11 Great Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2022

Bathroom tiles provide a unique avenue for you to unleash your creative ideas. The design can be anywhere from modern, classic, to full-blown artistic. As with any interior project, you would want it to reflect your personality and relax you at the same time.

Your tiles are the foundation of what your bathroom would look like. It will determine your entire aesthetic, as well as the atmosphere and how your guests will feel if they use it.

Here, we will be showing bathroom tile ideas that you can incorporate with your own unique design and preferences. Don’t be afraid to explore unique themes— we are right there with you!

Luxury apartment bathroom with a big mirror and bathtub, 11 Great Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2022

1. Marble mosaic

Marble is a tried and true bathroom tile that gives off elegance and sophistication. Marble mosaic adds a splash of personality to the classic marble design, on top of being functional with its waterproof and anti-slip features.

Its ability to keep water from seeping into the floorboards will maintain the bathroom’s structural integrity as well as keep the users safe from sudden slips.

New blue bathroom design with marble shower surround and mosaic accent tiles

2. Herringbone Tile

Bathroom interior with hardwood floor and empty tiled black wall

Herringbone tiles are a refined choice if you want your bathroom to always look neat and classy without the risk of looking bland. The unique shape is a statement in itself, but it can still blend with a variety of interior aesthetics.

3. Ceramic and Porcelain

Modern grey designer bathroom with herringbone shower tiling

Combine two different tiles to satisfy both form and function. Porcelain is non-porous, waterproof, and stain-resistant which are advantageous for bathrooms. Ceramic, on the other hand, can make the bathroom look luxurious on top of preventing bacteria and odors from accumulating.

4. Geometric Tiles

Mosaic pattern of green wall and floor hexagonal porcelain tiles

Geometric tiles give the bathroom a structured and sophisticated appeal, regardless of the size of the bathroom. These tiles are perfect if you want your space to create a statement, and at the same time maintain a refreshing visual.

5. Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

Luxurious bathroom interior with hexagonal tile design on wall

Hexagon tiles are a tried-and-true bathroom interior because of their natural design. Hexagons can be found anywhere in nature, so they would always be on-trend especially in bathrooms designs. You can incorporate these tiles with various interior aesthetics—from boho chic maximalist to clean minimalist.

6. Penny tiles

Small luxurious minimalist bathroom with round mirror

Penny tiles are a fun and whimsical choice that is making a contemporary comeback since they trended in the 80s and 90s. These charming tiles can energize the space, as well as give the illusion of a wideness. You can also use penny tiles as an accent combined with other tiles.

7. Fish Scale Tile

Pink snake scale design tile

If you want a bolder and more unique tile floor, opt for these statement fish scale tiles that can make any bathroom look both elegant and charming. You can go for a variety of interior designs—from matte minimalist to a more colorful look—and it can still fit your aesthetic.

Fish Scale tiles in wave patterns can also be a great choice for a statement wall or backsplash to add a burst of energy to an otherwise monochromatic design.

8. Checkerboard Tile

White and black bathroom

The checkerboard tile has been in style since the 1920s. This flooring breaks up the tunnel-like look that a singular floor style can sometimes give. This style creates an illusion of space and adds visual drama that can elevate the entire look of your bathroom.

9. Subway Tile

Beautiful bathroom with shower and bathtub

Subway tiles are rectangular ceramic tiles that resemble subway stations. You can fix it up to look either contemporary or traditional, depending on the aesthetics you want to incorporate with it. They have been in style since 1984, their durability and versatility constantly surviving the test of time.

10. Basketweave Bathroom Tile

Basket wave bathroom tile floor

This tiling design resembles a basketweave, which you can design in a diverse range of styles. Earth-toned basketweave tiles can give off a rustic farmhouse appeal, while lighter and neutral colors will modernize the look and give it a contemporary flair.

It can also make the space look wider or smaller depending on the colors you choose, or whether you install it as an accent or as your main design.

11. Terracotta Tile Floor

Shot of a clean domestic bathroom

Head back to the older days and give your bathroom an almost historical flair by installing terracotta tiles. These tiles are durable, but you will need to make sure that it is installed properly for them to work with the bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Whichever tile you choose to go with your bathroom, keep in mind that your goal is to ultimately feel relaxed after a long, tiring day. Explore with as many styles, mix and match shapes, and add interesting designs that pique your interest. As with any home interior, go for the aesthetic you want as long as it fulfills its form and function.

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