahead and show off that funky side of you!

Printed Couch

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Printed couch comes in a variety of designs that play wonderfully with different tones of red. They are also a great way to break up the monotonous color in your house. Choose from floral, vintage patterns, geometric shapes, and more!

Final Thoughts

Rustic minimalist inspired living room with laminated flooring, red hard carpet and white sectional sofas

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