11 Earth Tones Living Room Color Schemes

Design blogs and stylists might tell you that earth tones are trending again. Well, they’re wrong: they never went out of style! Earth tones are universally beloved and once in a while, they gain new appreciation in the interior design arena.

Its wide spectrum of hues can go with any aesthetic: from bohemian to contemporary, from farmhouse to mid-century modern.

As the name suggests, earthy colors are hues commonly found in nature with pigments of brown. These may include greens reminiscent of forests and flora, browns resembling soil and wood, blues reflecting sky and sea.

Because of their familiarity with the eye, earthy colors give off a sense of calm and comfort – making them particularly ideal for the living room. Pair them with natural materials such as indoor plants, wood, and woven fabric, along with detailed patterns and intricate textures, and they can create an eye-catching aesthetic with unmatched coziness.

For a more modern take, you can add contrast with dried foliage, dark leather, and geometric furniture.

To get you inspired, we’ve gathered 11 of the most stunning color schemes with earth tones. Take a look at these color palettes to find your favorite hues that you can incorporate into your living room for a fresh new look.

Modern interior of open space with design modular sofa, furniture, wooden coffee tables, plaid, pillows, tropical plants and elegant personal accessories in stylish home decor, 11 Earth Tones Living Room Color Schemes

1. Brown + White

Boho style home interior, living room in brown warm color, 3d render

A classic combination of the most natural colors, gentle muted hues of brown and white effortlessly create an inviting vibe. With shades that are light and airy while enveloping you in a cocoon of coziness, your living room will look and feel like a refuge away from the busy world.

2. Brown + Red

Rustic Home interior mockup with bench,chairs and decor in red room

Reminiscent of fresh soil, red and brown offer a balanced intensity and richness that’s both visually striking and welcoming. Touches of these hues in rugs and throw blankets enhance its inviting aura, making you want to sink into its warmth after a long day.

3. Green + Gray

Emerald green wing back chair with pillow in grey living room interior with wooden commode

Gray is often the go-to color for modern styles, but it can be quite dull on its own. Bring the wonder of nature with deep forest green accents and furniture to offset its muted quality, and you’ll have a sleek space with a touch of outdoor charm.

4. Olive Green + Blush Pink

interior design for living area

Yes, pink can be an earthy color! Paired with olive green, you can have a color scheme inspired by the gorgeous florals and greenery found in nature. These two hues also complement each other beautifully as opposites on the color wheel with similarly warm undertones,

5. Dark Green + Mustard Yellow

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Yellow and green as a pair can be a gaudy eyesore when done incorrectly, but the right shade combination can completely transform a space and make it breathtakingly sophisticated. Colorful and mature at the same time, these hues evoke an image of the forest on a sunny day.

6. Taupe + Cream

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On the subtlest range of earthy colors lies this muted yet gorgeous combination. By layering the lighter cream with the darker taupe, it creates depth and contrast while maintaining a clean, natural look. Top tip: choose intricate art for accents and textured fabric and furnishings to offset its flatness. 

7. Peach + Beige

Cozy living room interior with peach walls, beige sofa with bright pillows, wood stained cocktail table and wicker chair with colorful cushion.

If you want light, muted shades with a little more life and color, this palette is for you. Easy on the eye with its balanced vibrance and cheery disposition, a living room with this color scheme is the perfect means to give off positive vibes in your home.  

8. Terracotta + Burgundy

Terracotta Color Paint Living Room

A contemporary twist on red and orange! With warm and intense hues in deeper shades, they retain the richness of color with a more elegant appearance. Pair them with wood furniture and you’ve got a living room that offers a more modern rustic style.

9. Burnt Orange + Teal

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Earthy tones need not be dull, as this dynamic duo proves. Orange and blue are complementary colors, and in these shades it becomes exceedingly obvious why they’re a perfect match.

Almost reminiscent of the vibrance of the sea and its many creatures, this palette both engages the senses and soothes you into a serene state. 

10. Sky Blue + Light Wood

TV LED on the cabinet in modern living room on blue wall background

A low-contrast palette like this blurs lines between divisions and opens up a space with ease, making it perfect for smaller living rooms. Top tip: accents in gray and brown can help tie the room’s color palette together for a bright yet balanced look. 

11. Black + Brown

Modern classic black interior with capitone brown leather chester sofa, floor lamp, coffee table, carpet, wood floor, mouldings.

For a more dramatic, arresting effect, a black and brown palette is the best way to go. This adds flair and personality into your living room, allowing you to incorporate natural colors into the space without compromising on your taste for the contemporary.

A brown leather couch or ottoman is particularly effective for a chic look in this style.

In Closing

If you’re feeling lost on which color palette to use for your living room, why not get inspiration from Mother Nature herself? Earth tones give you a neutral yet lovely backdrop to express your unique personal style. Best of all, they make your living room look fresh and feel cozy, so you can enjoy your space to the fullest. 

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