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Does Blue Go With Pine Furniture?

Pine furniture gives a certain air of elegance to one’s home. Pine also comes in different designs. It is a durable material, which you can use for many years in your home. Planning to use blue colors together with your pine furniture? We asked designers for their recommendations on what color to mix with pine furniture.

While it is nice to collect pine furniture, the main concern would be to find the color that will match. Clashing color schemes in any part of the house may be a nightmare. Use the blue hue and you will not go wrong.

Whether you own pine furniture or not, keep on reading this post to learn design ideas. You can come up with the best arrangement that suits your taste.

Set of seat and table that made from pine wood with blue pads and pillows, Does Blue Go With Pine Furniture?

Why Use Pine Furniture?

Pine furniture gives a rustic feel to your home. It has a lighter color that you can easily pair with the other furniture you have. You have the option to use varnish on it or not. Either way, you can use it just the same.

Furniture makers like to use pine because it is sturdy. It may not be as strong as oak, but it still a good choice because it is shock-resistant. This material is more affordable compared with other wood. As it ages, it shows a rustic gloss.

You can put pine furniture in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The light-colored pine furniture gives a warm feel. It makes sense to choose a contrasting color to go with it.

Pine furniture is a versatile color. It will go well with a contrasting color like blue. You can get creative and try to match this furniture with various shades of blue such as aqua or dark blue.

Is Pine Wood Strong?

Pile of sawed pine wood.

Pine furniture gives off a relaxed lifestyle. Use this type of wood to have a rustic effect in your home.

Carpenters use pinewood for carpentry because it has attractive wood grain. It is also strong, especially in terms of density, hardness, and stiffness. It is easy to manipulate pinewood using a saw, lather, and other carpentry tools.

Pinewood can be used for bed frames, dining tables, and stairs. It is not advised to use pine wood for shelves because it might sag under the heavy load of books and other items.

The Color Blue and Pine Furniture

Great wooden rustic deck with solid dining room table with chairs

According to designers, the pine color is neutral. You will have no problem pairing it with either warm or cool color. Even if the furniture has a patterned design, you can match it with an appropriate color.

Most importantly, you can create nice designs with your pine furniture. It will be a breeze to choose the furniture that should go in each room in your house.

Blue is a complementary color to pine. It has a dark shade that goes well with the light color of your pine furniture. You can use this color combination in all parts of your house.

How to Use Blue and Pine Furniture in Your Living Room

For a living room with a large floor area, interior designers recommend using blue colors because it will not overwhelm the space. For your pine furniture, you can layer it with either a blue rug or carpet. One design suggestion would be to use different hues of blue for each accessory that you will use inside.

Pine furniture with a knotty pine design will work well with a medium blue hue. This color combination will brighten up your living room. This is not the time to go for neutral colors because these shades will only make your living room bland-looking.

Horizontal image of a living room with a chaise longue

Care Tips for your Carpet

Now that we have established that pine furniture is durable, you know that you can use it for many years. You may want to take care of your blue carpet so that it will last as long as your furniture.

You can try these tips:

  • Vacuum the carpet regularly to remove dirt and bacteria
  • Put mats and rugs over the carpet to prevent dirt from seeping into the carpet
  • Avoid bringing shoes inside because they will also sink into the carpet
  • Remove stains and dirt as soon as they spill on the carpet
  • Hire a professional carpet cleaner regularly
Vacuum cleaner to tidy up carpet

How to Use Blue and Pine Furniture in your Kitchen

A blue hue and pine furniture can give your kitchen a retro look. Why not go for a darker shade of blue for a more dramatic contrast with furniture?

You can use a dining table made with pine wood. You can stain it to match the dominant color in the room. Meanwhile, if your kitchen cabinet is made with pine, it will go well with a dark blue backsplash.

On the other hand, if your furniture has a knotty design, you can pair it with turquoise and aqua. This combination will give a mid-century modern touch to the kitchen.

To achieve contemporary decor, try matching knotty pine with icy blue. You can use these color suggestions as you choose the appliance or window coverings for the room.

A contemporary kitchen renovation remodeling featuring a center island, hardwood floor and quartz counter

Budget-friendly Ideas for a Backsplash

One of the ways that you can improve the kitchen design is by using a backsplash. You don’t have to spend a lot just to install it. Here are some materials that you can use:

  • peel-and-stick tiles
  • mosaic tiles
  • painted tiles
  • wallpaper

Click here to see this blue toned peel & stick backsplash on Amazon.

How to Use Blue and Pine Furniture in your Bedroom

If the bedroom has pine furniture, you could paint the walls using a shade of blue. This combination will produce a calming effect inside the room. Pinewood also paints well, so you can give it a color that is in line with your preferred color scheme.

For bedrooms in a warmer climate, designers suggest pairing pine furniture with hints of ocean blue. These colors will give a cooling effect.

Blue is a color most associated with boys. And it should not come as a surprise if a boy’s bedroom is predominantly blue. Fitting in pine furniture should not be a problem because it will not clash with the theme.

Girls can also use the color blue for their bedroom. Work with this color scheme by using a monochromatic look. Use all shades of blue when you pick accessories such as pillows, bedding, and curtains. You could choose a bureau made of pine, and it will be a good fit.

Check out some blue bedding on Amazon.

It is also important to note that pine furniture is a tough material. It can withstand the wear and tear made by active kids. However, it can form dents and nicks easily as compared with other materials.

Keep the Kids’ Bedroom Safe

The kids’ bedroom should be comfortable for them. You can keep your mind at ease when you know that their space is accident and toxic-free.

When you buy furniture, you could ask about the materials used so you can be sure that it is free from toxins. Use water-based paint for the walls. You can also opt for paints that have antimicrobial agents to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Finally, choose pillows and cushions with simple designs. Do not pick those with attachments or finishes that may be choking hazards for the little ones.

How Long Does Most Pine Furniture Last?

When you take good care of your pine furniture, you can expect it to last for decades. It does not swell or shrink over time, so it will keep its shape for many years.

However, pine furniture may need regular maintenance. This means that you may have to paint over it to hide the scratches and dents that have formed over time. It will be easy to put some paint on the furniture. But if you are going for the distressed look, then you can leave the dents as it is.

Pine furniture is generally lightweight. You can move the furniture around if you want to redecorate. Don’t put this furniture near moist places to prevent any damage. Make sure to wipe spills as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Your pine furniture is a wise investment. It has a neutral color that you can easily pair withy any other color. If you prefer to use blue in your home, it can also be a good match for your pine furniture.

Any shade of blue will go well with pine. You can use this color match in any area of the home. This furniture will last longer.

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