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9 Ideas For Bathroom Walls That Don’t Use Drywall

Giving yourself a long and warm bath is a great escape from stress. The bathroom is one of the most significant parts of a house.

It is a lot more than just using it for a pee break or to wash your hands. It should be a comfort zone to relax your mind and body from the outside world.

However, most of the designs of the bathrooms are drywall that can grow mold due to moisture and can be damaged. This can lead to a horrible smell. Do not let your bathroom be one of your many problems. If you are curious about some alternatives for bathroom walls, it’s all here for you!

A gorgeous modern bathroom with a wooden decorative wall and white tiled walls, 9 Ideas For Bathroom Walls That Don't Use Drywall

1. Gypsum Board

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Looking for something that can be installed easily? Use a gypsum board! Gypsum board is a great substitute for a bathroom wall as it includes a moisture-resistant feature.

2. Plywood

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Over the years, plywood is known for its versatility. This is why it is suitable for your bathroom by, of course, choosing the right plywood. If you are going to use plywood, it is recommended to apply UV Oil as a finish to have a dirt and water-resistant wall.

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3. Barestone

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Barestone is a cladding product created by CSR Cemintel but was intended for external use. However, because of its durability, it was proven to be an effective alternative for bathroom walls.

It is a low-maintenance panel that still gives you this modern look for your bathroom. You just have to find the best bathtub to pair it with.

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4. PVC Panel

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This one is a perfect substitute for your drywall! PVC Panels are one hundred percent waterproof and not prone to discoloration. This is great especially when you live in a place with high moisture climate as it resists moisture well. Remember, if it is moisture resistant, your bathroom walls are mold-free. 

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5. Pegboard

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A smooth texture can go along with your bathroom. You can try to use a pegboard as your bathroom wall since this is a sleek one. It is also waterproof which is why it is good to use. However, you need to put a little distance on the back portion of it for the hooks since a pegboard cannot stick on the wall. 

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6. Cork Tiles

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Install this in your bathroom and it will give you the effect that you want. Cork tiles are waterproof tiles that can resist mold just by applying two coats of polyurethane. If you plan to use this for your bathroom walls, make sure that you do not have an existing layer of a wall in your bathroom.

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7. Venetian Plaster

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Venetian plaster gives your bathroom wall an amazing finish. When polished, it can be waterproof. One fact about Venetian plaster is it has high PH Lime which means it can resist mold due to its natural anti-bacterial power. 

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8. Bamboo Sheets

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If you want to make your bathroom give a nature-loving vibe, you can go for bamboo sheets as your bathroom wall! It is very worthy to use since it is durable and can last long. Bamboo sheets are one hundred percent waterproof and earth-friendly. Give it a try!

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9. Glass Tiles

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Glass tiles are a superb option for your bathroom walls. It is a low-maintenance material that can be cleaned by a cloth and window cleaner. It is also an ideal choice because glass tiles are waterproof and won’t get stained. 

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Final Thought

A gorgeous modern bathroom with a wooden decorative wall and white tiled walls

Always remember to clean the walls of your bathroom to give you the comfort that you need. Aside from the walls, don’t forget to add the best furniture to match it. Your bathroom should be a safe and quiet space for you.

The type of alternative you should choose for your bathroom walls will depend on your taste and the design of your bathroom. Don’t put less effort into your bathroom! It’s just as important as the other sections of your house.

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