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11 Board And Batten Bathroom Wall Ideas

Revamp and breathe new life into your bathroom with these 11 board and batten bathroom wall ideas! We feature different interior themes from rustic, modern, traditional, and more! 

You might be surprised by how easy it is to achieve a stunning board and batten bathroom wall design. The right combination of colors, textures, and shapes is all it takes!

Find it challenging? We got your back! Without further ado, here are our recommendations that will surely inspire you:

Board and batten sidings interior walls of a bathroom, 11 Board And Batten Bathroom Wall Ideas

Contemporary Meets Vintage

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Forget about the saying that goes “In with the new and out with old” regarding bathroom design. You can make a gorgeous combination by mixing contemporary and vintage with prestige board and batten wall for that ultimate contemporary-vintage look just like the image above! 

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Eclectic Motif

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Got a flair for retro funk styles? Then this eclectic motif is perfect for you! It consists of far from ordinary combinations, creating a unique aesthetic! Accent your bathroom with bold board and batten and textiles with bright patterns and prints. Don’t be scared to experiment with colors and elements until you achieve the concept you fancy. 

Plain White Minimalist

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“Less is more” is the theme of this setting. No need for glamorous walls and decors; plain white panels are enough! But the finished project is not to be underestimated- a fresh, tidy, and spacious bathroom that makes you want to stay. The downside is it might require frequent cleaning. As we all know, white collects dirt and discoloration.

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Traditional Spanish Style

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The notable features of a Spanish-style interior are vaulted structure, earth tones, and antiques. Arched board and batten wall will certainly pull it off! It demands effort, but the final look is all worth it. Accenting with brownish hues and vintage furniture completes the setup. 

Urban-Modern Vibe

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Here comes the counterpart of the minimalist design that emanates sophistication, making it a popular choice in modern cities. This can be achieved through rich and textured boards and batten walls, and neon paints on the wall frames. Finally, incorporate modern decors and furniture for a more cosmopolitan look!

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Bohemian Or Boho Way

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Treat your bathroom wall as your canvas with Bohemian or Boho style. The central concept of this interior design is to use color and texture to create a room that you love! Accent and symmetry? You make rules for them! Feel free to create shapes through board and batten, and hang your favorite accessories you’ve kept over the years.

Effortlessly Chic

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Stay glamorously chic with minimal effort. That’s what this motif suggests. If it were a hairstyle, it was a messy bun. So how to achieve it? Through a soft palette on the wall and mixing vintage and trendy decors. It gives your bathroom a fashionable character without being over the top. 

Enchanted Forest

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Love nature? Then go for an enchanted forest interior scheme! It consists of shades of green and plants of different sizes to make you feel like you are out in the woods. Try it out! Don’t forget to accent with wooden or earthy furniture.

Ocean And Breeze

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Turn your bathroom into a scenic beach with a coastal interior design. It incorporates ocean blue colors and white summer skies. You can accent with daffodil-colored curtains or a rug to mimic the color of morning light. 

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Zen Escape

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This combines the elements of minimalism and simplicity to radiate peace and relaxation. Following this concept transforms your bathroom into a private haven. White, earth tones and a touch of green couldn’t be more perfect for this setting. Incorporating indoor plants makes it look more calming and alive. 

Farmhouse Style 

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This interior design never goes out of style. With overwhelming modernization, people crave a cozy, simple, yet elegant setting. A rustic board and batten wall can achieve this vibe. Then incorporate wooden decors and add green punctuations. That’s it! You can now enjoy that farmhouse ambiance right in your bathroom!

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Final Thoughts

Board and batten sidings interior walls of a bathroom

Deciding on a design for your bathroom wall doesn’t have to be rocket science. You only need the right combination of color, shapes, and texture. Hopefully, our recommendations above gave you exciting ideas to revamp your bathroom! 

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