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What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Walls And Dark Wood Floors?

Some want the design of their house to give a cozy ambiance, some want it bright and welcoming. What if you have existing dark wood floors and neutral-colored walls, and you seem lazy to re-paint it again. Are there other ways to re-design your home?

Furniture is the answer to your question! If you do not want to change the color of your walls, choose the right color of furniture to accent it. This can be your couch, curtains, pillows, and the like. Now, what are the best options of colors for you? Here are some choices to help you decide!

A gray dining room and kitchen corner with panoramic windows, What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Walls And Dark Wood Floors?

1. Tan

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A neutral color can be matched with another muted neutral color. Although gray is a versatile color, you also have to consider the color of your floor. A tan sofa is a good choice since it can balance the difference in the hues. 


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2. White

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Here is another neutral color for you! Gray is a combination of black and white that is why it’s easy to blend with the color white. The elegance of these colors will add more coziness to your home. It has a nice tonal balance that everything seems to go along with each other.

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3. Dark Wood

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Match it with its own! It is good to match the color of your floor with your furniture to have a more coordinated look. If you choose dark wood as a piece of furniture, make sure to pair it with a light-colored carpet to also give an accent to your walls.

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4. Darker Gray

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Neutral, neutral, neutral! It just fits well! Considering that you have a light gray color for your wall, having some darker color for your furniture will be a good accent to add. The sophistication these colors will give to your room is superb!

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5. Black

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There is just no stopping with neutral colors! Some would say black can be a complex color to match with. However, for people who like to achieve a modern-minimalist type of design for their house, black is the best one for you! This works for a dark floor and light-colored wall.

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6. Brown

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Brown is a solid color for furniture which can work well with your gray walls and dark wood floor. If you are into an earthy look for your home, brown is a great option. To be clear, it’s a different color from dark wood. 

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7. Violet

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Vivid colors can be fun and formal at the same time like the color violet! Yes, it can work well with your dark wood floors. In fact, it can help your furniture stand out. Accentuate your wall with  violet pillow covers.

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8. Yellow

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Give your home warm and happy vibes with the touch of yellow. This color helps your room to look brighter than it already is. The dark color of your floor makes your yellow furniture pop!

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9. Blue

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Blue is such a lovely color that it fits well with any other color. A dark wood floor can look strong and adding an accent of blue will tone down the dark ambiance of the room. Choose a soft shade of blue for your furniture to balance the colors.

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10. Light Wood

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The sense of calmness in this color will suit those who like to relax. This is a good match for your dark wood floor since light and dark color perfectly goes well with each other. It does not complicate the look of your room, instead, it complements well.

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In Conclusion

There are no color limits to design your room as long as the colors are perfectly balanced. It should not be a problem to deal with the colors that you want to mix. Furniture is supposed to make your home look better.

The choices of colors that will blend with your dark wood floors are undeniably many! It is suggested to plan first and search for the most suitable one to avoid any regrets. Decide properly and make every space of your home pop!

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