11 Brown And Gray Living Room Color Schemes

The living room is an important part of the house because this is the first room that everyone will see. This is the place where you entertain visitors or relax with your family, hopefully after a day’s work.

Finding the right color scheme for your living room can pose a challenge. For one, the colors should be pleasing to the eyes. The right color scheme should also complement the other furniture in your house. If the colors in the living room clash, you might not want to show it off to guests.

Most homeowners like to pair a dark color with a light color when choosing a color scheme. But have you considered picking a darker shade for your interior?

Design experts recommend the brown and gray color scheme since these are muted and relaxed. Although these colors belong to opposite spectrums, they go together. Gray is a neutral color and it goes well with earth-toned colors such as brown.

Here are some points to remember when pairing these two colors:

  • Check the color temperature of gray so you can pair it with the best brown palette
  • Assess the shade of the furniture you currently have, so you can copy the shade to any items that you will buy next
  • Choose a contrasting shade to incorporate sparingly so it doesn’t clash with the other elements in your living room

Scroll down this page to see 11 brown and gray design suggestions that you can implement in your home!

Brown and gray colored furnitures and a black painted walls with plants, 11 Brown And Gray Living Room Color Schemes

1. Mostly Gray Furniture

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The large gray sofa is the centerpiece of this room, the other chairs also have gray upholstery. The brown painting and wooden floor keep the room looking orderly. You can even add potted plants to brighten up the color.

2. Brown Wooden Furniture

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This living room also features a large gray sofa, which stands out among the brown shelves and coffee table. The wooden floor has the same brown shade as the table.

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3. Scandinavian Design

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This living room has a Scandinavian theme. The large brown sofa is the centerpiece, while the wall and carpet use neutral gray colors. The coffee tables also break the monotony of the room.

Getting the right color of sofa will do wonders for your living room. If you want to know more about sofa colors, make sure to read this post.

4. Brown-colored Built-in Shelves

Luxurious open space living room with laminated flooring, light gray ceiling and recessed lighting

In this spacious room, the rich brown colors of the shelves and tables are sure to catch your guest’s attention. The hardwood floors use a lighter shade of brown. The sofa matches the light gray walls which also uplift the mood in the room.

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5. Light Brown Walls

Interior of a beige wall living room with carpeted flooring and gray sofas matched with plants and red throw pillows

This living room features different shades of brown: from the walls, floor, and reclining chair. The vases near the fireplace also blend in the background. The sofa is the lone gray furniture.

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6. A Single Color Stands Out

White living room with hardwood flooring, gray sofas and gray armchairs

This room uses light tones. The pieces of furniture are mostly light brown, except for the mirror on top of the fireplace. The recliner chair is the only gray furniture but blends well with the other elements.

7. Keep it Basic

A black upholstered wooden chair with black flat paneled walls and wooden flooring

This room uses the same shade of gray and brown throughout. The armchair and wall have similar color tones. The cabinet and the wooden floors have the same pattern.

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8. Wooden Floor with Pattern

Diagonal patterned laminated flooring, gray sofas and a gray accent wall with a huge window at a condominium

This room mixes plain and patterned designs. The wall is plain gray, while the wooden floor has a zigzag pattern. Adding a large frame in the room can also break the ordinary color.

9. Cozy Interior

An elegant interior of a light rustic inspired living room with wooden flooring and gray curtains

Even a small living room can use the brown and gray color scheme and still look well-coordinated. The gray chairs and table are placed on top of a gray carpet. The playing table and single-seater chair are positioned on the wooden floor, bridging the room together for multipurposes.

10. Let Some Sunshine In

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This room uses light brown shades for the wall, floor, blanket, and pillows. The sofa and carpet also have light gray colors. By letting the sun in, the room looks bright.

11. Maximize Small Living Room

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The rich shades of gray and brown look good when placed side-by-side. The repurposed crates complement the colors of the side table and built-in shelves. It would also help to put adequate lighting in the room to brighten up this rustic design.

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Final Thoughts

Brown and gray colored furniture's and a black painted walls with plants

Now that you know how to mix and match gray and brown tones, you can design your living room to fit your personality. This color scheme will also work well regardless of the floor size. Get some inspiration on designing your small living room.